Caravaning, MV Agusta style

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Aah, holidays are here again! Time to get your hypersports ready and packed, while you’re dreaming weeks in advance of horizons to explore. Still, during your count-down to the holidays, you’re haunted by the annual nightmares and sleepless nights. Because where on earth do you leave your waterproofs and U lock?! How do you bring a tuxedo for that gala in Saint-Tropez? How do you create your own Hospitality Unit at the Laguna Seca GP to welcome Brad Pitt, Jenna Jameson & Co.? How to bring home some nice souvenirs, like that ebony, hand carved giraffe? Or how to impress your future ex-mother-in-law by serving her a cup of home made fresh coffee on her camping site?

Photos: Henry B. Stern

The solution to all your luggage, mental and physical frustrations is here: the Campmaster, created by the company Schuring in Assen, the Netherlands, on the author’s kind request, specially for this occasion. Designed, welded, built, painted, finished and connected by two eyes, one brain, two hands and some tools in just one day and a half. Camp to live, live to camp!


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  • Taco

    I’m down with sleeping next to a MV Agusta F4 inside a tent. However how are you supposed to do wheelies while pulling that trailer?

    • Sean Smith

      Just do little ones.

  • rndholesqpeg

    As if dodging cagers with campers wasn’t bad enough on mountain turns, we have to now watch out for the guy leaned over pulling a camper into our lane.

    joking aside, pretty cool.

  • RWerksman

    That’s dedication. I can’t for the life of me come up with a motorcycle that I would want to tour on less.

    • Wes Siler

      Not even an RZ350 LSR bike?

  • the_doctor

    This is what you need to survive the big one. Well, maybe not THE big one, but one.

  • Myles

    Top speed while hauling?

  • Mark D

    I just got back from 3 nights of motorcycle camping. That looks significantly more comfortable than my bivy :)


  • Scott Pargett

    Four wheels!

    • Felix

      It’s built of lies!

  • Thom

    Paint that trailer Red & Silver to match the M/V and why the hell not I say !

    Its like sticking a ski rack on your Ferrari ( or Lotus if JB is your thing ) and showing up in Aspen mid winter .

    Heck if Koenigsegg can stick a ski rack on a 240 mph Super Car , why not drag a trailer behind an Italian Crotch Rocket ?

    I love people that USE their exotics !!!

    • Devin

      With a name like Joost Overzee, this might be a domestic.

  • aadmanz

    Goed verhaal Joost :)

  • Roman

    Different cake indeed. Lovin’ the updates on the Dutch bike scene.

  • robotribe

    One word, bro: LOCTITE.

  • Gene

    That’s not some pansy-ass boy scout tent, either… except with me, it would have never all fit back into the box.

  • Thom

    OK …. so now some smart guy needs to come up with a hatchback camper extension for the Ferrari FF . Or not !

    FYI – there Joost . We need to get you a proper Mocha pot for that coffee in the morning ( Dutch coffee is the worst ! )

  • Kevin

    Why not drive a car and trailer the bike? Wouldn’t that be easier?

  • John

    That is……..a SIN.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    Now that’s al’right.

    Biggest interwebs smile-on-the-face today.

  • Steven

    Your mostly American readership resents this flaunting of European balanced lifestyles that allow such things as “holidays.”

  • stephen

    Sweet! I’d do that!

  • damien

    Make mine look like a mini airstream and I’m sold.

  • Maxwell

    i see no provision for lean angles more than the curvature of the tow ball = serious problems when trying to have fun….hence my agreeing with the above – “why not just drive a car and trailer the bike?”

    • Grant Ray

      Look again. There’s a sleeve to allow for serious lean. Whether the trailer tires and suspension could keep up with grip, though…

      • Alex

        Either way, you wouldn’t try to hustle a Grand Cherokee SRT8 with a jet ski in tow around some windy roads. Same concept. Mission dictates.

  • Mr.Paynter


  • Derek

    I was skeptical upon first glance and after reading the article. Not going to lie, the Gallery sold me on this. It looks absolutely awesome. Ultimate lakeside camping/tailgating machine.

  • Joost

    Although the builder has a solid reputation, I have to admit I was kind of sceptical as well before riding this MV Freightliner combi. Fortunately, it hardly ‘kicked back’ on bad roads or while riding at low speeds. Stability (even while braking ferociously) is comparable or better than the regular caravan behind a mid size car. And a car has four wheels and at least five times more mass to compensate reactions from the back. On the other hand, this CampMaster only weighs 240 lbs as a complete package, that is of course without you personal camping gear such as chairs, barbecues, mini fridge and loads of lousy Heineken. Top speed? No thank you; I got this Road Train at approx. 110 mph during ten minutes on a fast & twisty road, it remained dead stable, but still I couldn’t get rid of that nightmare scenario you can all imagine by yourself…

    • noone1569

      You, sir, are winning. I hope that thing was filled with Tiger’s Blood.

  • Michael

    I have a better idea –

  • T Diver

    Is that the same guy who broke his leg racing the diablo (big ass new ducati)?

    • Wes Siler


  • Trev

    Same idea with taking a trackbike around the country.

    Cruiser/Sport-Tourer/Tourer with a hitch attached to the swingarm, around the pivot point, and has a ball hitch on the back. Fun on and off the track (including dirt bikes).

  • KeithTurk