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First things first and full disclosure, I’m a sucker for street-trackers. Own two myself, the first a bumblebee-painted Roberts-rep Yam XS650 in a nickel-plated Champion frame that may be the perfect motorcycle—well, in short 20-minute bursts at least. The second is the “Web Surfer Special,” a budget project bike done in conjunction with street-tracker ace Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles fame. The WSS was the last story I did for Cycle World before being asked to leave the building; it went with me in what I choose to believe was an enlightened interpretation of my severance package. Anyway, I’m not the only one enamored with trackers, as evidenced by appreciative onlookers gathered ’round the “Miler,” developed by the So-Cal Speed Shop and unveiled earlier today at the Quail Concours in Carmel Valley, California.

Best known for its traditional lead sleds and Deuce hiboy roadsters, So-Cal harbors some bike freaks too, including Jimmy Shine who started out on a beater Indian and more recently crafted one of the cleanest Harley bobbers I’ve ever seen. He and So-Cal main man Pete Chapouris were involved with every step of this project, from clay mockups to picking metal finishes to final assembly.

Power is provided by an 865cc version of Triumph’s new Bonneville motor, massaged with headwork, remapped ignition, a pair of Keihin 39mm flatslides and snorty exhausts to make 78 horsepower, plenty for a package that scales a mere 350 pounds dry. Like the engine, the frame was built by Streetmaster, a new company specializing in Bonneville specials, plus performance parts and bodywork kits for stock Hinkley Bonnies. In fact, it was Streetmaster boss Richard Varner and partner Terry Karges who approached So-Cal with the idea to do a street-tracker.

Streetmaster will be handling sales of the Miler. The plan is to build 20 bikes, each one bearing its assembly number on the bodywork. After #1 makes its PR rounds, production is slated to begin in September, price as yet unknown but start saving now.

  • Robert

    David – nice bike indeed. And a great place for it to make its debut. Enjoy the weekend!

  • Ricardo

    street tracker? what hell is that….
    damm, I mean, poor performance bike whit nice look….is that a street tracker?? c´mon guys let’s take it serious….

    regards from varesse….

    • Gene

      Did you even look at the engine work? This would take my SV to the cleaners and look good doing it.

  • Thom

    Shweeeet !

    • slowtire


  • slowestGSXRever

    Thumbs up.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Two more thumbs up, for a total of four.

  • Cheese302

    any idea of a ballpark sale price? thats amazing

  • jason

    Dave it’s nice to see something by you. I hope that there will be more articles and/or a personal website. Longtime fan!

  • Corey

    The welds on the tank/fuel cap are one of a dozen very nice finishing touches on that bike. Beautiful.

  • Charlie

    Great looking bike

  • Richard

    Poor performance? The bike weighs 350 pounds and puts out 78 bhp, 55 ft/lbs of torque. It will move along quite smartly.

  • robotribe

    This makes up for that BMW earlier in the week. HFL taste-trust restored.

    • Sean


    • Case


  • Taco

    I call dibs on #69

  • tropical ice cube

    Being the owner of a factory kind-of-tracker, the over-designed Derbi Mulhacén 659, I couldn’t agree more with David: darn good looks, and the best bike on earth… for about 20 minutes, that’s all. But pretty, indeed.

  • Courtney

    Nice bike and good to hear from DE.