Video: jumping a motorcycle off a 13,000-foot mountain

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“This was without a doubt the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done,” said Julio Muñoz after jumping his 450cc dirt bike off a 13,000-foot mountain in the Chilean Andes and parachuting to safety. The stunt cost in excess of $100,000 and two months of preparation to pull off. A helicopter was enlisted not only to film the jump, but because it was the only way to get the bike and the ramp to the top of the cliff in the Loma Rabona range. “The idea is that Chile is known, because behind this sport there are great natural scenes,” said the paratrooper. “I want to show that Chile is a good place for base jumping.”

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  • noone1569

    Waste of a good 450 =(

    • Paul

      No shit. I hope they cleaned that mess up!

      • Kevin

        Couldn’t they have put a separate parachute on the bike to save it from being destroyed?

        • Thom

          Ditto . Waste of a good 450 , $100,000 and a lot of time and effort .

          To prove exactly what ???? That Senor Munez is capable of being a bigger IDIOT than everyone else ?

          If thats the case . Goal accomplished . Congrats Munez . You’re now in the top ten running 2011 for stupidiotic M/C stunt of the year .

          • noone1569

            No shit. This proves nothing. Anyone with balls can skydive. Anyone with balls can jump a bike and not have to worry about landing.

            This isn’t even a new, exciting stunt. Basejumping is awesome. Destroying a perfectly good motorcycle in order to basejump. Lame.

            I’m pretty much meh over stunts like this.

            • Aapo Tilman

              I think this guy is pretty sure about what hes doing, hes a paratrooper after all, and man, enough stupid stuff is done around the world, but why not promote your countrys tourist attraction a little . . . no cause for littering around . . .

        • tomwito

          Yeah, no shit!

          • tomwito

            I was talking about the chute on the bike, I don’t claim to know how big an idiot that guy is.

  • crazyuncle

    Haters gonna hate……

  • Gregory

    I find this kind of cool~

    I wonder if my KLR would survive that drop?

    Didn’t “Top Gear” once do this with a Honda Cub 90?

    God bless energy drink sponsorship.

    Portland, OR
    2008 Kawasaki KLR 650

    • stempere

      What happened to the milk-crate?

      • slowestGSXRever

        I tried a milk crate recently, friggin’ great idea.

      • stephan

        KLR is now in racing mode

  • Bronson

    WTF is Bigtime, Chilean Red Bull?

  • DeRosa

    I feel like a starving ethiopian child, with flies buzzing around my pot belly, watching people go into a All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Waste of a perfectly good bike.

  • eric

    That’s awesome, who wouldn’t want to do a stunt straight out of a James bond film?

    • Eben

      I think it was out of Cannonball Run.

  • Sasha Pave

    I’m glad he was wearing a helmet, safety first!

  • whoisthor


  • Mike Brooklyn

    This is my dream, I would do anything to do this.

  • Dani Peral

    He drops the bike so early that i wouldnt even call it “a jump”.

    • fasterfaster

      Yeah, I was expecting at least a few tricks on the bike – a backflip, a superman, something. Not like he’s gonna flub the landing.

      Without that, the bike is pointless. He may as well have been shot out of a cannon, carnival-style.

    • ike6116

      seriously, give me a whip at least

  • Stephen

    would have been better with a squirrel suit i reckon

  • Travisty

    Next time this guy wants to throw 100,000 out the window, hopefully he will call me first.

  • CalamariKid

    Next time put the chute on the bike.

  • Markus

    Nothing like a little oil and gasoline spill to make those “great natural scenes” more attractive.

  • zato1414

    If he did it on a Harley, nobody would care about a chute on the bike! Evel wouldn’t wear a chute.

    Man, that was one long fall!

  • Jason

    He threw it away so damn early. At least give us a quad backflip or some shit. Meh. Lame.

  • Chris F

    Didn’t Travis Pastrana already do this in the Grand Canyon?