Video: partying at the Indianapolis GP

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Rumor has it that this year could be the last for the Indianapolis GP. Riders are unhappy with the track and organizers are unhappy with the level of sponsorship it’s been able to attract. Jamie Robinson, who yesterday raced a $650 Yamaha at the Catalina Grand Prix, sure makes it look like a good party though.

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  • ktaisa

    top post?!

    • Wes Siler


      • ktaisa

        sorry i just really wanted to be top of the posts today.

        i was at the indy gp last year and thought it seemed a bit under sold.
        Great Race and great time just seemed lacking in people.

        horrible situation leaving the parking lot after the race though, so i kind of hope they figure something out if they want a lot more people to show up.

        • noone1569

          I disagree. I had no issues leaving at all. The stands weren’t filled to capacity, but it was a pretty good groud.

      • BeastIncarnate

        It’s like “first post”. I.e. pointless.

        Aside from that, I did enjoy the brief “Why aren’t you wearing a helmet?” segment.

  • Jon

    Well, if the Texas F1 track gets done, I’m sure they could stage a race there.

  • JonB

    Indy is boring. Cool facility but boring track—boring city.

    • noone1569

      Sure is, if you just come here and sit in your hotel room the whole time.


    I love Jamie’s video’s.

  • ErikT

    He’s pretty good at working in shots of Red Bull.

  • Patrick

    If you haven’t had a great time in Indy during any of the major motorsports events hosted in the city then you have just been looking in all the wrong places. I always have a blast eating, drinking, and partying downtown on Meridian Street and in Broad Ripple. I’m really excited to check out this new restaurant/nightclub called SENSU this year.

    • noone1569

      This, absolutely. I live here. I know where to go/what to do. Motorsports related activites are plentiful as are the parties that go along with them. If you are coming for gp and want to have a good time, hit me up.

  • Eben

    I’ve been to all the Indy MotoGP’s (and all the F1 races, for that matter) and will really miss it if it doesn’t come back next year. I ride there and camp all four days at the track. Make new friends every year (The BMW’s and V-Stroms all seem to get there first and get the best camping spots together). My only complaint is that Rev’It doesn’t have a booth in the vendor area. What’s up with that?

  • jpenney

    He does a really good job of putting together a fun video!

  • Footshifted

    This past year I decided to go to the race on the day of, about an hour before the race started. I took off about 1/2 hour before the first race, and on a no traffic day it would take me a half hour to get there. I was in my seat halfway through the first race of the day… No traffic at all. I parked outside of turn 2 and walked across the street. They are set up to deal with huge amounts of traffic at that event – the seating for MotoGP is something like 1/4 of what that track holds for the 500 or the 400 race.

    If you come to the race this year, head downtown – they shut down about 4 city blocks and only allow bikes in. And that ICON event last year was pretty damn cool to see.

  • Scott-jay

    At Indy GP you can also watch a mile dirt track event the night before.
    It’s easy in and out, IF you don’t park inside the track/infield.

  • UrbanRider

    Love the video. Jamie did a test shoot a few years back in our store and seemed a top bloke, unpretentious and it’s great to see things going good for him.

  • Cheese302

    i think i am going to make the pilgrimage this year. luckily i have family in the area, so we shall see, broadripple is a blast

  • the_doctor

    Laguna does it better.