New colors for 2012 Triumph Modern Classics

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Like the 2012 Triumph Street Triple, the Modern Classic range is receiving minor cosmetic updates for 2012. As you can see, the Triumph Bonneville will now come in gold, the Scrambler in matte black, the T100 in two-tone graphite or cherry and the Bonneville America in two-tone blue and white.

  • the_doctor

    Silver over violet. Sessy.

  • Carleton

    With matte black available I’m even more compelled to buy one just to build my own version of the Jack Pine.

    • ike6116

      I love the khaki green they sell it in.

  • Glenngineer

    Hell yeah gold.

    • robotribe

      +1. Classy. I almost like those 70s-esque wheels now.

  • aristurtle

    So they’re keeping the old logo on these and only putting the new logo on stuff like the Street Triple or Daytona?

    • motoguru


  • x

    that matte black is reeeeally nice.

    but that gold looks pretty green… they hoping people will start confusing these with v7′s?

  • dan

    F$ck! May have to buy one.

  • HammSammich

    D’oh! I’m gonna have to wait until I get home to check this out…Your galleries don’t work on my stvpid work computer, and this appears to be an HFL exclusive. Oh well…

    • Wes Siler

      I take it work bans Flickr?

      • HammSammich

        Apparently. The galleries don’t work well on my iPhone either, but that’s okay, I usually check in at home if there’s something I really want to see. Between skipping quickly past HFL galleries during the workday and no longer commenting on Jalopnik, my productivity has vastly improved over the last year… :)

        • Marlon

          Galleries don’t work on my iPhone either (the main way I view the site)

  • th3w3s

    hasn’t the scrambler been available in matte black for a while now? the 2-tone graphite is super sexy

    • philn

      Only glossy black and matte khaki green.

      I wish they would use brushed headers/exhaust … they went that direction with the new street triple. Makes sense to me with matte paint.

      • HammSammich

        With some Steel wool that only takes a few hours to accomplish…

  • carter

    There’s a guy on who did a custom paint job almost exactly like that black-and-gray two-tone. It’s a beautiful bike — looks like Triumph designers read that forum!

  • Jake

    Something about that gold makes me think the duplicolor name should be called “Lincoln Mark V Ladies Bingo Night”.

  • rvltng_bstrd

    So how is this? mmm … the way they are developing the Bonneville line…. they get praises for employing the paint scheme based evolution technique but when HD is doing the same thing, the practice is found profoundly disgusting.
    Nevermind the engine and that suspension, you get nice new wheels and new colors. Hazaah for that!

  • Matt Wisch

    Hopefully they have removed the leaky valve cover gasket feature.

    • rvltng_bstrd

      I got my Bonneville Black as my first bike in 2008 – the last carbed version I believe – and the “leaky valve cover gasket feature” was still in place. The dealer “removed” it under warranty.

    • HammSammich

      My ’07 Bonnie Black has never leaked oil from the cam covers, but the fiber gasket for the cam chain tensioner recently started weeping a bit of oil (but that’s an easy fix). The week after I bought it new, I did have a leaky front brake master-cyl that required warrany replacement of that part as well as a new fender and top clamp for the triple tree…brake fluid makes for a good paint stripper.