Help complete the Amarok P1 electric superbike

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Michael Uhlarik’s 325lbs Amarok P1 is one seriously sexy electric motorcycle, with one exception: the current tripleclamp is re-purposed from a late-model Kawasaki. If you’re an engineer or a CAD technician, you can help fix that and win an iPad 2 for your efforts.

All the details are here: GrabCAD

Photo: Arash Moallemi

  • RocketSled

    (removed due to stupidity)

    • Robert

      Removed by who?

      • Wes Siler

        Readers have the ability to edit their comments for 30 minutes after they publish them.

  • Brammofan

    Crowd sourcing design components. Could be edgy, could be sketchy. Interesting that the due date is June 1. Are they planning on using the existing triple clamp in the interim (e.g. for testing and for a possible appearance at New Hampshire Int’l Raceway)?

    • michael uhlarik

      The current part is more than good enough to handle the race. It just looks lame.

      The P2 will have a pretty different front end set up, so this is really about polishing up what we have so far on the P1.

      • Carleton

        Michael, I am an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering at the University of New Hampshire. For my senior engineering project, I am planning to design and build an electric motorcycle. I am currently in the design phase and deciding what frame I should use, what size motor will be necessary, what batteries will provide adequate capacity, etc. If you are planning an appearance at the New Hampshire International Raceway, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and see the P1. I have been following the development of the P1 and was incredibly excited to see the desire to create an electric bike designed from the ground up to provide world-class performance. Motorcycles have been my lifelong passion and even though my project lacks the complexity and know-how of the P1, I would be grateful to see your work. If this is a possibility please let me know when you will be in the state. Thank you.

        • michael uhlarik


          We will be at the track for the race in one month’s time (with or without a new triple clamp), so come by our pit and if I have a minute we’ll talk.

          Other than a grouchy old husky, we are a pretty accessible bunch.

          We’ll post more details on our website over the coming weeks.

          • Carleton

            Michael, thanks for your response. I will look forward to the race and meeting you and your team.

  • Thom

    Thats a lot of time and effort for just an iPad2 !

    Though maybe for an undergraduate/graduate student looking for some cred it might be worth it .

    • Ben

      As a solidworks user, That’s not really a lot of work. For some simple geometry like that, maybe an hour tops. If you want it swoopy, More like half a day.

  • stephan

    i wish i knew how to do this

  • Glenngineer

    On it – fuck the iPad, I’m happy to help. I’m ABAQUS equipped, so I can come up with some loads are start analyzing this to really get it working well.

    But looking at it more closely – it isn’t unambiguously clear what the total height of the part should be. Mike?

    • Cheese302

      isn’t it 55mm? though how the clamp area is located seems off to me.

      • Glenngineer

        Looks like 45mm to me…but I can’t be sure.

    • Ben

      The whole ‘print’ is kinda screwy… For instance the 6mm threaded holes are shown to be in front of the two R 41 “fork tube” holes… But then they’re dimensioned to be only “36 min” off the center lines.

      • Grive

        I’m assuming he meant 41mm diameter, same with the center hole.

        As for the total height, I’m guessing it’s not all that important to the millimeter. Since the fork tubes are clamped, as long as the part withstands the force and the bolts fit in there, it should be good.

  • HammSammich

    D@mn my lack of engineering knowledge! To be clear, the iPad is not so much of an enticement, rather it would just be cool to contribute to such an amazing bike. I have signficant specialized knowledge and skills, but sadly it’s specific to an exceedingly dull industry…

  • Jens

    HfL as a thinktank, great idea.

    • noone1569

      Or very, very scary idea.

  • michael uhlarik

    Dear all

    The contest launched today is a collaboration with GrabCAD to promote both their innovative service, and to add some functional bling to our motorcycle.

    A FAQ sheet and detailed specs will be released by tomorrow morning.

  • Ducky

    I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding the drawing. The M6 pinch bolts are needed to actually clamp on the “fork tubes”, but this isn’t shown in the drawing. The only thing I see involving M6s are the threads on the separate “block” attached to the triple tree.

    I must be really retarded or something but I don’t get what that “block” is for? Instrumentation or something?

    • Glenngineer

      Steering linkage. This isn’t a traditional triple tree at all.

      • Ducky

        I see. I could not see this in the photos that were given out- I’m assuming that a tie-rod end is screwed into the block then?

  • T Diver

    It should be required to have an HFL logo too.

    • T Diver

      Yeah, step up Michael. HFL logo too.

      • michael uhlarik

        The P1 will wear an HFL logo.

        • Wes Siler


          • Brammofan

            It won’t be the first electric motorcycle to sport the HFL logo.

        • Dumptruckfoxtrot

          That is pretty awesome.

        • damien

          I’ll be looking for the logo at NH. I’ll be sporting my HFL t-shirt as support!


          awww shit, just checked and I can’t make the race. work sucks.

          • Wes Siler


            • Carleton

              Where can I get an HFL t-shirt or are they only available to your closest friends?

              • Brammofan

                Don’t bother. I sent him one of the only existing Brammofan t-shirts and all he sent me was a “Where’s HFL?” sticker and the HFL logo sticker for my bike (which, of course, has probably been seen by thousands, and has led to countless subscriptions — free advertising). He keeps on saying, “We’re looking for a high quality supplier.” By the time he finds one, it will have Kevlar armpit shields, built-in turtle back protector, and it wiil be printed with sustainable bio-beneficial ink. It will cost over $300. For a t-shirt.

  • Emmet

    damn I wish I could participate. Heading to Kansas for an engineering competition next week…


    This may be my chance to actually use my SW2010 instead of it just taking up space on my PC, LOL.

    Dow we have to lay out the tooling pathways too?