This is Husqvarna’s new street bike motor

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This is the 900cc parallel-twin that will power Husqvarna’s first adventurer tourer. Very closely based on the 798cc engine of the BMW F800GS, Husqvarna has not only increased the capacity for more top-end power and stronger low-end torque, but redesigned the exhaust and airbox in pursuit of the same goals, while also dropping some weight and centralizing mass.

The existence of a new Husqvarana adventure tourer was revealed by the brand’s owner, BMW in february. Speaking at the international launch of the BMW K1600GT, BMW Motorrad vice president Herman Bohrer stated, “In Milan [we will] debut a maxi enduro Husqvarna combining German engineering with Italian design. It will have a two-cylinder engine and a bike light and agile.”

Looking at the BMW motor next to the new Husky, it’s striking just how similar they are. In fact, aside from badging and the red valve cover, they’re essentially identical. On the outside at least. It’s not currently known how Husqvarna is increasing the capacity, whether its bore, stroke or both.

The F800GS makes 85bhp at 7,500rpm and 62lb/ft of torque at 5,750rpm. That has to power a bike that weighs 455lbs/207kg (wet). While its certainly capable of motivating the GS, the delivery is somewhat flat and uninspiring. That’s exacerbated by the too-tall gearing, which has you slipping the clutch all the way up to 20mph in first gear. Not fun when you’re crawling over tough terrain.

To differentiate this new Husqvarna from the F800GS donor bike, the company looks to be capitalizing on the Italian brand’s dirt heritage to create something lighter, faster and more off-road focussed than the F800GS. While BMW’s adventure tourer is an extremely capable all-rounder that can perform fairly impressively off-road given its weight, the GS is by no means the Dakar-style racer its looks suggest. Dropping weight and adding power should help move the new Husqvarna towards being more of an honest dual sport.

  • wwalkersd

    German engineering. Italian styling. Swedish name. I’m so confused.

  • Thom

    What’s so ” Striking ” about it ? It IS a tweaked BMW parallel twin . Badge Engineering reaching its slimy way into M/C production .

    • Wes Siler

      Let’s look at that sentence:

      “Looking at the BMW motor next to the new Husky, it’s striking just how similar they are.”

      Yep, you pretty much just agreed with me.

      • fasterfaster

        Rumor is that it’s a 900cc version, but yeah it’s a Beemer motor, not a Husky. I’d expect something like the KTM Super Enduro, which has been such a, uh, smashing success for team orange.

        There is no market to support giant dirt bikes. There is apparently plenty of market for the Ford Explorers of motorcycles though. Overweight pigs that look the part and appeal to people who’d like to look like and be able to say that they could do cool stuff. If they wanted to.

  • Todd

    Does that mean BMW dealerships will service Husky bikes with this engine?

  • Dani Peral

    What? I liked the funny v-triple on the concept bike!!!

  • Cajun58

    Is this also a Rotax motor?

    • Wes Siler

      The F800GS is built by BMW in Berlin.

      • jpenney

        The F800 R/GS/S/ST/ETC are from Rotax. Vehicle assembly is in Berlin.

        The G650X/XC/GS motors are built by BMW in China and assembled into bikes in Berlin.

        • Wereweazle

          Yeah that 800 parallel twin sold by BMW is total Rotax. Even has Rotax written right on the dipstick.

          • Cajun58

            Hey you guys are just goofing on me now…

            • Wereweazle

              Goofing how? I changed the oil in my F800S yesterday and am dead serious.

  • DoctorNine

    I was hoping for a phat thumper.
    Oh well…

  • dux

    I bet it’ll be heavier than the BMW too. Not interested…next!!!

  • george_fla

    This bike will answer a question that wasn’t asked.

  • Robert

    Looks like a nice powerplant for a heavy adventure bike to me. I’ll bet the Husky Version is lighter and more capable – but might be a bit spendy. There are plenty of thumper alternatives already.

  • Patrick

    so….BMW/Husky = the former Harley/Buell? Retuned, badge engineered engines based on antiquated but effective formats. Large stodgy builder of image/poser bikes for the 60+ crowd absorbs a youthful and performance oriented brand. Not that I’m complaining.

    • Wereweazle

      I typed out a huge long rant in response to this, but decided to throw it all away before hitting the submit button. Instead, this:

      ’04 K1200R – duolever suspension
      ’06+ F-series bikes – 60+ mpg from an 800cc

      I’m really not sure what marks BMW as stodgy and antiquated. Maybe it’s just because some people think they only build “big, ugly dirtbikes” (direct quote from a harley friend) and never bother to look at all the other stuff they offer on the showroom floor.

      • ike6116

        Harley riders wouldn’t know style if it tea bagged them right in their grey stubbled booze red fat faces.

  • Anders

    Here’s hoping for a striking bike, a bike with a design as good as Sixten Sason’s classic Husqvarna Silverpil/Silver Arrow.

  • Hans Petter

    Well… I’d like to have one of those. It would take me to those places I’d like like to go. Iceland and thereabouts.