The Aprilia RSV4 police bike

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Relax, it’s not real. This bike isn’t out prowling the streets and handing out traffic tickets. LAPD officer John Morena owns this police-themed Aprilia RSV4. He built this track bike to represent the private volunteer organization “Got Ya!”.

Photos: Sean Smith
Video: David Diamata-Stacey

“Got Ya (Get On Track Youth Alternative) is a volunteer program to combat street racing and get out the message that track riding is available, safer and cost effective,” explains Morena. “In doing so, we break down the us versus them barriers and let youth and other riders see law enforcement officers are regular people, too. The officers who volunteer with Got Ya are available OFF DUTY for schools, shows, track days and competition riding.”

Special thanks to our friends at Pro Italia.

  • nymoto

    I know it’s not real , but it’s still going to give me rear view nightmares.

    • wes’s new ca roomate


      • Sean Smith

        Wow. That’s a ballsy move there linking to

        • wes’s new ca roomate

          almost as ballsy as rocking the buzzed head/rat-tail combo when not playing in an emo band on warped tour circa 2008.

  • Adam

    I rode with them at Laguna. This RSV4 guy was very fast.

  • Skank NYCF

    I wish a NYS Trooper or any LawDog would try me. I’d toy with his bitch ass then serve him proper.

    • zipp4
      • T Diver

        A lawyer. Sorry but the bike looks disgusting. I hope it gets stolen.

      • Skank NYCF

        Someone involved in law enforcement

    • adeysworld

      they wouldn’t have the balls to keep up.

      • Skank NYCF

        but it’d be fun if they tried.

  • the_doctor

    Sounds like an awesome program. I wish there would have been stuff like that for me as a youth.

    • Sean Smith

      +1 Guess who got arrested for evading police a few years ago.

  • Case

    One of these guys was at Buttonwillow the last time I was there. He was on an Aprilia with matching LEO leathers and a badge stitched on and he was fast. It was maybe the same guy? No idea. There might be more than one.

    IMO the bike is nice but the law enforcement theme is a turnoff. Everybody’s got their thing, though, so whatever.

    • Adam

      I agree, they all hung out together away from everybody. I think that if they toned down the “police” presence they would be more approachable. What next, are they going to ride with their guns?

  • Thom

    Oh heck ! I was hoping from the headline this was an Italian Police M/C along the lines of the Lamborghini’s they use over there to nab the baddies .

    So it makes me wonder . Knowing what they have for Police Cruisers in Italy , what do their M/C cops ride ?

    • Archer

      The only police bikes I’ve seen in Italy were boxer-twin BMW’s

  • Nate

    John is a great guy, and I’m not terribly partial to LEO myself.

    He does a lot of public speaking about the cop vs. motorcyclist relationship, and his philosophy/message is refreshing.

  • Bob

    For sure John is a great guy (and very fast). He’s certainly pro-bike, very approachable, and one of the nicest people around. He happens to be LAPD but that doesn’t make him any less of a good guy. He’ll probably be at Laguna (on the track) during the MotoGP weekend. Stop by and meet him at Pro Italia’s “tent.”

  • pinkyracer

    so how does one get funded by this “Get-Ya” program? Ever since the collapse of the economy as we knew it, I’ve had a hard time making it to track days. I could sure use a government subsidy…