Party: Roland Sands Design grand opening

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Last Friday, Roland Sands Design marked the grand opening of its new location in Los Alamitos and the launch of its own clothing line with a little party. A black cowboy sung Bob Marley while we stuffed ourselves with free tacos and tequila, admiring the full range of Roland’s custom bikes. Hidden behind the bar was the in-progress Desmo Tracker, a reminder that we were in the home of a madman.

Photos: Adey Bennett and Thorton Photos

  • robotribe

    Danny Trejo = instant RESPECT

    • Wes Siler

      We kept leaving the room if he walked in. Dude’s scary.

      • robotribe

        I was introduced to him at a movie opening post-party. My most-nervous handshake to date.

        • sean (the roommate)

          i’m even scared to post on here how nervous he made me….in fear that he reads HFL and will come find me.

          • robotribe

            WITH A VENGEANCE.

      • carcanal

        Danny is only looks scary(if youre not used to seeing veteranos) but he is truly a really nice guy.But seriously how can you not want to hug MACHETE!!!

    • Thom

      I don’t care how much time I did in Hells Kitchen , how many Biker Bars I’ve played in in my youth or what level of insanity I’ve come face to face with .

      This guy l would not want to meet in a dark alley anywhere !

      Having said that though , now no doubt someone who knows him will come on and tell us what a nice guy he really is .

    • je

      Only reason I play COD B.O. Zombies..

  • robotribe

    Wow. Who knew there was anything worth seeing in good ‘ol Los Al.

  • Thom

    You’ve got to admit . Young Mr Sands knows how to throw a party .

  • kidchampion

    I dislike 95% of the stuff the guy produces but occasionally he creates something great. Affliction roadster?

    • Glenngineer

      Me too, but some solid sportsters in here.

  • Peter88

    I like what Roland Sands designs and builds. Nice to see he’s doing very well.

  • Taco

    in the second pic, is that female motocrosser Jolene Van Vugt? She’s my girlfriend you know. We’re gonna get married. But first I actually have to met her, maybe one day it’ll happen.

    • sean (the roommate)

      ummm, this is awkward and i’m not quite sure how to tell you this….but that is Roland Sands.

      • Mattro

        i laughed.

  • Cajun58

    Sands is a punk witnessed by his behavior on various Discovery Channel chopper shows. He and his spoiled rich kid friends repeatedly engaged in the meaningless destruction of perfectly good motorcycles simply because they could. And had all of daddy’s money they needed to do so. There’s just no excuse for that kind of crap.

    • sean (the roommate)

      jealous much?

      i know i am.

      • Cajun58

        My personal feelings are irrelevant his actions have shown him to be what he is.