Destination: Joshua Tree

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To celebrate my move to California, I’m taking a little motorcycle trip with some friends this weekend. We’re headed for Joshua Tree via the Salton Sea and Arizona on a mix of classic bikes and modern sport tourers. Weather calls for highs of 105 degrees or so, but I’d rather be sweating than trudging through the six feet or so of snow that’s probably falling in New York right now. I’ll be sharing pictures, videos and stories along the way. Leave a comment or talk to us on Twitter.

Update: back to the real world.

  • JaySD

    Sounds like a blast. Welcome to California. You can get pretty much everything in the state from beaches, to deserts, to mountains and snow.

    If you retain access to dual sport bikes there are guys who ride every weekend in the Angeles Crest area Santa Clarita Divide

  • x
  • wes’s new LA roomate

    leaving to meet you guys in 25

  • JonB


  • the_doctor

    You wearing you’re fancy new jacket out there in the desert?

    • Wes Siler

      Oh fuck no. It’s going to be HOT. One if my astArs adv touring jackets zips off to mesh

      • Mdynamic

        Glad you realize the left coast is the right coast ;). Jokes. Is Grant moving to? P.S. In-N-Out is a must. Then Smashburger, but those are hard to come by.

        • Grant Ray

          Soon enough. I’ll be going back and forth on a regular basis until then.

        • BeastIncarnate

          A few coworkers and I talked about In-N-Out yesterday, since one is being built locally here in Texas. Before traveling to LA for work a few years ago, all of us were advised to hit In-N-Out. After eating there, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special, either. What’s the fuss?

          • Kirill

            Its really good for fast food, that’s about it.

          • Jeremy

            I just moved out here from NYC also, its great, but I dont know what the deal is with everyone’s obsession with In-N-Out burger – I miss shake shack

            • Mark D

              Its more about the experience. In-N-Out double animal style with extra onions, mustard, and a vanilla coke under a palm tree is heaven.

          • Sean Smith

            In-N-Out kinda sucks. You want decent fast food? Chipotle does it a lot better. You want a good burger? Umami does about as good as you can for a chain restaurant. I’ve been consistently disappointed by In-N-Out for years.

            • Taco

              In-N-Out is just all right but Wendy’s is my go to burger joint (don’t hate).

              • BeastIncarnate

                I’d agree if Wendys wasn’t so damn inconsistent. I moved recently and the one near my new place is really crappy. Whataburger is pretty good and common down here, though my favorite drive through is Culver’s. Man, that makes me hungry.

          • Ryan

            It’s the California version of What-a-burger. I grew up in Texas, and I have a fondness for What-a-burgers. I’d imagine it’s something similar for Californians and In-N-Out.

            Before they became common, I liked going to Carl’s Jr. more then In-N-Out, whenever I was in Cali.

          • Mattro

            The Big Lebowski

  • T Diver

    Maybe I’m spoiled living in Santa Monica but that sounds hot. Like a hair dryer in your face hot. You should do a before and after weigh-in. I’ll bet you loose 15lbs. Enjoy.

    • Kirill

      I’ve done it wearing full leathers (thankfully the jacket was perforated), its not that bad as long as a) you’re moving and b) have a camelback or something similar to stay hydrated.

      • BeastIncarnate

        Isn’t it better to not have ventilation once the temps are much above 100? Thought I read that somewhere. Your sweat evaporates too quickly and you just end up dehydrating a lot faster.

        Could be crazy, though. I dream up some crazy stuff.

        • Kirill

          No ventilation means you end up in a leather sweatsuit and dehydrate yourself that way. Its definitely more uncomfortable too. The camelback is really key to this.

          • Wes Siler

            Yeah, I just refilled my camelbak.

  • Mark D

    You’d better hit up In’n'Out on the way!

  • Nik

    Way to rock a headlight sticker!!! Moped gangs!

    • Steven

      HI NIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It’s Steve R!

    • casey

      Bird nik?

      • Nik

        Daggr Casey? Hi Steve!

        • casey


          • kinsler

            can we make translucent headlight stickers next time? √ yes

  • aristurtle

    Pool’s closed?

  • damien

    It’s a beautiful day here in the North East, I swear! Awww fuck it, you win.

    • Mark D

      Yeah, I still had to layer on my morning ride. Fuck this shit, I’m going West.

    • Moto-Mucci

      Take one road trip on Hwy 1 and you’ll never want to go back to New England. …and I lived there for 22 years.

  • Moto-Mucci

    More riding video. Did none of you bring a GoPro?

  • Thom

    From NYC to CA ???

    Baaad move . To each his own I suppose .

    Ugh ! Just the thought of moving back to the Land of Nod ( CA ) gives me a migraine . Too much Hype . Too little Substance for my tastes .

    But ….. uhhhh ….. enjoy ……… I guess

    (I was hesitant to toss this quote from Jerry Seinfeld up here , not wanting to offend our staunch Left Coasters , but what the Hell ! I’m in a bad mood today … so here it is)

    ” Only the losers stay in CA/LA “- Jerry Seinfeld

    Let us know when you decide to come back to reality (NYC)

    • Kirill

      Let’s see, lower COL and much better weather…I think we win this one.

    • JaySD

      If we were talking about people or culture maybe you would be right. For the best state in the nation for motorcycles? no contest California wins

    • T Diver

      I beg to differ my friend. I have never shoveled snow in my life. True, I may be a loser. I wear long underwear when I ride when its 65 or colder. My blood is thin. I may be a loser but this place is awesome. Are you riding to San Diego this weekend? Santa Barbara? Hot Ass Joshua Tree? I think not. You my friend will ride on the East Coast. Enjoy. (And be safe.)

    • Sean Smith

      Have fun with your bad traffic, worse weather and no lane splitting ;)

      • Dean

        True, we *never* split lanes here in NY.

        But I must agree, there’s no contest when you’re talking weather/scenery/variety/etc/etc/etc.

  • wes’s new LA roomate

    The guy at the bar just called wes out for looking like Anthony Soprano and won’t stop calling him Anthony now.

    • ike6116

      Oh wow…

      This cannot be unseen.

    • stephan

      he showed up at my prom. it was strange.

  • Mark D

    Glad to see the Hipstamatic app is working. Overtime, by the looks of it.

  • Ted

    Lol I had a ’77 Sportster for ten years. I lost that damn shifter peg at least 8 times. Red Loctite was no match for Ironhead vibes.

  • dux

    Wait a minute…did you guys find a dead penguin ?

  • Kevin

    In the New Media world, vacation pictures become content. I’m not complaining, I’m just observing.

    Love you guys anyway. Best $2 I’m spending these days.

    • x

      yeah. give us more reviews and bike shootouts. we dont wanna read about actual motorcycling or motorcycle adventures.

      especially as someone who lives in southern california, these ideas for trips i could go on and seeing pictures of cool places i could go is totally useless to me.

      • Matt

        +1 on that.

        As someone who just passed the Basic RiderCourse, lives in Manhattan and is also contemplating a move out west where fun riding isn’t contingent upon fighting my way out of NYC, these sorts of stories are of no relevance to my life at all.

        Bring on the literbike shootouts! Bike Porn for All!

    • Kevin

      Like I said, it wasn’t a complaint. Just observing how New Media shows up differently is all. I like it.

  • Scott-jay

    Re: making an offer.
    Airheads rule! Red tool box alone makes it a keeper.

    • Mark D

      Just sat on one just like that (ace bars and “cafe” seat, too) today. Was amazingly light. SUPER easy to work on, too, by the looks of it. Neat bikes.

  • Gene

    You don’t happen to have an aftermarket stator in that feejer, do ya?

    • Sean Smith

      It’s bone stock down to the warning stickers and license plate bracket.

  • RSassi

    I used to head out there whenever I could from Phoenix. I love riding through that part of the world.

  • Cheese302

    although i cant blame for moving out there. I will say that it was a lot more fun thinking that this site was based in NYC just an hour away. ride looks incredible.

    • Matt

      Is Grant still in New York?

      • Matt

        Doh. Already answered earlier in the thread.

  • cynic

    Welcome to CA, though some would argue you’re still in the wrong half. =)

  • walter

    Uber Alles!

    Welcome. Enjoy.