Detroit Thunderdrome City

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Once again, Detroit has proved itself America’s leading city of hoonage. Saturday, The Thunderdrome’s second ever race went off successfully, defying the infield lake, roving packs of post-apocalyptic UAW zombies and this country’s encroaching mediocrity in the process. What follows are pictures and video of no-barriers-to-entry motorcycle racing at its finest.

Photos: Thom Briggs

The Thunderdrome

  • Scott-jay

    Wonderful fun & video!
    These are the good times in our lives.

  • Spencer

    Since there was 0 footage of the minibikes heres a link to the whole race,

  • Bronson

    Fantastic video. Looks like so much fun!

  • Matt the sperglord

    Wes, was that you running the foot race in leathers? :D

  • NickP

    I had a great time. Huge crowd!

  • Dean

    Totally dig the music… who is that? Event looked amazing too, I felt like a sucker for missing it.

    • Scott-jay

      New-to-me music courtesy of HFL videos: valuable resource.

  • motoguru

    Music is Calvin Harris. I wish we could race there every weekend!

  • damien

    That’s a bigger crowd than you’d see at an AMA race. Good stuff.

  • Paul

    I never thought I would say this, but Detroit is pretty cool to even allow something like this.