Vemar Jiano Evo TC: high-spec, mid-price modular

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Looking for a high-spec modular helmet made to the light and safe ECE 22.05 standard rather than the hard and heavy Snell M2010? This new Vemar Jiano Evo TC brings high-end features and specification to a mid-level price point and its ECE safety rating extends to the chin bar, which will actually protect you in a crash in addition to protecting you from the wind.

Basic helmet specs like the Kevlar/carbon/fiberglass shell, metal fixtures for the chin bar’s hinges and locks and the removable, washable, anti-bacterial liner are impressive for a flip-front at a $375 price point. Features like a flip-down internal sun visor, one-button chin bar lock and the optional, $99, integrated LED light in the cheekpad should make it easy to live with. Bluetooth integration adds another $245 to the price.

Less impressive is the availability of only two shell sizes spanning six head sizes, which means the difference in sizes are made up with extra styrofoam and padding; the helmet could be unnecessarily large if your in the smaller range of either of those two shells. Weight is also a concern. No precise measurement is listed, simply an assertion that it weighs “less than 2,000 grams.” The ubiquitous Shoei Multitec, which is already too heavy, weighs 1786 grams in XL according to WebBikeWorld.


  • the_doctor

    I have always wanted to look like a busted storm trooper on my bike…

  • aristurtle

    The base price looks good, but damn, they can lay it on with the options. $99 for four LEDs? You know that those LEDs cost the manufacturer about a half-cent each, right?

  • Peter

    What’s the purpose of the LEDs?

    • slowestGSXRever

      Yea, is it a flashlight or something? or some kinda brake light supplement?

    • T Diver

      It’s moronic that they would not release a pic of those cool lights in action.

    • muckluck

      I’d also would like to know what the LED’s are for?

    • Ross

      It could sync with radar detectors. When the detector is tripped, the LED blinks in your eye.

  • Gene

    D-rings or buckle? If it has D-rings, I don’t want it…

    • Wes Siler

      I used to like buckles, until I bought a helmet with D-rings. The latter is way easier to put on, you get a perfect fit every time and the adjustment doesn’t loosen constantly.

      • BMW11GS

        You cannot go wrong with D-rings…unless you put your gloves on first before strapping your helmet. Oh well, you cant have it all!

  • Gregory

    MotoNation seems to be out of stock. So I checked It has this model for $275… but only in black… and is also out of stock/ on backorder.


    And here’s a link to a review at WebBikeWorld:

    • Wes Siler

      Similar name, entirely different helmet. This news article is about the Vemar Jiano Evo TC, which is an all-new model.

      • Gregory

        Aha. Thank you for the clarification.

  • eric

    I don’t understand the point of modular helmets.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s easier to write traffic tickets if you don’t have to remove your helmet to do so.

    • Gregory

      Wear glasses. Modular helmets help tremendously. Also, when chatting with people.

    • aristurtle

      Drinking water during a long trip can be tricky with a full-face; you’ve got to take the whole damn helmet off. Or use a straw, I guess.

    • eric

      I just double checked too, the “winner” of the scar off was wearing a modular helmet that broke in half.

    • T Diver

      I mostly see people smoking cigarettes with them.

  • Archer

    “Looking for a high-spec modular helmet made to the light and safe ECE 22.05 standard rather than the hard and heavy Snell M2010?”

    Er… which currently available modulars have passed Snell 2010?