Video: how helmets are made

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Unless you live in Brazil, you’ve probably never heard of their native Vaz Helmets. But, the part automation/part handmade work production line is similar to the way other helmets are made throughout the rest of the world. This video doesn’t just demonstrate the helmet construction process, but makes it fascinating with helmet-eye views and sharp editing.

  • Steve

    Great geek porn.

    Time to stop thinking of Brazil as Developing and start thinking of them as “ready to eat our lunch.” I have some customers down there who are more sophisticated than most of my North American customers.

    • gt1

      By the same logic, you have some North American customers who are more sophisticated than most of your customers down there.

      • Steve

        Got me on that one. Perhaps only the more sophisticated S.A. customers buy specialty industrial machinery from me, hence all the ones I deal with are Grade A operations. But all kinds of N.A. companies, sophisticated and otherwise, buy my machines.

        Point being, this level of sophistication in manufacturing in Brazil is not uncommon.

        • Steven

          also, embraer jets

  • Andy Keech

    wow, that is some beautiful “please invest in our company” footage.

  • Philip

    I think I’ll go down there for a month and really look into those helmets. Maybe even get MY helmet polished!!;-)

  • Nick

    Geek porn, indeed. I’ve never heard of the company, but this is great marketing.

  • slowestGSXRever

    Robots are sexy. Occasionally girls are too.

  • DougD

    Dey tk ur jobs!

  • Taco

    I like when the daddy machine injects his goo into the mommy machine and then later she poops out a helmet.

  • Gregory

    I used to feel trepidations about non-Shoei, non-Arai or non-Nolan helmets.

    Then I wore an HJC. A few HJCs. For many years.

    HJC makes helmets that pass all the same tests and get the same or better reviews. I now own two HJCs and a Nolan.

    I’m sure VAZ will follow a similar path.

    Portland, OR
    2008 KLR w. milkcrate

    • Wes Siler

      Just try and buy ECE over Snell rating and you’re doing well.

      • Steven

        I read that the Snell 2010 rating fixed the problems exposed in the Motorcyclist report. Is that true?

        • Wes Siler

          Partially, but it’s still just a shitty, unnecessary standard that limits our helmet choice here in the states and see’s us being sold products which are slightly heavier and slightly less safe than those being sold in the rest of the world. I can’t support that, buy ECE.

  • Alexandre

    For sure VAZ helmets is not as Shoei, Arai and AGV, mainly because it is plastic and not composite fiber. But it is a high volume relativily low cost helmet, intended for a urban low speed use. Here im Brazil over 65% of motorcycles of almos 2 million bike sales are 125cc low cost urban models, and 85% below 300cc. Now you could figure out why VAZ make helmets as fast as chocolates…

  • Archer

    “But, the part automation/part handmade work production line is similar to the way other helmets are made throughout the rest of the world.”

    Other eighty dollar helmets, perhaps. That is a very cheap, plastic shell. Maybe two dollars of cost fully loaded in that shell.

    The total loaded cost of making that item is on the order of 1/10th the loaded cost of building an Arai RX7 RR5 in a race replica paint scheme built for the USA market… including, of course, the price of a Snell sticker. (Most of my five Arais are Japan spec. Fit is better except for the fact that my big gaijin nose tends to touch the breath deflector…)

  • Braam

    I’m a gringo plying my trade in Brazil , if the video of their helmet production does not make you sit up and notice , check out the sales figures for March 2011!

    - Em 1º lugar: Honda CG 150, com 38.809  Unidades.
    - Em 2º lugar: Honda CG 125, com 37.708  Unidades.
    - Em 3º lugar: Honda Biz 125, com 18.283 Unidades.
    - Em 4º lugar: Honda NXR Bros 150, com 17.944 Unidades.
    - Em 5º lugar: Yamaha YBR Factor 125, com 9.637 unidades
    - Em 6º lugar: Honda CB 300, com 7.926 Unidades.
    - Em 7º lugar: Honda Pop 100, com 5.860 Unidades.
    - Em 8º lugar: Honda XRE 300, com 3.009 Unidades.
    - Em 9º lugar: Yamaha Fazer 250, com 2.744 Unidades.
    - Em 10º lugar: Yamaha T Crypton 115, com 1.879

  • mugget

    Wow that was actually pretty cool – never thought I’d be interested in how helmets are made. Haha.

    Was that injection molding at the start where they make the shell? Very trick!