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To the best of our knowledge, this is the first onboard video of a Ducati Diavel on track. Shot by Washington’s Ducati Bellevue at Pacific Raceways the action captured on the Diavel and by a Suzuki GSX-R following it reveals something of the performance cruiser’s nature. Fast? Well, it’s passing 848s and other sportsbikes.

One of the riders reports seeing a 154mph top speed and dragging so much peg that the shift lever actually snapped off (not captured in this video). What we can observe is that the Diavel appears to be massively fast in a straight line, but a little slow and steady in corners. That’s as expected, but it’s the stability at speed which surprises us. Even flat out on the straights at speed, the pull-back bars aren’t wagging side to side.

This chase video was shot on a GSX-R 750. Note how the Diavel is capable of significantly gapping it out of corners.

We’ve reviewed the Diavel twice: test one, test two.

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  • the_doctor

    I have been waiting patiently for a video like this. Awesome.

  • JaySD

    I wish the sound was not so terrible on the video. Ugh can’t even watch it with this garbled mess

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, that’s GoPro for you. The trick is to record a separate audio track on a recorder in your pocket (no wind noise) then edit it in. But that’s beyond most people’s patience level and capability.

      • Plotts

        I have a Gopro and with the volume set on low it sounds fine mounted on the windshield, tank or tail at the track. That audio was ridiculous.

  • Jim

    Is the fart noise an option on the Diavel?

  • eric

    This bike sounds amazing in person.

  • Pete

    Do we know if this Diavel has been modified in any way? New pipes? ECU? Airbox? Etc…

    • Wes Siler

      Does it matter? An extra 5bhp from an exhaust isn’t going to make a huge difference to the performance you’re seeing.

  • Justyn

    I’ve put 1,400 on my Diavel in the last three weeks. What a bike..

  • Cheese302

    whow someone already owns one? looking forward to a test ride.

  • Patrick

    Woaah!!! Changed my opinion of this bike almost 180 degrees. I love Ducs generally speaking and thought the Diavel was a step in the wrong direction, a step toward restraining the Italian beast. It would appear that they merely took a step toward comfort. Great performance and sound, but nobody can argue that it is pretty fuggin ugly… especially those stock exhauts.

    Harley XR1200 or Ducati Diavel?? Love to hear some feedback.

    • JTourismo

      Diavel by far. The XR1200 does not capture the greatness of the XR750 it emulates in stock form. The Diavel chooses to become something novel, and even though it isn’t a perfect 10/10 stock. It is better for it.

    • Sean Smith

      I rode the XR1200 and it was pretty neat as a toy. As a motorcycle, it kinda sucks though. No power, crazy heavy, 18″ front wheel that means no good tires, dragging pipes, and ergonomics designed with people over 7′ in mind. I’m an even 6′, and I felt like a kid on the thing. The reach to the bars is long, the seat is too far back, the pegs are way too low.

      Ride one and be disappointed for yourself. I hopped on an 1125R after that was going for almost exactly half the price and was blown away at just how much better it was in every way.

  • Braaap

    It has the Ducati Performance full system by Termignoni. It includes an ECU and filter. Sorry about the sound, This wasn’t a planned set up. We just stuck the camera on real quick. I pegged the rev limiter at 160 indicated turning into turn 1. It was still pulling hard into the limiter, taller gearing next time maybe…

    • Monica

      Plus, all you are hearing is the whine of my race bike in the one where you are being followed which is taking away from the experience a bit. :) Next time we should put the microphone in your pocket. :)

    • Richard

      Sup Brett, Sup Monica, PNW represent!

  • Scott Pargett

    8-bit exhaust.

    Impressive video though, good for Ducati. I can’t wait till people start customizing these.

    • douglas

      yes yes lots of chrome with a hard tail frame chromed of course and a 400-mm rear tire with chrome side walls big long chrome plated leather tassels on the hand gips and flaming chrome skulls in1/4″ thick clear coat over flat black just to make it bad-ass.

  • T Diver

    It looks big, expensive, and fast. I can’t tell anything from the video about how well the bike turns, feels etc. You people must have a better performance-video eye that me. It just looks like another choppy motorcycle video. Screw you GoPro.

  • SpeedyMoto

    I test road one last week and I almost hate to say how much i was impressed by its power. I needed an adjustment after I road it and i can easily say it is hands down the fastest Ducati I have ever ridden 0-100.

    Just don’t look down at the tank when you’re sitting on it cause it feels like you could be sitting on a water craft!

  • robotribe

    Bike aside, that’s a beautiful circuit (albeit distractingly so).

    • Richard

      Sure is, just wish it was a bit safer.

  • Terry

    I can’t stop thinking of the McQueen/Hasselhof scale when I see the Diavel, but I keep reading more and more good things about this bike.

  • Robert

    Need some ND Filters for the GoPro to knock down the shutter speed also. The HD version is much better- except for the sound.

  • Cheese302

    just wondering, what kind of sound recorder would you be placing in a pocket? just like something that you take notes in class with?

    • Wes Siler

      We actually use a flip cam, just because we have one. But look at your editing software and figure out what kind of files you need.

  • Joost

    Merde! And I thought I would be the first one on the track… Anyway, May 15, TT Assen GP track (Netherlands): first real race with prep’ed Diavel Carbon at International Ducati Clubraces. As training days & race day come nearer, faeces are getting thinner. Guess what’ll happen during my (expected) rocket start…

    • Wes Siler

      Awesome, you should write up that race for us!