13 high-res studio photos of the EBR 1190RS

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You’ve seen pictures of the EBR 1190RS. If you were at the Indy Dealer Expo in February, you might even have seen it in person. But, you haven’t seen it in all its high-res, studio shot glory yet. Exclusive to Hell For Leather, these 13 images will take you there.

Photos: Tom Davenport/RD Image

These are high-res versions of the shots found on EBR’s new website, which is well worth a visit. Along with this shoot, we also receive final word on pricing which, as we’ve been telling you since we interviewed Erik in Germany back in October, is $40 grand. $4k more if you want carbon bodywork, which you do. Also as expected, power is down slightly from the EBR 1190RR’s 185rwhp to 175bhp at the crank. That’s due both to emissions and as the motors are built for longevity instead of short-term race speed. The official weight is 389lbs (wet, no fuel). Expect to lose nine or more of those if you ditch the EPA legislated exhaust, coming in on target at the AMA Pro Superbike minimum weight of 380lbs.

More on the EBR website.

To save wallpapers, click the images to expand, then save them to your computer. Hit our Erik Buell tag page for over three years of coverage on American sportsbikes.

  • JonB

    Any word on what the RX, SX and AX derivatives are?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Not yet :)

      • ike6116

        You realize we’re all counting on you to find out ASAP right?

  • Wereweazle

    “…these 13 images will take you there.”

    Oh, I got there. ;)

    Beautiful bike.

  • Ken D

    Now I’m really confused. That’s actually beautiful. Buell’s aren’t supposed to be beautiful. They’re supposed to look like alien grasshoppers with the mumps. I adore the way the blackness highlights the textural differences of the materials. Wonder if the HD board like it?

    • Sean Smith

      They’re too busy figuring out how to pay people in china less to make stickers and keychains.

  • Dan

    “Wonder if the HD board like it?”

    You’re kidding right? This bike is Eric’s FU to Harley. ;)

    • HammSammich

      And what a magnificent F.U. this is! Damn, even the steering damper is pretty.

    • Ken D

      Yeah, that would be sarcasm.

  • Gene

    That might be an EPA legislated exhaust, but it still looks a lot better than what’s on the current Japanese crop of sportbikes. I’d hate to toss it.

    Buells just keep looking better and better every model.

    • Felix

      Looks like they just hid the giant cat in a “boombox” under the engine, as a lot of newer designs are wont to do.

  • Roman


    /channeling Samuel L. Jackson

    • Devin

      Your comment was lacklustre until I read it in Samual L. Jackson’s voice, then it was quite righteous.

      • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ cynic


  • Will

    That front fairing is really subtle. What is that fixture on the front hub?

    • Plotts

      An air ram for the brake caliper.

      • noone1569

        Designed in conjunction with a Nascar team to provide excellent cooling to the front rotor.

        Saves 7lbs on the lighest front wheel assembly you can buy.

  • Plotts

    Do they really need to put a “Carbon Edition” sticker on that beautiful body work? Was anyone confused?

  • Tom

    Man, the detailing on that bike is exquisite. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done, Mr. Buell!

  • Greg

    Oh……this bike gets me in those funny places that we’re not supposed to talk about. I couldn’t be more surprised by how good that machine looks.

  • Thom

    I’ll bet more than a few Ducati owners are green with envy ( or should that be Red White and Blue ) with these photos .

    Bet Eric is saying to Harley ;

    ” Guess what finger I’m hiding behind my hand ? ” as well .

  • DoctorNine

    At the beginning of the last century, there was another man, with a similar vision: George Brough. What we are seeing here folks, is the contemporary equivalent of a Brough Superior. Rare. Hand perfected. Personal. And sizzlin’ fast. Wow. Who’s sexy now, bitches?

    • Greg

      Interesting comparison. Should I be looking for the next “two Phils?”

      A modern day Vincent would suit me nicely.

      • Thom

        Well Greg , as a VOC member I can tell you there is a new Vincent or two currently available albeit damned expensive ones !

        Its the Aussie Irving Vincent


        But its a dandy . Been kicking some serious BoT ass at Daytona as well as making a Hell of a Street Bike .

        Also and this is my favorite ( and goal unless Eric comes up with a model that can handle a sidecar ) the Godet Egli Vincent


        A recreation of the original Egli Vincents with updated materials etc. so absolutely usable and a kick ass hoot and three quarters to ride !

        But like I said , both are damned pricey .

        Check them out .

        @Wes – Hows about an article or two on these modern Vincent gems ?

        • DoctorNine

          See, this is why I subscribe to HFL. You get tips on bikes based on the classics, and then you get the latest on battery technology for electric machines. Wow! Thanks, Thom. I’m going to have to look over those sites more carefully with a beer in hand later!

        • Greg

          Thanks for the links..everytime I bump into a VOC member(universally pleasant and helpful chaps), I get closer to reducing my retirement account by the cost of a series C “rider”

          I’m actually somewhat familiar with the bikes you mention and I guess in my head, I imagine not a revisit of Vincents past but what a modern Phil Irving might conjure up at the behest of a modern Phillip Vincent. They broke new ground in their era, what would that look like today?

  • Miles Prower

    From the spec sheet: 

    Colors: Abraxas Inferno, Boreas Frost, Burnt Armor or Pitch Black

    Huh? No “Ahuramazda Chroma” or “Mabinogion Bronze”? I guess I’ll pass.

  • je

    I just got down doing a fan boy rant in the britten thread about this bike so to hit the main page and see this thread.. Life is good…

    I actually had a job offer last week with a pretty crazy pay increase but I passed cause im a girl and scared of the risk. Seeing this actually having pre-orders taken I am wondering if the risk would be worth owning a dream bike of mine… *thinking with wrong head*

    • Denzel

      Unless the risk involves body parts falling off or similarly drastic s**t, you might reconsider…

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Are these photos of an actual production model?


    • noone1569


  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    It looks fantastic from the frame up and all the mechanical bits are cool, but you’d never let a Japanese bike pass off fairings like that with out calling them “anonymous.” And that belly pan is down right utilitarian at best. The exhaust looks like they didn’t spend any time on it at all, which was a good decision since it will be scrapped immediately. While we may have been conditioned to expect odd and ungainly looks from Buell bikes of the past, let’s take a step back. It’s good, but it’s not great.

    • Ducky

      I have to agree, for all the flack that the Japanese bikes take in terms of styling, I think that this is “anynomous” in the same vein. That being said, the minimalism this bike has is quite elegant, everything from the tiny-ass rear rotor to that steering damper setup.

  • Ducky

    Am I doing something wrong? I click on the photos to enlarge, then I right click and download them. But these “hi-res” shots are still tiny, not even taking up 1/2 my screen (they’re 1024X800 res). I want my desktop porn at 1920X1080! *edit* the ebr website has 3 different wallpapers at that resolution, though I like the HFL shots better =)

  • Scott-jay

    Wow. Elegance of Buell signature chassis is outstanding in its little black dress.

  • Paul B

    If I only I had the disposable income necessary to own something like this. Magnificent!

    Good Luck Erik!

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    if I had $44k chilling in my pocket, I’d know what to do with it…

    • contender

      Hookers and blow?

  • Myles

    Styling on the kill-switch and hi/low beams are very derivative, might as well be another jap-crap superbike.

    • zipp4

      Because thats what I focus on when I’m buying a $40k motorcycle…?

      • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

        I imagine that most people would pay attention to every last detail on a $40k motorcycle.

    • Steve

      They’re derivative because they’re standard parts. New switchgear can cost half-a-million dollars to tool from a reputable switch producer, which is why essentially everyone uses in-production switches on limited production bikes. These are Japanese, dead reliable, and very functional — and better than anything on previous Buells. Erik spent his tooling money elsewhere, where it provided benefit for his customer.

      • Myles

        ^dudeIknow. Hell of a great looking bike, just a small dose of sarcasm this morning.

  • Jefferson

    From a distance I was wondering why the star of David, 999 lamps and a Honda wing emblem were doing hanging out together. But after reviewing the high-res pics, it is a good looking bike.

    • HammSammich

      I noticed that Kosher wheel too, and I really dig it! Eat my dust goyam!!!

      • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

        This from a guy with a treyf name like “HammSammich”? Oy vay.

        • HammSammich

          Okay, busted…I don’t actively participate in any faith (other than a general belief in the existence of swordfish without having ever seen one) but for a bike like this, I might be willing to convert. ;)

  • http://www.kenta.ro Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

    Just did some quick math.. does this thing have a better (or highly competitive) power to weight next to an s1000?

    175hp / 380lbs = 0.460 (ebr without epa exhaust)
    183hp / 403lbs = 0.454 (s1000rr stock)

    • Myles

      S1k makes 193hp.

      On another note, when I was double checking on the BMW website I found a hilarious fact. For top speed, BMW states:

      Maximum speed Over 125 mph (200 km/h)

      Yeah, a little over 125mph.

  • moshaholic2

    Guys, this bike has already spanked, and I mean SPANKED the BMW in European racing.
    Championship was won w/ three races to even go still last season. And they were winning by BIG gap times

  • Jens

    http://www.pegasusraceteam.com Next showdown for our both EBR 1190 RR at Festival Italia next weekend. Yes, the S 1000 RR is a nightmare to beat, yes from time to time we manage to do that.

    Talking laptimes the 1190 is a killer (-: