Video: vintage motocross with Jamie Robinson

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You don’t need a $20,000 bike to have fun riding a motorcycle. Using the $650 YZ400 he destroyed at the Catalina Grand Prix, our buddy Jamie Robinson entered a vintage motocross race at Glen Helen. For less than a thousand bucks all in he got the kind of stories he could impress his friends with at bars, which is what he did last night.

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  • JaySD

    Love the attitudes of the guys there. Not likely to find that kind of camaraderie at a modern bike race

  • Robert

    I wanna do that so bad!

  • nymoto

    Dad = mechanic + cool (but any old) bike + pussy wagon + hot sleepy girl + glen Helen and a great group to race with = fucking great!

  • gregorbean


    So he got all that suspension work done plus all the parts for the rebuild for less than $350? It’s good to have friends in the moto business…

    • JaySD

      true that’s a deal if its the facts

    • Chris

      I think it was 1k for the rebuild. even that’s a steal.

  • Nik

    Dude has inspired me and my friends to race Catalina in 2012 on a $1000 and under budget. Hell, I’ve ridden on dirt before, but I’m stoked to learn!!!

  • parkwood60

    I got distracted by the 24 Hours of Lemons, so my broken at Catalina Husky is still broken. But believe me, for $1000 including buying all the safety gear you can go vintage Motocross racing. You can even race a stripped down dual sport and have fun with it, something like a Yamaha Enduro in whatever displacement you can find.

  • damien

    great stuff. it’s very cool to see a guy like Jamie, who’s ridden in the upper echelon of international racing, really get a buzz from local racing too.

  • Tim

    Watching the video and the bikes transported me back to 1978 and Maplehurst MX track in Spring Grove, IL. I was racing 100 B class, my brother 125 B on his CanAm.

    I could smell the two strokes in the video.

  • Lawrence

    I wanna go!