Husqvarna 900: power, weight and power-to-weight

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Husqvarna has released technical details and a promotional video for their upcoming 900cc street-bike. We already knew the motor is a punched out hot-rod version of the F800 parallel twin and now that there are some numbers, we can start making real comparisons.

YouTube Preview ImageThis appears to be an official “spy” video released by Husky in part of this pathetically transparent teaser campaign.

Official power figures for the Husqvarna 900 are listed as “more than 100 hp” and “more than 100 nm (73.75 ft/lbs)” and weight is listed as “below 175 kg (386 lbs).” This puts it squarely in competition with the KTM Superduke, which weighs 410 lbs (wet, sans fuel) and makes 118 hp and 73.8 ft/lbs and the Ducati Hypermotard, which weighs 377 lbs (dry) and makes 95 hp and 76 ft/lbs.

Plug those numbers into a calculator and you’ll arrive at 0.259 hp-per-pound for the Husky, 0.287 for the KTM and 0.251 for the Ducati (I’m going of the manufacturer numbers, so take them with a grain of salt.) I haven’t ridden the Superduke, but after spending a day on‘s Hyper, I can confidently say that Ducati builds a fast bike. This is much more than just a rebadged and slightly larger F800 motor.

Even if Husqvarna is shooting for a 386 lb dry weight and 100 hp at the crank, it will still make for serious acceleration if you manage to keep the front end down. Add to that fully adjustable 48mm Sachs forks (likely to be very similar to the ones on the Griso that felt so good), Brembo monoblocks and a fully adjustable Öhlins shock out back and it should also handle.

Curiously, Husqvarna is saying that it will have an “exhaust system with exhaust valve,” an incredibly common feature on modern bikes that’s used to meet sound regulations. Disabling (or adjusting via tuning) these valves usually frees up some top-end power. One last clue they give about the exhaust is “carbon cap, carbon clamp and carbon heat shield.” That tells us two things: they’re serious about weight and the 900 is unlikely to be a cheap motorcycle.


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  • alang

    Me gusta

    • Samuel

      Me gusta even more if it had a high-fender option or even a normal low fender. That front end with the headlight and fender setup is gross. IMO

      I’m happy to see this bike. As one of the few people that owned the BMW G650Xmoto, I’m glad to see something else from BMW’s corporate umbrella with the same intentions… but hopefully with the balls to back it up.

  • parkwood60

    Do we really need Husky to be a premium brand priced ABOVE BMW?

    • dux

      Good point. I was interested in this bike until you said that :(…..

  • jason

    Transformers are REAL! (barf)

  • Frosty_spl

    I don’t see people buying this over a Hyper if it costs more.

    • Sean Smith

      Looks like Ducati is still a premium brand in your eyes. Really though, the hyper is a good bike, but it’s got a 2 valve air cooled twin, mid level suspension and a gas tank that makes it more of novelty item than a motorcycle.

      This bike will probably blow the hyper completely away in terms of performance, and be at least as nice as the duc. That 377 lb wegith is without oil, battery, fork oil, shock oil, brake fluid, fuel and probably a few other things taken off for good measure.

      • Thom

        @ Sean Smith – Unfortunate as this may be , for most consumers the Badge on the product means more than the product itself .

        So yeah the Husky might wind up the better M/C but its the Duc that’ll sell .

        I’ve been having the same discussion in the 4 wheel world about the Mclaren MP4-12C vs Ferrari 458 Italia . Hell everybody knows the Mac will kick the crap out of the 458 but ten will get you twenty the McLaren bombs in the market place whilst the 458 has waiting lists .

        God I hate Consumer Badge Mentality sometimes !

        • Mr.Furious
          • Thom

            Of course some dolt naming himself MrScuderia would pick the one video to place on YouTube that puts the Ferrari on top. He wouldn’t be just a tad bit prejudiced now would he ?

            • Mr.Furious

              Actually I’m biased towards McLaren. I coincidentally watched this video (linked from Autoblog) just before seeing this article. It seemed appropriate.

              The Mr.Furious moniker is from the movie Mystery Men (which is terrible). Apparently I bear some resemblance to the character.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    “Even if Husqvarna is shooting for a 386 lb dry weight”

    That first image says dry weight. What’s the source of that image and its caption?

    • Sean Smith

      Husqvarna’s own website. The actual page is linked at the bottom of the story.

  • Denzel

    I’m looking forward to this bike. Husky has the historical cred to build and sell a bike upmarket from its BMW cousins…and as far as street bikes go, this looks like it has lean, dirt bike genetics. It might be greatness.

  • Jens

    Sachs is also OEM supplier of the S1000RR fork.

  • Thomas

    …interesting concept – we have one “BMW F800″ running in ProBEARS – and this bike is pretty fast and has great handling! I expect the Husky will be similar to this naked racebike
    About weight – think about the market of female riders looking for a sportive, not too heavy bike!
    I’ll ride the Husky when it’s available – and if it’s only for comparison ;-)

    • Wes Siler

      Because that market is utterly untapped by the FZ8, Z750, 599, Gladius, Monster, Brutale, Street Triple, SuperDuke etc?

      • Sean Smith

        The FZ8, Z750, 599 and Gladius aren’t even in the same ballpark as the Hypermotard or Super Duke R.

        • Myles

          You’re right, people wear helmets with peaks on the European bikes.

          And don’t hate so much on the 599, weighs about 440 pounds full of fuel and mine laid down a BLISTERING 82hp at the wheel.

          • Ben Incarnate

            +1. The 599 is a great bike. To bad that the suspension is utter crap. Which, I suppose, is one of the key complaints of all the bikes in Sean’s list.

            • Devin

              When I first got my license, I told myself I would own one someday, in yellow and black. Unfortunately (now that I can afford the bike and the insurance) I now have to factor in a pillion to my plan and she doesn’t like it.

              Ughhhh, I hate it when my master plan doesn’t come together. +1 love that bike.

              • Myles

                My girl loves it for ~20miles. And then HATES it. The slope for the seat is horrible, plus the bars are just low enough that I’m leaning forward just enough to make her lean forward when she hangs on.

                A couple guys on the forum had custom seats, thinking about making the jump. Here’s the thread:


              • Ben Incarnate

                @Devin – The obvious answer is for her to get her own bike. I loved my yellow 599, in spite of it’s flaws.

                @Myles – What’s your username at the site? Or are you hiding in the shadows?

                • Devin

                  She has zero interest in driving a bike, but she loves being a passenger. It works, but sometimes I have the urge to own an alone bike and a two-up bike. Unfortunately even with only basic insurance on it, the insurance co’s want me to pay for both even if there is only one motorcycle license at the house. Otherwise I would own one for sure. They are surprisingly easy to find used for such a low volume bike.

                  @Ben & Myles – does the tailpipe so close to her legs cause any complaints/ discomfort?

                • Ben Incarnate

                  @Devin – the pipe is covered with a massive hear shield. She will be fine.

          • Wes Siler

            I would love to own a 599 again.

        • DAVID

          has’t it been a few years since the Honda 599 was even sold in the US?

          • Ben Incarnate

            Yep. ’04 and ’06 only, though you can still occasionally find one languishing in a showroom.

      • Thomas

        …a question of weight and ergonomics – not all of the mentioned bikes fits for a girl!

  • Anders

    Who’ll be the first to put this engine in one of the F800′s?

  • Pat

    @Wes, any reason why you’ve never had a go on a SuperDuke?

    • evilbahumut

      besides the trouble of finding one?

    • Samuel

      @Wes… ditto on that. The now old SuperDuke still sets the bar in terms of twin cylinder hooligan bikes. The competitors don’t even come close.

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

        Or a 950 SM (R) or 990 SM R.

        I had a 950 SM for four years before I downsized to my Duke 690. I haven’t ridden a bajillion bikes, but if I had to count off my top 10 bikes in terms of handling, the 950 SM would be #1 without question. I rode a Hypermotard 1100S a couple times, and it was nowhere near as refined as my 950 SM.

  • Cheese302

    this bike looks great, but those components price it way out of the ballpark of some of its competition. i just dont see it selling, hopefully a few do so i can buy one 5 years down the road.