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Tiny Dutch start up Super Motor Company — which sells a Chinese-made, Western-quality, 21st Century take on the original Honda Cub — has partnered with hipper-than-hip Paris boutique Colette to promote affordable, fashionable two-wheeled transportation. To do so, Colette commissioned this special edition, Covering every shiny part with a gloss white powder coat. The boutique’s signature dots are also applied to the side panels. Combined with the pastel colors, the white instead of exposed metal look lends the motorcycles a non-threatening air that’s reminiscent of a toy or even a piece of candy.

Super Motor Company

  • dux

    How much is it?

  • Wes Siler

    They start at 1395 Euro.

  • Gregory

    I guess this is the Euro equivalent of SYM’s Symba. It’s a Honda Cub, in all but name. Best selling motorcycle in the world.

    • Scott-jay

      Symba’s forks are telescopic and its styling Scarab-ized.
      Real cubs-clones have leading-link front ends and allow one to meet the nicest people.

  • Steven

    I demand a SYMxSMC shoot-out!

  • mathew

    I wish I could see the pictures while using the mobile site.

    • Wes Siler

      The mobile site is just supposed to be as light as possible, for fast speeds and easy reading on a wide range of devices (really, designing for everything from an iPhone to a POS Blackberry is really frustrating). If you don’t want it, scroll to the bottom and toggle mobile off.

      • Devin

        Even when you switch off the mobile site, the photo galleries don’t work, at least not on Android’s built-in browser.

  • Will

    I love exemplification of utility. Gaw.

  • Anders

    This is like buying a fake Eames chair. Just say no.
    The small racer SMC is building is more interesting:

    • Noah

      Agreed! The SS is handsome and looks like fun, whereas I would not be seen on this Cub-copy.

  • wwalkersd

    What, other than the build date, makes this a “21st century take on the original Honda Cub”? Looks like a straight-up copy of a 1960s Cub to me, and there’s nothing “21st Century” about that. Is there any 21st century technology added?

    Nothing against the bike, of course.


    The black & white model is pretty sick.
    Where’s the existential crisis over whether or not its a scooter? It looks like one, but there’s no platform, etc. I don’t know how to label this motorbike for effective branding!

  • Markus

    does powder coat hold on an exhaust pipe? or does it burn off?

    • AJ

      I hope it holds. Mine are being done this week.

  • Mark D

    Is it bad that I want one? I mean. Seriously. I love that.

  • Thom

    Kind of cute . I could see the Preppy Youth bunch going for this . A bit Retro . A bit kinky in an innocent sort of way .

    Too bad though its not Honda bringing back their icon instead

  • ktaisa

    we need something to get a bunch of young girls riding.
    and by young i mean real young

  • robotribe

    I’ve test ridded the SYM version. Nice, but very plasticky. Still, could be a great grocery-getter. A color-matched milk crate should be a factory option.

  • JonB

    I love it.

  • nick2ny

    Why won’t Honda just bring the real cubs here? They still make them in various countries…

  • Ed

    Yet another post-cub, cub. I think people will keep making this design until after that ‘pocylpse … can’t keep a good cub down. In fact it’s perfect post-Rapture transportation — 100 mpg and there are more spare parts out there, than for any other vehicle in the world.

  • Scott-jay

    176 lbs, 80 kg, for basic Cub according to mfg site specs.
    Gimme same weight and their 100 cc version. 8% is a small price for 45 mph.

  • Alexakis Otinane

    If these bikes break down, it takes for months and months on
    end to get it shorted out.

    Distributor and owner do not feel any personal responsibility on fixing it and will dump all the weight of chasing the supplier to the customer, instead of doing it themselves.

    Apart from that…just choose something else.

    If i knew what i am going through now with this, would have
    never bought a “super bike” from there it in the first place.

    I just believe enough now, people should now.

    Is it normal for a scooter to take 6 months for a service???

    what do you think?