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Enjoying a popular road in Kentucky, two sportsbike riders came across a red pickup truck. What should have turned into a quick, easy, clean pass turned into something else entirely. Whether we’ve created this enemy through our own actions or they’re applying their own problems to us, this is the kind of thing we all have to worry about when riding.

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Thanks for the tip, everyone.

  • Rob

    What’s the top picture and how does it relate? I looks like a riveted aluminum skin with a bullet hole.

    • aadmanz

      I was wondering the same thing.. ffwded 9 mins in the clip and still no answer..

    • rohorn

      It isn’ unheard of for lower flying aircraft (Including military) to develop those little “ducts” while flying over certain areas where there is little respect for life. In other words, there are people who will glady kill others for fun if they think there is no risk in it.

    • Tucker

      I figured it was an Easy Rider allusion. Where the hillbillies at the end blast Fonda and Hopper with a shotgun.

      In this case a drunken hillbilly just tried to run someone off the road to their death and then pulled out a tire iron once stopped.

  • rohorn

    And Road Rage Dude’s name/address/etc… is?

  • JaySD

    The real question is what can you do as a rider when something like this does happen? It’s obvious the guy in the truck should have been arrested.

    • T Diver

      If I was on a bike, I would run the other way. You can’t beat a car [or truck] that is trying to run you over. It alarms me that people would even question the best course of action. I don’t like shit like this. That’s probably why I am not a fan of dude racing cars on the Snake. Peoples judgement gets cloudy when there is adrenlyn involved.

  • Corey

    Man, I got the sweats watching this. Hate to see this happen. Also hate to think of what coulda happened during the actual confrontation toward the end.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Agreed. Never know what a redneck’s packing.

  • JaySD

    Update from the youtube link not sure the source but

    “The pickup driver was arrested for reckless driving, DUI and the DA is using the video to consider reckless endangerment and possibly attempted murder charges. If convicted of all charges the pickup driver could get up to 24 years in jail.”

    • fasterfaster

      I think this post just sold me a GoPro. Been meaning to get one, and this is a much better reason than vanity videos.

      • Gene

        No kidding. I had a Caddy pass me in a 25mph blind curve and run an oncoming pickup truck off the road. I called it in, and even with the truck driver as witness, the FHP response was “whuteva. we didn’t see it so it didn’t happen”

        I had a guy in a BMW cut me off, force me to stop, and pull a gun on me. Cop took my statement and that’s all that ever happened. He jerked me around trying to do a line-up 6 times. I showed up, but he was never there. Finally ran the BMW’s plate myself, and he’s the son of a local DA.

        I had some guy get out of a panel van in front of me at a light and yell incoherently at me, shaking his fist at me. I could hear his wife yelling “Billy, BILLY! git back in the truck, ya drunk asshole” – no prizes for guessing who rolled the van 6 blocks later.

        I had a woman in an Astro van get pissed off at a stoplight because her tires spun in the rain and she wasn’t able to beat me off the line and pass me before her lane ran out. She passed me in a seriously heavy downpour, overcooked the next corner, and ended up buying a tree.

        I now consider a video camera on top of my helmet just as important to wear as the helmet itself.

        • jp182

          Dude, it would have only taken 2 of those incidents to get me to buy a GoPro. Where the hell do you live???

          I thought Jersey was bad.

          • Gene

            Orlando… home of Mickey Mouse and tourists w/o a clue. That’s over about 8 years or so of driving a bike every single day, so it sounds a lot worse listed out like that. But I do have other fun stories, like the woman that came across 3 lanes to stop dead in front of me. In the rain. Thank god for ABS.

      • rndholesqpeg

        My GO-PRO got me out of a “fleeing and evading” charge. There was two completely diverging accounts of the events between myself and the state patrol. I luckily had the video evidence to back up my account of events to save me, otherwise the back country judge would have sided with the patrolman’s account.

  • Alex

    two on one… why isn’t this white trash piece of shit in a coma?

    • DoctorNine

      No kidding. Kudos to these law-abiding citizens for their restraint, but I don’t wait for the cops when a simple ass kicking is called for.

      • jp182

        Yeah, I’d like to say I’m a better person but I’m pretty sure i would smash all of his windows.

    • slowestGSXRever

      I don’t know if I would have been able to walk away from that without trying to beat him to bits. That really is amazing restraint on the biker’s part.

  • cynic


  • Thom

    Easy Rider Revisited

    I counted at least 7 vehicles other than the M/C rider , cars included , that this Beer Addled , InBred , White Trash , Red Neck almost took out .

    24 years of Jail time is too little for scum like this .

    Damn good thing for both riders that this Idiot , Face To Face has no balls and wasn’t carrying a gun .

    Both riders though should of left their helmets on , what with Captain Red Neck waving a wrench or something around .

    • Ben Incarnate

      This is why a great many riders I know carry a handgun when they ride. I haven’t ever known one to need it, but this video is the most compelling reason I’ve seen.

      • Mike

        I own two myself but I don’t see how adding a gun to the mix would have helped this situation. It’s likely a gun in either party’s hands would have turned this situation from a near-miss to a fatality, given the emotions involved (and the drunken hillbilly).

        The best solution is always to GTFO, not to escalate the threats of violence.

        • Ben Incarnate

          Mike – I agree that a gun would not have helped what happened here. However, it would be a different story had the driver gone after the riders with whatever weapon he was holding. I’m not interested in vigilante justice, but I do believe in self defense.

          I also agree that GTFO is generally an ideal solution. In this situation, that option got a lot more complicated once the riders were split. As the rider with the camera, would you turn around and get away from the maniac or do stay to make sure your friend is safe? As the rider in the front, do you take off as fast as you can, or do you stay within range of your friend to make sure the truck didn’t go after them instead?

        • zato1414

          Don’t bring a tire iron to a gun fight…

        • Jimmy

          I’m a rider and a gun owner, and I live in Cincinnati, so KY is just over the river. You shouldn’t have a gun out there unless you are prepared to use it. It’s a last resort self-desfense tool, not as an offensive weapon. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint, and having my handgun would not have helped at all, in fact I would have probably gotten shot trying to pull it.

          We should all be thankful this truck driver did not have a gun. Quite a few of these good old boys down here do keep one in the box, and a few beers in the cooler on the passengers seat. It was terrifying to see those others bikes pass in the oncoming lane….

  • Devin

    Man that is ridiculous.

  • Deep6Dive

    Yea I ride in KY!! I also ride over that last bridge in Lousiana where they got shot in easy rider……

  • T Diver

    Shovel head would have kicked the crap out of that dude.

  • Kirk

    Wow, I got goosebumps watching this. That’s the shitty thing about riding, you cant pop open a cell phone and call the police to tell them that a maniac is chasing you down LITERALLY trying to kill you. I seriously hope they stick him with the attempted murder charge.

  • MotoLady

    This happens to me almost every single time I ride. People are driving absolutely ginormous vehicles and mad that we get better mileage and don’t have to carry our entire wardrobe collection with us wherever we go.

    • Thom

      No they’re just assholes trying to prove their non existent masculinity .

  • stickfigure

    Bloody hell. And I’m moving to KY early next year.

  • Don

    Makes you wonder … if not for the riding partner with the GoPro behind him, he could have caused the 1st bike to crash and just driven away. Then we have another bike crash that everyone assumes was a result of the rider running out of skill, when these guys were riding pretty reasonably. I have a wide-angle GoPro and after seeing this I think I will be using it a lot more often. Let these cowards have the expectation that bikes all have cameras.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Good point, Don. This makes me want to have a camera on hand at any given time. So. One camera and one gun. Sounds like an expensive shopping trip this weekend.

  • brutus

    got me a 357 for these types of problems.

    • nick2ny

      What if the pickup driver has one?

    • Myles

      Where do you carry while riding?

      • Raph

        Fox Creek Leathers typically makes inside pockets specifically to accommodate a full sized pistol on each side.

      • Moto-Mucci

        Mount it to the bars.

      • Kit

        Open carry’s legal in my state, that shit’s on my thigh.

      • brutus

        i have a chest holster and a concealed carry license,

  • Thom

    FYI -Central Missouri . Just as bad if not worse as KY . Unless of course you’re on a Harley . Then maybe you might get by without being harassed . Maybe .

    • Brammofan

      ^ This. Nobody messes with the Harley crowd in mid-Missouri. Not with the Galloping Goose MC around.

      • Ben Incarnate

        I had to hit up the always-accurate Wikipedia to learn more. Good thing, too, as I’m the kind of guy likely to get killed for laughing at the thought of a galloping goose.

        • Brammofan

          I thought it was kind of funny, too, until I started reading some of the depositions. Serious stuff.

  • Plotts

    Be careful who you mess with out there Boys and Girls. Although this guys is a piece of shit for sure, these guys are lucky that drunk red-neck didn’t pull a gun and start shooting. Gang bangers don’t scare me. Red-necks do.

    • jpenney

      No shit on that one!

  • Kit

    People (if you can call them that) like this shithead are why I learned to shoot left-handed.

  • jason

    Bike vs Car? Bike always loses.
    Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.
    Pull over, take a break and let the douche go on his way for 15 minutes. The guys on the bikes weren’t exactly being law abiding citizens themselves.

    • Ben Incarnate

      I really don’t get where you were coming from as it relates to this video. At the end of spectacle, the lead rider does pull over and the angry redneck pulls over alongside him and whips out a weapon.

      This is not a situation where, as one of the riders, I’d think to myself, “The guy tried to kill us and initiated a high-speed pursuit. Maybe he just really wants us to be behind him and, if we pull over, he’ll carry on his merry way!”

  • RSassi

    There’s absolutely no justification to blame the victim here. Passing on a country road when there is proper visibility is well within the bike’s capabilities and is neither justification for the pick-up driver’s actions or anywhere in the same universe as much a hazard to the rider or other vehicles as the pick-up’s actions. The way they were riding was totally within reason for a high performing motorcycle in that circumstance while the reaction from the dumb drunk hick was entirely more hazardous, obviously to them but also to the general public as well. There’s simply no equivalence between there actions.

  • Archer

    This has been up for 24 hours on my local club board, comments are identical. Here’s what I had to say.

    It was no less a writer than Hunter S. Thompson who observed:

    For a lot of reasons that are often contradictory, the sight and sound of a man on a motorcycle has an unpleasant effect on the vast majority of Americans who drive cars. At one point… a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune did a long article on the motorcycle scene and decided in the course of his research that “there is something about the sight of a passing motorcyclist that tempts many automobile drivers to commit murder.”

    Nearly everyone who has ridden a bike for any length of time will agree. The highways are crowded with people who drive as if their sole purpose in getting behind the wheel is to avenge every wrong ever done them by man, beast or fate. The only thing that keeps them in line is their own fear of death, jail and lawsuits … which are much less likely if they can find a motorcycle to challenge, instead of another two-thousand-pound car or a concrete abutment. A motorcyclist has to drive as if everybody else on the road is out to kill him. A few of them are, and many of those who aren’t are just as dangerous, because the only thing that can alter their careless, ingrained driving habits is a threat of punishment, either legal or physical, and there is nothing about a motorcycle to threaten any man in a car. A bike is totally vulnerable; its only defense is maneuverability, and every accident situation is potentially fatal, especially on a freeway, where there is no room to fall without being run over almost instantly. _______________

    End quote.

    Thompson, who had done his fair share of hooning in his time, saw this first hand numerous times- as have some of us. Mind you, he wrote this 41 years ago- things haven’t changed.

    When confronted with the unreasonable, check six, get the hell out of Dodge, and leave street justice for the cops.

  • MotoRandom

    It’s a good thing that he didn’t kill the guy on the bike. He might have gotten a few months in jail.

    Driver charged in 2010 motorcycle accident

  • Edward

    on an unrelated note — the quality of youtube comments is appalling.

    • NickP

      That’s why pay walls kick ass

      • Core

        Isn’t this the truth.

  • Eric

    Scary how often this sort of thing happens; a similar incident happened in NH a couple week ago. Unfortunately, the rider in NH wasn’t as fortunate as the riders in video posted here.

    It is beyond me how this kid was allowed to keep his license…

    • Core

      …That’s messed up.

    • Adrian

      From article: “Cody Eller, 18, was charged with vehicular assault and second-degree assault. Police said Eller admitted intentionally steering his car into the motorcyclist in what one officer called a blatant case of road rage.”

      Why wasn’t this attempted murder?

      • Brammofan

        If they charged him (and the “him” I’m talking about is the New Hampshire kid mentioned in the article on with attempted murder, the state would have to prove the intent to kill. The 2nd degree assault charge is much easier to prove: “Recklessly causes bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon (car)” It’s a class B felony (1.5 – 7 years in jail).

        I think it would be easier to prove the Kentucky driver was guilty of attempted murder, simply because of how long the chase lasted. Most of these cases differentiating attempted murder from assault are based on whether the act occurred suddenly or if there was an opportunity for a cooling off period. Seems pretty clear that the Kentucky douche had time to chill.

  • Stephen

    holy mother of the motor!!! thats crazy, glad people in australia arent so redneck. they would prob just cheered him on as they went past.

    saying that though the roads look pretty good over there

    • agro

      oh some are, especially P-platers, twice had them serve at me coming in the opposite direction………

  • pinkyracer

    yikes. I once had some kid in mom’s Escalade chase me through some narrow streets in East Hollywood. Luckily he gave up pretty easily. Since then I never, ever, flip people off in LA. Unless they’re stuck in traffic. I forget about guns. I guess I’ll stop flipping off the ones stuck in traffic, even though they may never know they just made some bonehead move.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Guns and, more dangerous, huge trucks are why I don’t flip anyone off in Texas.

      • jp182

        this is why I’d rather not bring children into this world; stupidity and the need for violence is just to great. I’ll never understand how death is an equal reaction to the middle finger.

        • Ian

          The world is a big place, and if you don’t bring people into it, I’m sure the guy driving the truck will.

  • Noah


  • jp182

    chillin’ killin’?

  • Steven

    Man, we sure are lucky that all the stupid people in America have their own accent.

    • brutus

      fuck you

      • Joe

        lol u mad

        • brutus

          Is that a question?

          • Joe

            No it’s not

          • Matt the sperglord

            He mad

  • KLR_Pilot

    While decelerating for a red light I had a 60+y.o. redneck in a white F150 pass me in the left turn line and cut back in front of me and slam on the brakes. I narrowly missed him by bailing out to the left and then rolled up to his window and asked him, politely, what the fuck he was doing. He told me to get fucked and when the light turned green he steered into me trying to push me into oncoming traffic. I out accelerated him and about a block later when we were stuck in traffic again, I dismounted and beat the shit out his door with the toe of my MX boot and for good measure I hung on his factory mounted driver’s side tow mirror until it popped off the side his truck; which I discarded into the median. Remounted my bike, drove home and waited for the cops since I figured someone had to capture that on a cell phone . . . the cops never came.

    Bike vs. car/truck, bike always loses, but in stopped traffic I will go toe to toe with any muthafucka that just tried to kill me. I used to carry gun on the bike but figured nothing good would ever come from an armed confrontation. Now I carry a couple old spark plugs and a valve stem tool in my tank bag, you would be amazed at the nice spider web pattern a spark plug launched a windshield can create.

    • brutus

      good stuff. also a handful of ball bearings will destroy a windshield on the highway

      • slowtire

        I’ve never had to use it (throw it), but I carry a golf ball. I show it when the lady SUV drivers tail-gate me. I wave them back twice. If that doesn’t work, I just show the ball. Works 99% of the time. Most guys seem to get the wave back after once or twice. Sorry ladies.

    • Mark D

      Should have kept your war trophy, legal problems be damned!

  • zato1414

    “Yer shits going to jail brother…” He better take his tire iron, ‘cuz Bubba is gonna be on his ass!

  • Dan

    Yes, the old spark plug trick,had to use that a couple of times myself. In the 60′s and 70′s people tried to run us off the road just about every ride.Never really egged anyone on,it would just happen.I think it’s a lot better now.

  • Mattro

    this is why i moved to Louisville from one of kentucky’s out-lying burghs. someone put it best, already – “Gang bangers don’t scare me. Red-necks do.”

    between being a cyclist AND a motorcyclist on those roads, it eventually got to the point that i was pretty much ready to stop leaving the house altogether. though there is good riding on those winding back roads — violent colloquial xenophobia notwithstanding.

    bracken county, by the way, is basically a suburb of Cincinnati, for what it’s worth, though.

  • apriliajoe

    How’s that not attempted murder? There was obvious intent. I kept waiting for the truck driver to hit someone head-on. I ride those roads and they are great. I’ve been warned of some crazy sport bike haters around there and a few times there were reports of oil in turns. Crazy stuff. You just never know. I watched this for the first time the other night and my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t sleep for hours.

  • Core

    I live in KY, and their is an Ignorance in this state, among certain demographics… Its appalling.

    I watched that, and.. holy shit. Glad I don’t live near that county?

    The really surprising thing is that, is up in the northern part of KY near Lexington/ Cincinnati Ohio, I expected it to be like in the lower southern parts somewhere.

    If something is going slow, and you want to pass it.. I’m not going to let a double yellow line stop me is my mentality if it is safe to pass. But damn I’d never expect someone try to run me off the road for it. That was so damn scary.

  • matt

    I was really ready for that driver to have a gun in his hand. shocking how composed he was given how hard he tried to run the first moto off the road. He didn’t charge at either moto rider, just kinda wandered around being, well, himself.

    Thank you that nobody got hurt here.

  • Archer

    It’s a little fascinating- and more than a little disturbing- how this incident seems to have polarized certain bike groups.

    Witness the WERA forum, where the subject has acquired 35 pages of discussion, not without a good deal of high-handed commentary from the “track day only” riders who have effectively taken the side of the truck driver in this incident. Remarkable.

    (I imagine in a couple of weeks this incident will appear on CNN as some sort of “exclusive” news item… like when they “broke the story” about iPhone breadcrumb gathering weeks after it was reported on ArsTechnica.)

    • Ben Incarnate

      Fascinating and disturbing is right.

  • Ducky

    I would have just high tailed it. Braked and went the opposite direction. If I was the rider in front, I would have just twisted the throttle and got as far as possible (no way a truck can keep up). It’s not worth it fighting with this guy over a matter of pride or “doing the right thing”- you’ve got video evidence, you shouldn’t be confronting someone who is not in their right mind and probably carries a weapon on him.

    I do think it’s rather stupid that the biker crossed the double yellow to pass the guy, but obviously what the trucker did was enough for an attempted murder charge- that simply goes beyond road rage.

    I’m kinda shocked by all this talk of carrying a gun around for personal safety. We have bad drivers here in my area but I’ve never had a situation where I felt a gun would have made things better.

    • Archer

      This isn’t about guns and probably should not turn into that sort of discussion, but…

      I’m an NRA certified pistol and personal protection instructor, and multiple Gunsite Academy graduate. I have instructed law enforcement officers on matters of gunhandling and private citizens on the subject of legal self-defense for more than ten years.

      The fact is, a properly trained concealed weapon carrier (as opposed to someone sitting behind a keyboard) would have dealt with the entire incident far differently- starting with the earliest possible disengagement from the situation. For example, if I had been on the leading bike, I would have opened enough distance to allow a turn into one of the many populated parking lots along the route- and called law enforcement.

      Rather than allowing a nine minute chase to ensue, a properly trained armed citizen would not have allowed the situation to devolve as it did. People like the truck driver are essentially cowards. Even if the pickup driver was a member of the 1% of the population crazy enough to escalate the matter face to face (which he clearly was not), the armed citizen is still in control of the situation and can take appropriate steps to prevent further escalation of the problem. This is the freedom that comes with being armed and trained. It’s also the responsibility that goes with the right.

      Rule #1 of a gunfight- don’t attend.

      • Ben Incarnate

        Archer – This is the best “what should have happened” suggestion I’ve read. Thanks for taking the time.

        Maybe I ought to start taking self-defense training.

      • Mark D

        …how does owning a gun make you most likely to take this course of action? Of course, its the right call, but owning/carrying a gun has not-a-fucking-thing to do with driving away from confrontation. Do you think that crazy asshole who tried to kill a man with his truck is responsible enough to own a handgun?

        Let me answer for you; no, no he is not.

        • Ben Incarnate

          Mark – I’m not convinced you read what he wrote.

        • Archer


          I’m sorry you don’t understand what I was trying to say.

          Let me share a quote from my late friend and teacher, Lt. Col Jeff Cooper, on this subject.

          “A skilled, armed man lives on a plane of security and contentment different from that of others.”

          In other words, the armed, trained citizen has a different mindset than most other people.

          This mindset arises from the confidence that comes from being in control of one’s environment.

          The resulting high level of contentedness and mindfulness helps prevent taking the wrong course of action when confronted with the unreasonable.

          Becaause the trained, armed citizen knows he can ultimately cope with the problem, he has more motivation to simply “walk away”.

          I do hope that helps clarify what I was trying to say.

          • Mark D

            I think I got mostly got, but I don’t need a gun to feel like I’m in control of a situation. Nor do I need to feel like I’m in control of every situation.

            I get what you’re saying, I just fundamentally disagree with guns = safety. In any instance. Ghandi brought down the British by making salt and not eating, not by out-Rambo’ing them.

            Not to say I don’t like guns; I love shooting them. I just think carrying them around in public is the definition of uncivilized. Hell, in every old Western, there’s always the showdown where the Sheriff makes the Gunslinger turn in his weapons when he rides into town.

            • Archer

              Then that is your choice. You are entitled to your choice, just as I am entitled to mine. We have no quarrel unless you seek to limit my choices.

              However, I still think you missed the real point here.

              • Mark D

                Every time I vote, I seek to limit your choice by restricting conceal-and-carry laws, ending gun-show loop-holes, mandating longer waiting periods, and limiting access to automatic, large-clip weapons.

                Please don’t shoot me, its just good policy :)

                I get your point about properly trained weapon holders knowing how to deal with this situation, its just than any conflict-resolution seminar, or basic self-defense course, could cover those things as well. So I don’t understand the connection between carrying a gun, and knowing that escalating a conflict with a road-raging, homicidal truck driver is a bad idea!

                You’ve got your point of view, I’ve got mine; looks like our votes cancel out!

                Edit: on the plus side, we both like motorcycles. They are undoubtedly awesome.

                • Archer

                  An armed society is a polite society.

                  I hope you can get over your hoplophobia, some day.

                • Mark D

                  Hehe, just read the Hoplophobia entry on wikipedia.

                  I’m not afraid of guns, I’m afraid of people. My mental problems go way deeper than I’m afraid ;)

  • agro

    Was the dickhead in the truck chasing the lead bike after it passed him? Yes! But after the lead bike had got away, was he driving like a fuckwit because he could see the trailing bike in his mirrors? Yes!
    The trailing bike in his mirrors would have been egging this fuckwit on.
    The trailing bike should have dropped back enough to be out of sight of the redneck and the lead bike should have pulled over into a car park when he was far enough in front to be safe.
    But my comments are in hindsight of this situation.
    Have a Triumph Thruxton which is moderately
    powered, with a loud pipes and usually when I catch up to young drivers, P-platers, male or female, in the twisties or open road, and if they see you in the mirrors and hear me, all they want to do is race you, it’s probably the only time they use their mirrors, and sometimes I cannot pass them because their driving like fuckwits, most times I just back off or take a different route, but some times I stick right on their arse hopeful that they might crash and burn!!

    Make me wish I had a high powered bike so that I could just blast past them!!

  • Erik

    On behalf of my fellow inbred white trash drunken pick up truck drivers, I must protest this negative stereotyping. Anybody going to Sturgis this year?

  • Ben Rowland

    These types of idiots usually take care of themselves. One day he’ll either plow his pickup into a tree without a seatbelt or mouth off to the wrong guy and get a gut full of lead. Either way it ends with a quick funeral attended by a few people with very few teeth.

  • carbon

    Uh, double yellow lines usually mean “no passing zone.” Passing in that situation usually results in a scared-shocked-anger reaction, because the passed person was not expecting it.

    Doesn’t mean the reaction was equal to the action, but I’m just sayin’.

    • Mattro

      i have to say, having driven on those exact roads, it’s pretty much a given that, if there’s room to pass, you pass. two wheels, four wheels, or otherwise.

      that’s one thing that’s so egregious about this — the guy in the truck wasn’t trying to enforce some principle he strongly believed in (even in the unlikely event he thought he was, attempted murder nullifies your righteous indignation over minor traffic violations). what he was doing is making a split second decision to empower himself at the ultimate expense of another under a very thin false pretense of justifiable and momentary moral superiority.

      that was territorialism and a classic case of childish acting-out, not vigilante road justice.

      • carbon

        Alright, but up here in the northcountry, the cops will bust you for disrespecting the double-yellow. And I certainly didn’t mean the redneck in the truck was just simply shocked…clearly he’s retarded, infantial and homicidal. But when you do pass where you’re not supposed to (and sometimes, even when you are allowed), you dance with the devil. It depends on *how* you pass is allll I’m saying.