Video: S1000RR vs M3

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Place your bets now. Here we have yet another take on the classic Car vs. Bike race. Fans of Top Gear have undoubtedly seen these types of comparisons before, and when you stop to think about it, you can figure out pretty quickly that the outcome is much more likely to be determined by the track and pilots than it is by the actual machines.

Sport Rider actually ran a M3 vs S1000RR race at Streets of Willow back in August of 2010 with similar results. Both the bike and the car were piloted by Source Interlink employees, and the bike’s lap time was a hair over six and a half seconds faster than the M3. Fans of Top Gear may remember the R1 vs 911 Carrera 4 race. Unlike Sport Rider, Top Gear hired 3 time BSB champion Neil Mckenzie and 2001 BTTC champion Jason Plato. They had a much closer race, and in the end, the car won it by a hair.

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BMW’s new video puts a new spin on the bike vs. car challenge. The machines have been slightly modified and rather than starting at the same time, or running solo and comparing times, they start from opposite sides of the track and run until one catches the other on the damp track. Of course the only thing proven in any of these races is what happened on that particular day. The fundamental differences between cars in bikes make it an apples to oranges comparison. Bikes accelerate brutally fast, but cars often have higher top speeds. Bikes work great in some corners, but in others, a car will walk right past them. Still, it makes for an entertaining watch. I hope go-fast enthusiasts keep trying to prove once and for all which is faster.

  • noone1569

    The sound of that M3 . . drool

  • T Diver

    I don’t know which is faster. I heard the announcer on a SBK race once say that cars are always faster because they have more tires. Then I seem to remember a “track day” (on TV)a few years ago where they had Ducatis racing around a track with an F1. The bikes were faster. I guess it’s the rider/driver, not the machine. I go faster on a 600 than people on 1000s. (And then I get scared for my shitty tires, run out of road, and let them pass.) Screw it. I’m slow. Why did I even comment.

  • Myles

    Don’t really care about the which is faster argument.

    We all know which is awesomer.

    • Michael

      Golf clap.

      • dux

        Sounds like something a BMW driver would say…no golf allowed in this conversation! :)

    • Michael

      actually no. Slow clap. That’s better.

  • Brant

    I think everyone can agree that a bike is much faster when price equality is taken into consideration. Up to a certain point that is.

    • Sean Smith

      I think that all the way up to MotoGP vs Formula 1 that the price equality rule would still hold true.

  • the_doctor

    I have seen too many “cars vs. bikes” in my day. Usually its the car that mows down the motorcyclist, if you call that winning.

  • Wes Siler

    Wow, that video was cheesy. Now I feel bad for bitching at Sean for not getting it up quick enough.

    • Ian

      Now that’s good PR! Getting out in front of the message!

    • ike6116

      as long as he can get it up.

      • Sean Smith

        Wow, this went from zero to gay quicker than you can steal a CBR.

        • BeastIncarnate

          …not that there’s anything wrong with that. Har har har.

  • Richard
  • chris

    I think BMW won

  • Michael

    Fun to watch, but BS. No way that bike won in the rain. And if the M3 was actually “Racing”, it wouldn’t be drifting through every corner. Still though, entertaining as hell.

  • david folch

    the sound of the M3 = win
    the german hard-rock = fail

    fake race under the rain = fail
    BMW communication = win

  • Dani Peral

    So putting an akrapovic exhaust on a bike makes it go faster than a car with an akrapovic exhaust?