Video: Motus MST-01 at Barber Motorsports Park

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Been dying to hear that 1,654cc V4 uncorrupted by lame rock or wind noise? Finally, a decent audio track of the Motus MST-01’s KMV4 — half a Chevy LS7.R, downsized. More of a product demonstration than an example of out-and-out peformance, it’s still novel to see a bike fitted with panniers go this fast.

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  • jason

    Sounds great and looks like it handles well! I would expect it to come equipped similarly to the Concours as that is the bike I see it competing with. No cheap afterthought stuff, real integrated gear to put the “touring” in sport-touring bike.

  • grimysideup

    This video doesn’t seem to show it making break-neck progress around that track. See the Pegasus Racing video for more of that. But as Jason says above, this bike is lining up against the likes of the Concours and the K1600GT, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it can hold its own in that company and then some. So fun to see two (well, one and a half) American branded bike items in a row.


    What a sound!

  • Thom

    Have to admit I was pretty damn skeptical about the Motus when I first started reading about them . But now this !!!

    The sound alone of this M/C will scare the Crap out of Harley as well as BMW riders well before it kicks the Crap out of them ( assuming it lives up to all its potential in the final production model )

    Keep on top of this bunch Wes .

    We might just be witnessing a genuine NEW American M/C in the making

  • BeastIncarnate

    I’ll just keep my eyes on the naked option. By the time I’m ready to buy another bike, maybe the price will be somewhat reasonable.

  • motoguru

    I’d really like to see this bike make it to production. Hopefully they get some investors on board.

  • HammSammich


  • Myles

    That’s a badass sounding motorcycle, you can definitely hear the corvette influence. Sounds like c6r ALMS.

  • Tony

    I hate to be a downer, but that video isn’t exactly . . . confidence inspiring. It looks like he’s taking a very leasurely pace, but still near the limit at a few points.

    Probably partly the rider and I also realize it’s not a race bike, but I have to question the wisdom of releasing such a video that doesn’t seem to show the bike in its best light. I’d think that just a little better edit could have made it look better.

    • Wes Siler

      The bike’s still in prototype phase and Brian, the rider, isn’t a racer, just a guy building the bike he’s always dreamed about.

      • Tony

        Thanks. I was thinking it looked partly like the rider wasn’t highly skilled (though I have no doubt he can ride the pants off me).

        I still think it might be questionable to release such a video, thuogh, since, when it comes to track video, we’re used to seeing AMA riders tearing it up. If they had hired Michael Barnes, I think they could have made a bigger impression with the same exact bike on the same exact track.

        I seem to be the only one who is more concerned with the shaky look of the bike than the sound though (no speakers on my computer) so I’m probably the one who’s off.

  • Glenngineer

    Those pipes need to come up a bit, I think, and now we can see why the bags are mounted so high.

    Sounds fucking good.

  • JTourismo

    Still torn about this bike. Just seems like a great engine trapped in an executive saloon. This is probably going to work in favor of sale’s. Undoubtably, they are on to something great though, just hope they make it through the baptism of fire.

    • JaySD

      What he said. My concern is it will cost more than the k1600GT and yet wont have all the refinement, electronic doodads, style or brand name. It’s a cool motor I would be more excited if they decided to sell the motors for peoples personal projects. Would be a fun motor to even drop into a lotus 7 project or something

      • je

        Im thinking RWD CRX or mini cooper..

    • je

      With that engine and that sound I think they are building their first bike that will go after its largest initial sales group. Just think of all the muscle car owners that will be attracted to this bike based of the engine and power then realize its a really comfortable bike for their age. After that I believe we will see some naked/street fighter version.

  • Patrick

    Fuck Yeah!!! Lovin this thing! I still like the naked version the best of what I’ve seen so far. I’d love to see a smaller version although I doubt that is in the cards for an American motorcycle company whose engine is all about brute power and drawing influence from one of the best sports cars to come out of North America.

    What’s the displacement on this bike again?

  • Chris Davis

    That engine note can excuse a whole lot of ugly – but maybe not quite that much. Nevertheless, if the government ever forces electric bikes to be audible, this is what that sound should be.

  • DoctorNine

    With such a nice sound, and low maintenance design, this is still in the top echelon of street bikes I am looking to purchase. Since most of my riding is around town and distance, I don’t really need or want this bike to be a track tool. Other things are built to do that. Like others have said, go EBR for that. If this turns out to be a torque-happy sport tourer with good range, then I can’t see anything but success.

    • Mark D

      Indeed, looks comfy! You could do 500 mile days for a month, and only have to toss on a few new tires and clean the chain.

    • JaySD

      Even if it costs upwards of 20-25K?

      • je

        No.. that cost is a fail.

        • Kevin

          Yeah, god forbid we should get 21st century American innovation and utility for the price of a low tech retro Harley bagger.

          • je

            Are you trying to justify the cost of a harley? 20-25k for any bike outside of the insane track beasts or vintage one offs is flat our retarded.

  • Tyler

    That sound is freakin’ ridiculous. More bikes should sound like that (are there any close to it currently?).

  • apriliajoe

    I’ve been following this for quite some time. I love everything they’re doing. But, I can’t stop replaying all the videos listening and watching full throttle plots. It sounds great but it looks like it takes a lot to get it going? Is it just me? I’ve watched and participated in track sessions and when I see someone give a handful of throttle, it appears that their bikes take off at least twice as fast? Optical illusion? Your thoughts?

  • ike6116

    Wish we’d get more frequent updates about this, I would follow this project on twitter.

    Curse my entitled, no patience generation