Video: assembling a Horex VR6

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Horex is entering the engineering validation prototype phase with its first product, the 1,200cc, six-cylinder VR6. Named after its unique engine configuration which staggers is six transverse cylinders front to rear do decrease width, the bike is just 19 inches wide, three inches narrower than the BMW K1600GT and it puts out considerably more power — 197bhp — while weighing nearly 170lbs less. In this video, engineers assemble one of the Horex VR6 prototypes.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Miles Prower

    Those guys look like they’re assembling a post-WW II fighter plane.

    Beautiful bike… But I’m torn between the raw aluminum and two-tone looks. Both suit it very well.

  • andehans

    Looks great until 0:35.

    • NickK

      That was hilarious. Was just waiting for the ugly. I’d argue :31 – the second the rear clip goes on.

  • holdingfast

    i think it looks g r e a t !

  • je

    Starts with so much win and ends with so much fail.

  • casey

    That ass just hurts me. It looks sooooo great until they screw it up with that seat and fender.

  • slowestGSXRever

    Giant engine, little gas tank. ehhh….

  • tpnewsk

    Uhhhh. Wouldn’t common sense dictate that pistons shaped like that are going to be putting undue pressure on the outside half of the cylinder and fuck up the lining? Or am I missing something?

  • Beale

    So, it’s a power standard with extra-added ugly?

    I’d rather do up an old ZRX1200.

  • Glenngineer

    I think it looks good, but I don’t think the style matches the motor. That motor should be mounted longitudinally in an RT type tourer.

    Also…does that fork look like it’s super short travel to anyone else?

    • Marlon

      Gotta agree. It looks like it should have more personality than it does. 600-odd cc single with a bit of punch… Ah, one day.