Trade in your old helmet for a new AGV

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Helmets only have a shelf life of five or so years, with deterioration in the EPS liners and adhesives negatively impacting safety beyond that point. Despite that, many motorcyclists, especially casual riders, keep helmets far past their use by date. To promote helmet use, AGV USA is offering and across-the-range 20 percent discount to anyone exchanging an older motorcycle helmet of any brand. The offer runs through June 15 and is good only at participating dealers. We like our AGV GP-Tech road race helmets and these new AGV AX-8 Dual adventure touring lids. As an added bonus, AGVs are certified to the light and safe ECE 22.05 standard.


  • BeastIncarnate

    Hmmmm. I was about to cuss them out because I just bought replacement liner and cheekpads for my Arai, but I do have an old Shark in the closet. And damn, but I like the AX-8 Dual without the peak. Wonder if I can get my local dealer to get ‘em one in stock to try out. $340 wouldn’t be too bad. Of course, a black visor would eat the savings up. Le sigh.

    I didn’t like the GP-Tech at all, though, which discouraged me.

    • BeastIncarnate

      My excitement is tempered by this fine print: “Helmet traded in must be of the same category of the one purchased (i.e.: one old off-road helmet can only be traded in for a new AGV off-road helmet, old open face helmet for new AGV open face helmet).”

      My older helmet is a Shark RSI, comparable to AGV’s “Street” line. The AX-8 Dual is listed as an off-road.

      • UrbanRider

        Ask your local dealer to speak to their AGV rep. There is usually some leniency with the fine print. At least in the UK…

        • BeastIncarnate

          Already on it. Shot an email across their port bow.

          I have no good reason to replace my helmet, particularly after the new internals. But I feel the temptation. It’s a win for me either way – either I save money or get a great deal.

  • the_doctor

    Wow. So you are telling me my 20 year old Shoei that my dad handed down to me actually sucks now?

    I do plan on buying a new AGV, and this just sweetens the deal. Maybe the Marco replica?

  • HammSammich

    Wow, i had no idea that helmets deteriorated like that. I certainly knew that any impact could affect their performance, even dropping it on the ground, but didn’t realize that with normal use and no crashes they still broke down. Kudos to AGV for starting a program to raise awareness of this, but my current helmet is only a year old…although my wife’s Scorpion is getting up there…Hmmm…

    • Scott-jay

      An EPS coffee cup in a landfill has a half-life measured in centuries. However, EPS helmet liners ‘go bad’ after only five.

      • BeastIncarnate

        Maybe there’s a difference between disintegration and compromised safety?

        For what it’s worth, this isn’t a new notion. Snell, reviled as they are, recommend a 5 year cycle. As do most manufacturers, some of which provide inspection services on your old helmet to verify that it’s a-okay for continued use.

  • UrbanRider

    I thought the degradation was due to UV in light breaking down the polymer shell over time? Couldn’t tell you where I heard that though.

    Are ECE approved helmets road legal in the US now?

  • NickP

    The ax-8 dual looks really good. I was going to get an icon variant soon, but this one looks like it would be great for both dirt and street. Saves me from having to buy that and a moto-8 or 9 :)

    I wonder if my dad will notice I’ve stolen the 25 year-old Bell helmet out of his garage…

  • ursus

    I literally replaced my helmet with an AX-8 about a week ago.
    It is a great helmet.

    • BeastIncarnate

      Dual or the standard model?

      It’s killing me that I’m not seeing much in the way of first hand experience with the Dual.

      • Wes Siler

        We’re getting our Duals tomorrow.

        • BeastIncarnate

          Awesome. I’ll be over here on pins and needles.

        • Restless Lip Syndrome

          Totally jealous. The AX-8 d/s will be my next helmet. It looks and feels awesome.

        • Brad

          Wes, if you end up posting a review for the DS could you include an opinion on how mx goggles would work. I am curious to see if this truly could replace both my road and mx helmets.

  • Ryan

    just sold a GP Tech for a new Corsair V yesterday!