This horse can wheelie too

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These photos come from Chris Pfeiffer’s stunt tour through Kazakhstan aboard his BMW F800R. The horse, the eagle and the fetching bathrobe are apparently an attempt to relate stunting to traditional Kazakh culture. Somehow, they feel more appropriate than a neon green string unitard.

Photos: Denis Klero/Red Bull

  • the_doctor

    How much are flights to Kazystan?! I think I need to visit.

  • evilbahumut

    Chris Pfeiffer is a nut. I knew he used to ride a Monster, didn’t see the switch to BMW

    • Wereweazle

      He’s been riding BMW for awhile. It used to be a stripped down and modified F800s, but he got the new F800R when those came out.

  • Stephen

    very niice!