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The Stay a Hero campaign unveiled this week by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership brings together the same creatives who made the Embrace Life seatbelt commercial that racked up 13.7 million views and was last year’s Youtube commercial of the year. In addition to the commercial below, an online publication, Sussex Biker, was released which has information pertinent to those riding in Sussex, but also some great general safety advice as well. Ducati has endorsed the partnership and will be supporting the Stay a hero, Stay Safe campaign at dealerships throughout the UK.

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Producer Sarah Alexander said: “There are very few adverts out which speak directly to bikers, we are hoping that ‘Stay a Hero’ might fill in some of that gap. Rather than using fear and gore tactics we have tried to remind bikers of how great it is to ride while at the same time reminding them who they are going home to and why they need to stay safe. We are hoping the message will save lives this summer.”

Daniel Cox, the writer and creator of the commercial added: “The film looks to remind bikers to ride safely for both themselves and their loved ones, and that they can inspire the next generation to ride skillfully and safely. Coming from a family of motorcyclists I hope the film illustrates the important contribution bikers make as role models and how their actions and approach to riding can directly influence those who look up to them.”

I was out riding a couple weeks ago and a little boy, who couldn’t have been more than 3, was absolutely enthralled by my motorcycle. He stood patiently (and his dad let him) and watched me put on each piece of my gear, pull the bike off the curb and ride away. He kind of made me feel like a hero and I’m glad he didn’t watch me ride away in a tank-top and shorts.


Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

  • TMQ

    Here here…….

  • Brant

    Nice video, but what a worthless umbrella.

  • Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

    Great video.

  • Gregory

    This is why I wear a reflective vest.

    That… and you’re not allowed on a US military base without something retro-reflective.

    Portland, OR
    2008 Kawasaki KLR 650

  • Kevin

    Kids LOVE motorcycles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked over when stopped at a light to find some kid with his face pressed to the glass of mom’s car. Rev the motor a little, and it’s smiles ear to ear.

    • Mr.Paynter


    • stempere

      Exactly, i even had a kid tell me my helmet was “cool” (a full black araï viper GT), the kid was around 7 and told me something like “real riders wear that, morons wear jet momo’s”.

      Screw girls and other riders, that’s the kind of attention i crave on my bike.

      • zipp4

        Chris Hanson might need to have a few words with you…

    • Kevin

      +1 Amen. Hope those kids become riders

    • Mark D

      Yup. Spreading the gospel. To the young and impressionable!

  • jason

    A Hero ain’t nothin but a sandwich.

  • AHA

    Yes, it’s amazing (& even a bit embarrassing) how young boys – say 10yrs down to a few months old – are absolutely fascinated by my bike when I set out/park up/wash/tinker etc in the street outside my garage. Small girls absolutely do not. Quite a few Mums do however…

  • sean (the roommate)

    well done. now i just need to set this video to turn itself on every morning as i’m getting ready.

    • Sean Smith

      After a week or so, putting your one-piece, race boots and back protector is a 5-minute affair.

  • Footshifted

    Great video for sure! Having a little one myself it does hit pretty close to home. Not that I didn’t before, but it makes you think a little more about taking off on your bike when you have a little one at home… At least it does for me

  • JC

    +1 Footshifted, want to be able to ride with my son some day

  • MG


  • Deep6Dive

    I’ve got my GF’s kids pointing out squids in traffic, makes my day! They even point out the missing gear, if the riders not wearing a helmet they’re usually called morons by the boys.

  • Emmet

    excellent video.