Video: Why electric trials bikes are awesome

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I can’t help but read between the lines when I see a video like this one. The message they’re putting out is: “Electric motorcycles are fun and environmentally friendly.” The message I’m getting is: “On a silent motorcycle, you can get away with anything.” Even a spinning stoppie off a curb in an ancient spanish village in front of an old man. I know it’s going to be a few years before I can hop on an electric bike pretend I’m riding with NYCF, but if you were a stunter who was short on real estate to practice on, the tech is there right now to build a bike no one will ever hassle you about.

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  • michael uhlarik

    Me gusta mucho.

  • JaySD

    I got sucked into scale radio control rock crawlers a while back. Electric power normally kinds of sucks for RC because you burn through batteries so quickly but with rock crawling we were seeing hours of playtime on a charge.

    Trials bike is exactly where I would expect to see electric bikes really excel. Torque instantly at all rpms, and generally low sustained draw giving longer battery life

    • Sean Smith

      That low sustained draw and instant torque is why I think it would work so well for a stunt bike. All you’d have to do is get past the fact that you don’t need 100hp for wheelies.

    • tomwito

      RC rock crawlers?!?! COOL!

  • ike6116

    Snails freak me out.

  • Mark D

    Beautifully done video! I’ve always been so-so about the idea of trail riding; if I’m going to go out and enjoy nature, it seems counter-productive to be all geared up on a loud motorcycle.

    But something silent like that? Perfect.

    • Cajun58

      When you’re dirt riding just like taking a ride up the canyons on a street bike you’re too busy concentrating on what you’re doing to enjoy nature. If you want to look at the landscape you need to stop and shut your bike off. With all the loud pipes saving lives on the street these days off roading is actually fairly quiet.

  • SP00KY


  • Cajun58

    WTF is Red Bull doing sponsoring Int’l Silence Day doesn’t that run counter to many of their other sponsorship obligations such as F1 racing?

  • Emmet

    it’s a beautiful video showing what this bike stands for, but it would be nice to see its capabilities

  • NitroPye

    Looked like a bicycle trials video but without any pedaling, nicer cinematography and less impressive stunts.

    • jpenney

      Definitely made me want to get out my bicycle.

  • stephan

    someone is totally going to steal his bike

  • Coreyvwc

    Beautiful filming, but trials will not be cool until they stop dressing like flaming homosexuals. Enough with the tights already…

    • Tim

      You sir, are a bigoted nitwit.

      • ike6116

        Why is it possible to dislike the way “Harley owners” dress or dislike the way squids dress but if you dislike the way flaming homos dress you’re a bigoted nitwit?

        Now I didn’t notice what the guy was wearing, I was looking at the scenery and the bike (looking at guys… whaddaami a faaag?) but let’s say you had no problems with a dude making sweet, sweet love to another dude but you also disliked the imagery called to mind by the phrase “dressing like a flaming homosexual” how does one convey that?

      • Coreyvwc

        To the ever so easily offended tim, I apologize for tainting your virgin eyes and in turn I will rephrase my observation just for you. Trials will not be cool until they stop dressing like Cirque Du Soleil performers. At least the rider in the video was sensible enough to put shorts and a hoody over top of his tie died bedazzled unitard…

  • Miles Prower

    Speaking of ICE-less riding in Spain, check out this amazing video of Chris Akrigg mixing downhill, freeriding, and trials. Even my wife and kids approve.

    Adam Raga is an awesome rider and his video is shot beautifully, but there is no comparison to the jaw-dropping footage of Chris Akrigg on his “silent” ride.

    • Beale

      It would appear that old guys on benches are a requirement for all Spanish trials riding videos.

  • tomwito

    I am digging electric bikes more and more every day.

  • Keith

    I’m with tomwito on this one.
    I would really like to play around with some kind of electric bike.
    Nice vid too!

  • Paul

    I could totally see me riding an electric trials bike. It seems like the perfect application for that technology.

  • Myles

    How can you wheelie with no clutch to clutch-up?

    Yut Ughhhhhh

    • Sean Smith

      We may not agree that Ducatis suck, but Yut Ughhhh guy never gets old.

  • vigor

    There are some amazing mountain bike trails in Louisville’s Cherokee and Iroquois Park I want to ride on one of these. Too lazy to pedal, haha!

    • Mattro

      you guys are rutting up my trail running route. quit it.

  • Brammofan

    I’m going to beat skadamo to the punch: check out electric mini trial bikes for kiddies. I wish my dad had loved me this much.

    • Brammofan

      Also, skadamo wrote about this on his excellent ebike blog, :

  • Mdynamic

    I just wondering if they had done this yet the other day! Thank you for answer my unasked question. :)And, crushing my dreams of beating someone to it.

    It’s eerie watching him do stunts in silence.

    • Mdynamic

      First time I realized my name was highlighted red. Thank you HFL!

  • Jason

    Who makes the bike??

  • Steve

    Nice bike and an even nicer video but I still like loud exhaust, blazing horsepower and obnoxious balls to the wall riders!