Custom: BMW S1000RR Classic

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With the S1000RR, BMW turned its image completely upside down. From pipes and slippers to one-piece leathers. That’s why this custom is so neat, combining classic elements with modern function to subvert both.

Built by Steve Culp of Shreveport, LA, the bike was initially intended, like most streetfighters, to address ergonomic issues inherent in superbikes. The seat needed to come down three inches or so, the bars needed to come up and the pegs needed to go down. An owner of vintage BMWs, he then had the idea to fit a new tank and other bodywork, treating it in traditional BMW black with twin white pinstripes.

Check out details like the large fenders with braces, the old Buick taillight and the megaphone exhausts. Blue and white rhinestones above the seat fringes mirror the BMW roundel. That sissy bar is the fender brace off an old Indian, Steve included it to help him stay on the seat during wheelies.

Steve Culp via Red River BMW via Oliepeil

  • ike6116

    I came

  • Anthony Wayne

    Nice work, but FUGLY.

    • james

      + 1

    • Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

      exactly what I was thinking. Fugly

      • Cajun58

        Fugly? Really? Hasn’t it crossed the line into plain old fucking ugly?

        • james


          • tropical ice cube

            If it’s a compertition in F(uckin’)Ugly-NESS, may I suggest the 900SS ONF Replica ? It’s supposedly called ‘Operator’ but French motomag MotoRevue opted for, understandably, ‘Office of National Forestry Replica’. Eurgh.

    • Ivan

      I would hardly call stock S1000RR beautiful to begin with, but this thing for me surely looks like Quasimodo on wheels/steroids.

      The guy looks very passionate while working on the bike though. You can feel the love that he puts into the creature as well as attention to details. This by itself is definitely a good thing.

      The end result looks like a beautifully sculptured ugly beast stripped of his soul and having indigenous mask on his face. Not a bad thing for a streetfighter after all=)

  • Zach

    suprised at how this combo of old and new works so well. also, i NEED that tail light!

  • aristurtle

    Wow, I looked at the picture first, and I couldn’t tell what bike it was based off of until I read the title.

  • jeremy

    gross. cool idea, but fringe? and rhinestones? I have a r90/6 and if somebody tried to gay it up with a bedazzler I would not be happy.

    • paul

      ugliest seat seen in some time

      • Lacubrious

        Yup. The seat killed it.

  • JC

    Holy tassels

    • Kevin

      I love all of the bike, except for those jazzy tassels.

      • Steve

        That was before Daytona. The tassels are very short now. The seat guy always runs them long and we cut to length.

  • Jordan

    Love the lines, but hate the details.

  • Glenngineer

    I think this is pretty cool, but they dropped the ball at the dash/handlebars…looks like ass.

  • Mark D

    “Steve included it to help him stay on the seat during wheelies.” – Best reason for anything ever.

  • Sean

    i can’t see past the tassles and bejeweled seat. i wish i could see a picture of this bike without em.

    • Gene

      For me, it’s the yellow-wrapped pipes. It jumps out at me and screams “duct-taped”

  • Thom

    I’m loving the fact that BMW owners Worldwide are creating some pretty wild and desirable Customs on what is perceived by most as a EuroSnob M/C .

    It took finding BMW M/C Magazine on the racks to clue me in how much and how far some of these BMW owners will go .

    More please !

  • Case


    • HENRY


    • Taco

      me too. I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

      • Cajun58

        I’m sorry you had to go through that but glad I wasn’t the only one.

  • Sean Smith

    I think this is almost as cool as the Harley I posted yesterday. The tassels, rhinestones, and the giant cluster of headlights up front totally make it work.

    • Mule

      Make it work? Please explain what that means!

  • Barry

    I was with you until the fringe and conchos made me throw up.

  • Robert

    Wow. How did the spy shot of the next Indian get out so early…

  • the_doctor

    Hmmm. Needs more donk.

  • Kevin

    +1 for artistic license.

    • BMW11GS

      yes! can’t you tell the tassels are tongue in cheek?

      • Lacubrious

        Which cheeks?

        • DoctorNine

          The wrong ones.

  • NitroPye

    Holy shit.

  • BenP

    I like this… except for the leather fringe. I don’t get leather fringe.

  • Nik

    That looks awful.

  • Corey

    That is one painstakingly ugly concoction. Yuck. Tassles? Totally Hasselhoff and not McQueen.

    • Alex


      • JonB

        well done.

  • JP

    Those emgo slip ons have got to be deafening.

    • Steve

      They are. Had to put Supertrapp discs inside the cone to tone it down.

  • Steve

    The photo gallery needs an auto play function so I can touch myself while viewing these photos.

    • Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

      Taking a break from bbw? this bike is hideous!

      • Steve

        Big headlights. Tight and tidy rear end. Just a touch of tassley lingerie obscuring the rear view. Call the bedazzling on the seat a tramp stamp and call me happy.

  • damien

    lose the tassles.

  • Ducky

    Dude. Tassels?

  • Ted

    Ditch a few headlights, the bedazzler fringed seat, and put on a set of clip-ons.


  • motoguru

    Oh my fucking gawd. Someone finally made a bigger shit heap than the kris krome R6 disaster.

    • Chris


    • Jason

      Ha great comment! hahahaha

  • Dumptruckfoxtrot

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! This bike is hilariously awesome.

    • dux

      Hideous, but fun!

  • Felix

    This is actually pretty neat, except for the tassles and rhinestones on the seat- wtf?

  • Charlie

    Incredible concept, lose the tassels

  • jonoabq

    swing and a miss…

  • Chris

    Well, at least there’s one less plastic-covered sportbike on the road now.

    • Deryl


  • robotribe

    Hot. Smelly. Mess.

    BAD wins this round of the Taste Wars.

  • eric

    disgusting, bulbous, bloated thing. It has personality issues.

  • Vincent

    I like the part where it was an abomination to mankind.

  • Tony

    At last: A legitimate use for that second-hand Bedazzler.

  • Dale

    You’re doing it wrong.

  • jason

    It take big rhinestone studded balls, with a fringe, to pull it off. I hope he has the Freddy Mercury jumpsuit and white cowboy hat to go with it. Yee Ha!

  • slash5alive

    Is this some kinda joke? Way to f up a sweet bike.

  • CalamariKid

    Well, it certainly will be one of a kind.

  • Philip

    A perfectly good bike. RUINED!

  • Emmet

    needs a cowbell and it’ll be perfect

    • Cajun58

      Definitely needs more cowbell.

  • Johndo

    ugliest bike I’ve seen in a while. Im sure it’s entertaining, but wouldnt ride this without a pitch black helmet visor.

  • Johndo

    sorry this bike just looks so gai…

  • Kerry

    If you put a quarter into one of its slots, it bumps up and down for 2 minutes. There’s also a button you can press that makes a motor noise, the other button beeps the horn.

  • Cajun58

    Somewhere The Cowboy from The Village People is missing his fringe.

  • Alex

    I’m surprised nobody has seen this for what it really is. THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER. Shenanigans would go completely unnoticed if you dress like some old fart. This thing would pass for some sort of dilapidated 70′s machine, and from a distance that would most likely mean “carte blanche” for hooning.

  • Tom

    i hate all of what has been done. GROSS!!!!

  • zato1414

    “Diavel Envy” Makes my H-D look real good!

  • Todd

    Looks like a Mod/Rocker lovechild.

  • duncan

    its total shite

  • Marlon

    Going okay until the tassles. Don’t care much for the headlight setup either.

  • Mattro

    glad i’m not the only one who finds this thing grotesque and repulsive. ugh.

  • fasterfaster

    Just because he can. Love it. Fuck the haters.

    • Steve

      You got it! Thanks man.

  • mugget

    LOL it’s a kind of funny bike, that’s for sure.

    But looks like they didn’t raise the pegs much… seat to pegs distance looks less than stock? :/
    My legs would cramp each tie I pulled away from a stop.