Video: one man’s cafe passion

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Kott Motorcycles is a new shop in LA specializing in converting old Honda CBs into custom cafe racers. Dustin Kott got his start in bikes with an S90 given to him from his grandfather and has since moved on to CB750s and 400/4s. Here, filmmaker Benedict Campbell profiles Dustin.

Kott Motorcycles

Thanks for the tip, Alicia.

  • a hipster

    i’m so sick of all those hipsters buying these crappy old bikes and saying things like “no two builds are alike” or “we’re just doing our own thing, chopping off all the shit we don’t need.” you’re not original and if you were really THAT concerned with performance, you’d be buying sport bikes.

    and while you’re at it, put a jacket and leather pants on and get some armor in it. knee pads, hip pads, elbow pads, ankle pads, back plates, chest plates, shoulder pads, shin pads. and did his helmet only say dot and snell? get a real helmet. your brain is worth it.

    Honda’s are so over done. I have this yamaha project im working on that’s gonna be awesome. rebuilding it from the ground up. maybe put some clubmans on it and give it a real one-of-a-kind look. i’ll post pics later.

    • Ben

      I’m glad I caught the sarcasm later on in this post. My favorite phrase, “A hipster never knows he’s a hipster”. I really loved this video because it was good to see someone get out and ride the bike. It’s always hard for me to picture these custom and vintage bikes being ridden, and a bike definitely takes on a whole new look when there’s a rider perched on it. A lot of the lines suddenly seem to make sense. Beautiful.

    • Joel

      wha wha keep crying you old man leather daddy. You wish you could build shit.

      • Stephen

        trolling troll will troll

  • Core

    Anytime I see someone living the dream, being their own boss… Makes me ecstatic with joy.

    Not into cafes really, but pretty cool none the less.

    • stephan

      so with you

  • paul

    Nicely produced, framing edit soundtrack and mood. Totally enjoyed this in the same way I enjoyed the Shinya mini doco, I’m sure the naysayers will be along to bitch about UJM cafes etc but watching this made me happy, righto off for a ride.

  • Brant

    Beautiful in motion.

    I’ll take a pretty old CB over the chopper craze every day.

  • JP

    F the haters, he wakes up every morning and does what he loves, and makes what he dreams. Great video.

  • RT Moto

    Very good video! Thanks for sharing Wes! I just got us a neglected 1970 CB750 and am looking forward to rebuilding it from the ground up.

  • Cajun58

    So that’s what they’re doing up there in Newhall. Nice.

  • Mr.Paynter

    You guys are spoilt!

    Cafe racers like most customs other than “custom ” Harleys are like hen’s teeth out here, if I saw something as neat as this in real life I’d probably fall over! It looks and sounds fun as f_ck to ride too!

  • aristurtle

    Shit, I’ve got to pick up a CB750 before every last one of them gets cafe-nated.

    • dux


  • dan

    Wish they were on the East Coast

  • a hipster

    i have a cb750 supersport for sale in LA if anyone wants to take it to this guy.

  • whoisthor

    it doesn’t really matter what kind of bike you ride or build as long as your nice. You know… it was all the tough guy/cool guy shops that inspired this movement. nice video. I say keep up the good work, all bikes are awesome including these!

  • Brad

    Brad really regrets selling his ’78 SOCH 750 now… Sadface.

  • Kerry

    I think it’s great when a filmmaker does a piece about guys who are building their own bikes that doesn’t feature Jesse James or anyone from OCC. Carpy is the guy you immediately think of for cb750s and cafés, so this was a good story . . . new blood working on old bikes.

    The film itself is probably 3-4 minutes too long and there’s probably too much patina in Kott’s lifestyle for some, but I’d rather watch it again instead of reading the Cyril Huze blog.

  • mugget

    Awesome vid. I mean great cinematography and editing. And the content is just up my alley as well.

  • TuffGong

    Just do what ever you want…if its shit,its shit and if its cool,it will be cool. Ride it and grin a lot….

  • TuffGong

    Just do what ever you want…if its shit,its shit and if its cool,it will be cool. Ride it and grin a lot….and don’t smoke them fuckin cigarettes….