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Alpinestars claims that these Scout Waterproof Boots are good for wearing on both dual sports and sport tourers. Looking at their tall uppers, huge buckles and thick soles, I was skeptical of that. But, after wearing them on a WR250R, Moto Guzzi Norge and Shamu, they totally do work across a range of riding positions. They’re way more flexible than they look, honestly waterproof, rugged and low key.

I’ve now worn these boots off-road, through rivers, around LA and on a trip to and from San Francisco in freezing rain. On that trip, I somehow managed to forget to pack my shoes, so ended up wearing the Scouts to walk around town. They’re too bulky to fit under jeans, so I ended up looking like a German tourist, but they were comfortable to walk around in. That’s in part due to the studded rubber sole, which provides way more traction to do boot-like things than normal riding boots typically manage. Helps with grip on dirt bike pegs too.

They’re probably just too bulky to work on the high pegs of an honest sportsbike, but on a sport tourer like Shamu, there’s plenty of articulation in the ankles and feel through the soles even to shift body positions and hang off.

The only downside is that there’s no impact protection for the ankles, making them a bit light-duty for real off-roading. That probably helps make them so flexible, but some sort of Tech10-style protection against hyperflexion would also be welcome if you’re really going to wear them dual sport riding.

Just make sure you wear your riding pants over them in the rain. The cuff lacks the gaiter of fancier boots in the range and doesn’t close tightly enough to keep even splashes out when you wear them over your pants. Because they’re waterproof, they’ll hold water once it gets in. This water crossing was a bit much for them. Having said that, properly secured, they totally kept water out through the five-hour ride from LA to San Francisco even though it poured pretty much the whole way.

I really like the relatively restrained branding and all-black subtlety, these boots are now a regular component of my touring setup, coming out any time it might rain or when I need to ride a variety of bikes. At $280, they’re pretty affordable too.


  • the_doctor

    I really like the shots of the boots in action.

  • noone1569

    Dear Hell For Leather:

    This is noone1569′s pocketbook politely requesting that you abstain from further reviews of amazing gear. Thus far, due solely to your reviews, I have been responsbile for the purchase of an Icon Variant and Alpinestars Protection Backpack. Please ease the strain upon me!

    Thank you.

    Noone1569′s pocketbook

    • Devin

      Yup, sprung for pants and soon back protector because of this site. Times two, one for the lady as well, of course. Now my helmet is out of date too and needs replacing.

      Fuck these guys.

      • Sean Smith

        Stay tuned, there’s some helmet stuff in the tube.

        • noone1569

          Nooooooo……. I already bought one helmet this season!

    • Peter88

      Yeah, put me down for an Icon helmet and pants and a Kriega R35. When I buy one of those custom v-twins occasionally featured then I’ll know I’m addicted.

    • Mark D

      Seriously. Kriega can send them a thank-you note, while my credit cards will send them a hearty, “fuck you”.

      • stempere

        Hear, hear.

    • NickP

      Haha seriously. The subscription is dirt cheap but overall this damn website has cost me thousands.

      • noone1569

        Careful, we keep talking like this, and certain companies may want put forth more Lagniappe, which, in turn, would lead to more spending. . . AHH viscious cycle!

  • Tim

    I wear my Scouts not only on my KLR but on my CBR XX, too. I love them, and they work fine on a sporty Tourer like the Blackbird. I have also ridden a buddy’s GSXR1000 with them and didn’t have any issues shifting. For true off road they are too flexy but I don’t single track my KLR much! These have become my daily boots, and boot cut jeans will just go over them. Good value boots.

  • soban881

    I second the hearty review – I use these for for dual sporting and so far they are some of the best kit I’ve owned. Purchased a pair of regular mx boots but sent them back and spent the money on these instead. They are far more comfortable and less bulky than what I had.

  • ike6116

    Love my Alpinestars Harlem WP boots. HFL knows their shit when recommending gear.

  • Gene

    How about the other end of the spectrum? I see tons of waterproof stuff, but I’m in Florida and it’s too hot to wear. I end up wearing ventilated high-tops from Bass Pro Shops to avoid the yellow sock syndrome. :-(

    Can I get some ventilated footwear luv?

    • NickP

      Speed holes?

      • Tim

        Speed holes? Sounds like a drive thru brothel..

        • noone1569

          Totally what I’m naming my Donut Franchise staffed by college girls in bikinis

          • Gene

            Heh… we had a donut shop staffed by hot topless college girls for a while. Certainly needed a better name than “the topless donut” but we didn’t mind much.

        • NickP

          haha nice! I should clarify, you can always buy these and cut some holes in them! I couldn’t find much for well-vented boots either, so I just got some waterproof ones in case I get caught in the rain. Get some moisture wicking socks, those will help too.

    • Steve

      Second that, I’m in the market now and need some trustworthy info…

    • JaySD

      I have the Sidi Streetburner boots and the vent on the side works pretty good for keeping air flow to my feet

  • GoFasterPB

    How do they fit? Big / small / true to size?

    I’ve been planning on getting these but can’t decide whether to get the 11 or 12 for my size 11.5 feet and haven’t found them in stock anywhere so far.

    • soban881

      I ordered same as my shoe size, and they fit true to size with a touch of extra room for a thicker sock.

      • GoFasterPB

        Thanks for the info.

        • soban881

          No problem

    • Tim

      Mine are US 11 (euro 45.5) and fit true to size for me.

  • Brian

    Ive had these boots for a little under a year and have about 8k miles into them. I love them. I use them for everything from commuting to light duty off road riding. Living in seattle, they see alot of wet days and keep my toes dry. They fit easily under a pair of boot cut jeans or my alpinestar street cargo pants.

  • tears

    Boot shopping is kinda hard for me since I got big feet. Do they come in 14′s or 15′s ?