Video: hooning a Yamaha Super Tenere

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We’ve heard a lot about how comfortable and how like a R1200GS the Yamaha Super Tenere is, but we haven’t yet seen one ridden…enthusiastically. Well, here you go. This action takes place on the streets of Greece and, if anything, proves that a motorcycle, any motorcycle, is pretty awesome.

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Thanks for the tip, Jose.

  • Andreas


    That bike is over 250kg…

    • dux

      It drives like it’s only 249!

  • Glenngineer

    I can’t image doing that on my Strom, which is close enough to a S10 I can imagine what that feels like. It’s not the bike, it’s the rider…

  • Pete

    Anyone know if the bike featured is stock? In the opening few scenes, it looks like they put on some knobblies. Regardless, that guy has skills. Making a 550 pound bike look like a 250cc motocrosser takes talent I can only dream of.

  • stempere

    This video will now be attached to the “Stress testing” wikipedia page as reference… damn.

  • Mattro

    brosef’s a stud. my boss heard me say “fuck yes!” when i watched this at work earlier.

  • DoctorNine

    Working that machine like a trials bike. It’s like teaching a hippo flamenco. Awesome? Yes. But I’ll bet there was a more pliable dance partner more suited to the endeavor.

  • Jose

    I posted the video in the HFL Facebook.
    I find it at

    Greetings from Argentina!

  • Taco

    I’m sold. Now I have to get a Super Tenere. Every motorcycle company should put out videos of guys hooning their bikes. I know the lawyers will hate that but screw’em.

  • Coreyvwc

    That must be a very large man, because that bike is a fucking monstrosity. I can’t even sit on one…

    On another note, Why does it sound like a two wheeled vag***?

  • nymoto

    Oh hell yes! I love shit like this

  • Jim

    Damn, that was impressive

  • AHA

    Sigh. I wish I could ride like that.

    Living in London, there’s nowhere you can even practice that stuff. Possibly nowhere in SE England even.

    Try the road stuff and there’d be police helicopters and marksmen in 15mins. The grass stuff and steps? You’d be lynched before the riot police even got there…

    In London you can’t even park up outside a bar in the street like he does at the end.

  • rubber_side_up

    EGO… deflated.

  • soban881

    I would now like to see the KTM and BMW rebuttal.

  • Jose

    YESS! An equal 1200cc BMW rebuttal will be interesting…

  • stephan

    im pretty sure this is Rome. also damn he whips that thing around


  • carcanal

    Holy shit on a stick that was magnificent. if i try that on my strom i´ll end up with a 500 pound paperweight.

  • T Diver

    That was awesome. I’m at work so the sound was off (not sure if I missed out on Euro-Rock reprise) but that’s why cars are lame and bikes are totally tits. To me, motorcycling is like being part of a secret club wherein I have an incredible amount of fun whether going to work or hitting the Crest. Except that it’s not at all secret. It’s only a secret to someone who has never riden a bike. Riding is the shit. (As illustrated by this clip.) I wonder why more people don’t hop on.

  • andy727

    Whoa. Excellent video! Much respect to the Super Tenere. I’m kind of in the market for a big adventure/dual purpose bike and this one just went back towards the top.

  • Brad

    Does KTM know that Cyril Despres is riding a Yamaha on the streets of Greece?