Reach out and touch…your iPhone with gloves on

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I mention Aerostich one freakin time, then they go and come out with the ultimate hipster motorcycle gloves. These gloves combine old-school CHiPs or cafe racer looks, depending on who you ask, with new-school touch screen capability. Don’t tell the hipsters, but other people like iPhones too, old white guys that read ADVrider, cops and, well, most anyone who can appreciate modern technology. No longer will you need to awkwardly remove a glove, scramble for your phone, try to read that text message you’re pretty sure you got or check your directions, fail and then ride off with the phone halfway shoved back into your pocket and the glove in your teeth.

Electrostatic touch screens only work when they’re manipulated with something that conducts electricity like your skin or a stylus. Leather doesn’t conduct electricity, so when you try to unlock your phone with a glove on, no matter how delicate and precise your movements, nothing happens.

These gloves fix all of that awkwardness with just a few stitches of electro-conductive thread. And not just on the index finger either, that magic is in the thumbs, index and middle fingers of both gloves. There really isn’t even any downside to these: they’re real elk-skin ropers, they’re cheap at $57, the squeegee on the left thumb might not get you cool points, but at least you’ll be able to get that bug off your visor and have I mentioned that they’re real elk skin ropers that allow you to use your iPhone? There’s a reason some of the more hard-core riders like motor cops and the GS guy who does 11,000 miles before breakfast wear gloves like this. They’re comfy, last for zillions of miles and have enough abrasion resistance to save your hands if you do something stupid. I guess the triple clamp saving keychain really is a gateway drug.

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The challenge in being both a hipster and a motorcyclist is that you need to find a balance between functional motorcycle gear — stuff that keeps you warm and safe — and clothing that gets you tattoo models. Thanks to gloves like these, that’s a compromise that can happen.


  • Ben Incarnate

    Safe? That bunched up my panties. I don’t think I’d be comfortable considering those to be minimum protection. No impact protection, good chance of flying off in an accident, eh. Then again, I win no awards with my fashion sense.

    • kashani

      I completely agree with you. After my last get off and minor scapula fracture I upgraded my decent gloves to full race gauntlets. What’s the point of a tattoo model when you can only squeeze their interesting bits with your off hand for six months?

      • Ben Incarnate

        It would be a nice six months, though.

  • Mark D

    Alone, they kinda look like gardening gloves. I’d have to see them with a jacket to give it the hipster seal of fashion approval.

    The electro-conductive thread is AWESOME though!

  • HammSammich

    I’ve accomplished this same thing with my ancient Joe Rocket gloves…they’ve developed a small hole right at the tip of my index finger that enables me to use my iPhone. Yeah, nevermind…D@mn, I need a new pair of gloves…

  • jeremy

    I can operate my iPhone just fine with my Knox Recon’s.

  • Ducky

    “The challenge in being both a hipster and a motorcyclist is that you need to find a balance between functional motorcycle gear — stuff that keeps you warm and safe — and clothing that gets you tattoo models.”

    Was this a bit of a snipe due to someone posting someone else’s “seaside serenade” pic on facebook? =D

    • Sean Smith

      What it comes down to is that we’re all just a bunch of jokers. Wes, Sean (the clear lens Ray-Ban wearing one) and I are all guilty of hipsterisms from time to time. I’m pretty sure the ‘seaside serenade’ pic was just revenge for me shooting and posting a pic of Wes the man-beast drunkenly eating pizza.

    • sean (the roommate)

      have you not seen’s wes’s website? or my acct dedicated to making him cry?

      if you wanna follow the inside jokes, start reading the comment section more often and more carefully.

      as far as the tattoo model comment, wesley and i have an ongoing argument that tatto models are not real models and therefore do not make him sound cool (which is the whole reason he tells you he dates tattoo models).

      dont delete this one wes, you started it.

      • Sean Smith

        Your link’s broken man.

        • sean (the roommate)

          no, wes edited it. i copy/pasted it from the twitter page. smart cookie that wes is.

          • Wes Siler

            I didn’t edit shit. And both of you suck.

            • sean (the roommate)

              stop drinking all my whiskey.

  • Moto-Mucci

    Those are impressively ugly.

    I’ll take the Alpinestars hero gloves over those any day, and have to go through the pain staking task of removing a glove so I can text while ridding my motorcycle…

  • karinajean

    oh hey, you can get grant to use his sewing skills and make your own with conductive thread.

    • aristurtle

      And then you can apply that thread to gloves that actually cover your wrist.

    • Scott Pargett


  • T Diver

    “electro-conductive thread” isn’t that what non-assholes call wire?

    • 80-wattHamster

      No. Wire is not braided or designed to be used in stitching. I guess you could call it “super-fine braided cable” or something just as cumbersome as “electro-conductive thread.”

  • Scott-jay

    Right up my alley.
    Malcolm Smith’s ropers maintained with Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion operate an iPhone at least 75% of the time.

    • Sean Smith

      You beat up an old guy and stole his gloves? That’s just mean.

  • damien

    They look like classic Mickey mouse gloves. I’ll pass.

  • Corey

    Interesting if not predictable that this readership isn’t exactly the ‘Stich market.

    Those gloves in black, as well as the knuckle-padded gauntlets in the same line, are about as good as they get. I pick them up over my fancy-ass Held racer-boy gloves all the time. The elk skin is super soft and also very heavy duty. They are the real deal.

  • eric

    while you may be actually able to manipulate the screen, they don’t look like you’d actually be able to click on what you want, or even fit them in your pocket to grab said phone.

  • Markus
  • stempere

    I have to say i don’t feel extra safe without shock protection but deerskin is really confy (i use these when it gets chilly).

    Might just buy some of that conductive thread.

  • noone1569

    My fox shorty street gloves have no trouble working the screen on my G2

    • sean (the roommate)

      no one cares about G2′s…get an iphone

      *this post sponsored in part by Steve Jobs

  • super20

    I have a pair of the padded gauntlets plus a pair of the insulated. Yeah they look a little like gardening gloves, but they wear like iron and are super comfy. The padded knuckles worked just fine when I smacked the pavement last December. I’m not very fashionable, though so I can’t speak to whether or not tattoo models consider them hip.

  • nick2ny

    Wait, is it bad that I LOVE ADVRider and that it’s the only motorcycle forum I go to?

    • Sean Smith

      Nope. It just means that you probably ride a KLR/R1200GS/V-Strom.

  • Chris

    Now if only they’d offer them in a non-hideous color

  • gaudette

    And now for something a tad more useful:

    Yes, they work with your iPhone AND keep you dry.

    • Sean Smith

      THat’s pretty neat if it’s true. Alpinestars should advertise that; it’s a really useful feature that a lot of people can benefit from.

      • gaudette

        I have them myself and thought it was pretty neat when I found it out. The thumb flat against the screen works great, there’s a pad of different material there and I guess that’s what makes the difference. It’s not perfect, but it beats the hell out of gardening gloves.

  • tears

    Sew some conductive thread through your gloves. Why wait for a manufacturer to sell you “iPhone compatible” gloves when you can make it yourself? I did just that with my gloves and they work just fine…and I don’t have to give up anything in terms of safety.