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This video profiles Lukas Ketner, Icon’s comic book artist. Lukas draws the stories you see in the company’s promotional materials and also pens designs for helmets like the new Freaky Tiki. Here, he talks brain disorders and getting shoved into lockers.

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  • Frosty_spl

    I may be one of the few people who likes Icon’s marketing / design style. I wouldn’t wear some of their gear though.

  • Thom

    I’d let Lukas have a go at my Telecaster and come up with an Art Guitar for me .

  • skadamo

    “I didn’t want to, but I fit” lmao. He’s awesome.

    • holdingfast

      very Michael Cera in JUNO

  • je

    Couple things.. Does he ride and is that a nip slip at 2:45?

    Very jealous of his skills that the guy dating the nip slip model.

  • Corey

    Draw’s = belongs to someone named Draw.
    Draws = third person singluar of the verb ‘to draw.’

    Sorry to be a grammar asshole. Fix it.

    • Brad W.

      Not to be a spelling asshole but you spelled singular wrong.

      • Brammofan

        Not to be a punctuation asshole, but you should have put a comma between “asshole” and “but.” Additionally, you should have put “singular” in quotation marks, as I did. If you’re going to be pedantic, go “all in.” Choad.

        • Cheese302

          not to be a comedy asshole, but those three exchanges are hilarious and thank you for a post lunch chuckle.

          • Thom

            I must of missed out on the Pedantic Thursdays announcement

          • T Diver

            Right? Thanks HFL members. Funny shit. We rolled through LA with about 150 bikes last night. Took over the 5 freeway. Pretty cool. Folks should come out and ride. It’s fun.

        • Brad W.

          I struggled with the comma. Also thanks for using “Choad.” A very under appreciated insult.

          • Corey

            Pedantic Thurday is more fun than Casual Friday. I’ll pass on the notion of a Choad Saturday, however. Yesh.

          • Brammofan

            My brother-in-law used to call his kids “choads.” After making sure he was really calling them that (even spelled correctly), I told him what it meant. Ever see someone have the color drain from his face? I have.

  • muckluck

    Really cool comic book art! not to crazy about it on a helmet, but if you really look at it there is a story in it. I like it better than crazy tribal graphics!

    • Dean

      I thought it looked best on the helmet in rough-draft, black and white. I’m not a colorful/flashy helmet person, but if I had to do it, something that looked hand inked in black and white might be cool.

  • Core

    As someone who loves concept art… I really liked this short video.

    Some of those Icon helmets are pretty badass… not in a flashy way, they just look sharp with those graphics on em. I guess once I become a better rider they’d be alright… until then I have this bright white helmet for visibility. They’ll be able to look at the helmet when I’m laying face down and if it has any crimson on it, they’ll know I’m in deep doo doo.. that and I’m a noob. Haha.

    • iconmotosports

      Believe me Core, you would have no trouble with conspicuity whilst wearing the SSR Speed Cretin.