An adventure in confusion

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Suzuki Europe is teasing a new bike with the tag line, “Are you ready for adventure?” Nothing confusing about that, right? They’re planning to replace the worthy-but-lackluster V-Strom range with a more exciting adventure tourer, right? The only question is: which dead racist will they name it after this time? That’s when you run into problems. The line drawing that follows that text looks distinctly like a sport tourer. Oh, Suzuki.

Some speculation from the European press, who have received this mysterious invitation, suggests that this new bike could be a replacement for the DL650, possibly using the Gladius platform. Not only would that be a tragedy — the DL is a genuinely good motorcycle, if a little boring, where the Gladius is just dreadful — but the bike in this drawing doesn’t appear to adopt traditional adventure proportions.

Check out the space between headlights and front wheel, the apparently all-encompassing fairing, the high rear seat and the low-and-long proportions. Looks like a sport tourer to us. Regardless, we’ll find out on June 11 when the please-baby-jesus-not-a-tall-Gladius is unveiled.


  • Devin

    I hope they do it right. The DL650 is the perfect bike for how I ride where I ride (rural,some dirt, bad roads and often two-up), I just can’t bring myself to own one. The most beige of all designs ever plus being strapped into a chassis for the 1000cc version kills it. Weirdly super-steady on the highway because of the length of the bike.

    Still, if I wasn’t set on finally buying a bike I actually thought looked nice instead of just whatever I could afford at the time, I would get one.

  • Devin

    Different Devin here… I ride mostly two-up touring and fire roads, and love my DL650. The extra wind protection and great headlights in the supposedly unnatractive fairing was a huge selling point for me.

    With any luck, the proportions on this drawing are incorrect and they are going to release a new contender to the adventure category that is NOT a DRBig/GS/Tiger800 copy in the styling department.

    Just chop 40 pounds off and give me spoked wheels… please?

  • markbvt

    If Suzuki built a “V-Strom Adventure”, if you will, using the SV650 engine (higher output) and chassis (more compact), DR-Z suspension and spoked wheels, and a 5.8-gallon gas tank similar to the one already on the V-Strom, and kept the bodywork minimal, they’d sell a lot of them.

    But I’m thoroughly convinced they’ll never do such a thing. So I bought a Tiger 800 XC to replace my Wee-Strom, and I’m not looking back.

    • Sasha Pave

      I’d buy one of those svdr-zStroms!

  • Beale

    PLASTIC! GAAAAAA!!!! I just sold my DL650. I never really connected with it. Just too awkward looking and and too much a compromise in every way. The outline above only looks worse. I agree with markbvt above on what the real recipe should be to do with that engine.

    • BMW11GS

      Yeah I did about $1000 of performance mods on it before I realized as much as I loved its easy going demeanor, it just didn’t excite me enough…now I have a 96 BMW GS with tons of character

      • Justin

        Y’all hould’ve got a DL1000. About half of the fast Marin SMR guys I know ride those, the other half have either Ducati Multistrada’s or KTM Adventurers for their winter bike when they leave their literbikes in the garage. They’re a fast fast bike, and with a little suspension work will embarrass the hell out even some pretty fast sport bike riders.

  • Bill

    Though he’s not dead yet, naming the new bike ‘V-Trump’ would at least keep the racist nomenclature thing going.

    • Wes Siler


    • Chris

      Trumps not racist, just ask him, he has a wonderful relationship with “the blacks”

  • Dumptruckfoxtrot

    Didn’t HFL gave a favorable review of the Gladius? How will I know what to think if HFL is telling me two different opinions?!

    • Sean Smith

      Make up your own mind ;)

    • Wes Siler

      There’s one in my garage right now and it’s a hard meh.

  • Glenngineer

    Looks like another suzuki only worth buying if you can’t afford better. I ride a Strom, I know all about this phenomenon.

    The ONLY thing I see that connects the design to the currents DLs is the the windshield. Looks similarly shitastic in outline.

  • Sean Smith

    Honestly, those lines remind me of an ’86 Ninja 250 with a tall screen. Not really a good look.

  • mugget

    hahaha dead rascist – which dead rascist was the V-Strom named after? (apologies for not keeping up with rascist pop culture.)

    I wonder if they’ll name it something that is just as easy to mixup as V-Storm.

    • Wes Siler

      Strom Thurman. Google him. Or don’t, you’re better off no knowing.

    • Dumptruckfoxtrot

      Strom is German for stream or current or power.

      • Chris

        And Greek for ‘mattress’ (στρώμα). Here in Athens, every second bike seems to be a V-Strom.

  • John

    I love my V-Strom 650. I have put 20,000 miles on her and she is the most reliable, easy to own, do everything, bike.

    I balance her Swiss Army knife, boring functionality with a Ducati Monster and a Honda RC51.

    If you just want to ride, every day, every where, and be supremely comfortable, and not have to even think about your bike, then the V-Strom is the gold standard.

    There is a tremendous value in having a machine that simply does everything you ask and demands nothing in return. Owning a V-Strom is like having Flo from Progressive Insurance living next door as a f#ck buddy. She’s not smokin’ hot, but she makes up for it with massively enthusiastic sex, great blow-jobs, and cooks you breakfast, does your laundry, and doesn’t bitch when you eat crackers in bed and then go out drinking with the guys.

    Sure, you will go out and bang that Italian super model, but after her high maintenance antics drive you out the door, you’ll always run back to Flo for that killer ass to mouth sex.

    • Mark D

      …I will never watch those commercials in quite the same way…

    • Paul B


  • Bronson

    “…like having Flo from Progressive Insurance living next door as a f#ck buddy.”


  • Tim

    Flo? Someone has put A LOT of thought into this. Although, upon consideration, I can see the appeal of such an arrangement. On a (barely) related note, my 2nd bike is a KLR and exciting it is not, yet I enjoy riding it. Some days, and some rides, I just would rather leave the CBR in the garage. I am glad to not have to choose only one bike. The Strom seems very competent as-is. Certainly Kaw ripped off the style for my 09 KLR… Why not just build a 650 size chassis to hold that sweet v twin, update the suspension, offer luggage, and call it a day?

  • Mark D

    The V-Strom; the favorite bike of MSF instructors 8 years running!

  • frankieapples

    Recently our small town was considering buying a couple of motorcycles for the Police force to use, mostly during events like parades and car shows, etc. The neighboring college town was trying to get my town to go in on Harley’s with them where they would own 25% of a few extra bikes for busy football weekends.

    When we decided to buy 2 V-stroms instead of the 3x the price Harley’s I thought it was a genius move.

    It’ll be sad if they kill that bike off for something like the Crosstour Honda is building.