“I just got drug by a motorcycle”

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Florida Deputy Mike Musto’s coworkers are using words like ‘brave’ and ‘grit’ to describe what he did during his attempt to stop a motorcyclist that he claims was riding 112 mph on the I-95. The 62-year-old apparently saw nothing wrong with grabbing the shoulder of a man riding the extended swing-arm shod white ZX-10/6 (can you tell the difference?). Somewhat predictably, the rider did not react well to the officers surprise assault. As can be seen and heard in the video (time-stamped 3/29/2011, but posted earlier today), he used the extended swingarm to his advantage, slipped the clutch like Ricky Gadson and fled from the crazy officer grabbing at him.

“During this five seconds, a million thoughts went through my mind, uh, about how I could possibly get my gun hand loose, ready to do what I needed to do, or if I could just hang on for another second, maybe I could bring him off the bike with me, but I knew I was going…”

Lets back up for a second. The rider has safely gone an alleged 112 mph and was peacefully waiting his turn at a light when Deputy Mike grabbed him. No lights and sirens are seen or heard before we see the bike take-off with cop in tow so it’s safe to assume that the officer was trying to be extra sneaky and take the rider by surprise. Rider freaks out when he’s grabbed, takes off as fast as he can and the officer is contemplating how best to make him crash or shoot him. All for riding 112 mph and not hurting anybody, not pissing anyone off and not crashing. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Thanks for the tip Mark!

  • T Diver

    Cops are crazy. WTF. I guess I’m glad it was not a video of someone getting hurt (that shit wears on me), but that cop is a moron. I think it’s a ZX10 (aren’t those dual pipes?) Bad cop, no donut.

    • Sean Smith

      Not all cops are crazy, the guys that do real police work and catch bad guys don’t usually end up on the news though.

  • Aaron

    HE IS A GODDAMN HERO YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Dey tuk ur jawbs!

      • dux

        Are you telling me wrestling…..isn’t real?

    • Jason

      Herp a derp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

    That’s pretty crazy, just walking up and grabbing someone. I’d take off, too.

    • Sean Smith

      I’ve been pulled over enough times to know what standard practices are and a deviation from those, especially like this, would lead to a big throttle opening and some careful clutch application.

      • Jacob

        Agreed. What’s his excuse for not activating his lights and siren? What about getting on the loudspeaker? He needs to be retrained or retired.

        • 1

          Yeah for some police, traffic violations are equal to armed robbery.

          In Australia they have even started giving speeding fines to Fire Engines attending emergencies. The stations were forced to hand it down to each particular driver to slug the punishment.

  • dan

    The cop is a jerk off. Call on the radio and stop the bike. First did he even try to pull the bike over beforehand with his lights and siren? How does the biker know a cop is grabbing him? If he hurt the biker the fucking PD should b sued. Asshole with a badge. Dirty Harry is in the movies Musto!

  • David

    Moron. Just like that idiotic cop that objected to being taped while he scares the crap out of a biker by pulling out of an unmarked car, gun in hand.

  • Kerry

    What the heck is a 62 year old officer doing NOT behind a desk or working as a crossing guard? Looking at this vid as an indicator of judgement, I would say this officer’s judgement is extremely poor and I am surprised he lived to be 62 in the first place.

    There is a fine line between risking your life in the protection of the public welfare, and needlessly putting yourself in harms way, when other safer alternatives are available, for nothing more than another notch in someone’s career record. Care to guess which side of the line this officer’s actions lie?

    Whatever happened to allegedly 112? Was this a LIDAR verified 112 or the officers best guess? I think if this was recorded and verified the story would have mentioned it.

    Anybody else feel like officers are getting overly aggressive lately?

    • dux

      Yep, that’s one of the reasons I left the states. Welcome to the police state! Hope you enjoy being groped at the airport and torn off your motorcycle.

      • Will

        To where?

        • dux

          Nearly anywhere is better – I’d been so desensitized to the flagrant arrogance and abuses of the state. Go travel and see what you find! You’d be pleasantly surprised, I sure was. Thought I’d hate Australia but I stayed.

          • ontheroad

            Man, I think about expatriation all the time for this and a dozen other reasons. Good for you.

            • dux

              Google “Sovereign Man”, that newsletter’ll give you some great ideas to explore.

    • Core

      Trying to collect a pay check. What’s wrong with you? why does it matter if they are aggressive? They have mouths to feed and bills to pay and they have to do it at your expense.(sarcasm)


      The song is sort of a tongue in cheek response. Don’t take it to seriously.

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    outrageous behavior for a cop. Why is CNN congratulating him?

    • John

      Motorcyclists, urh uhhhh…. “BIKERS” are evil and are all going to either kill you for no reason, or are all going to become human rockets on their “death machine ninjer crotch rockets” and kill school buses full of children.

  • Mike

    It looks like the cop approached him from the side so I find it hard to believe the biker didn’t know what was happening. The cop was in uniform and from the tape it looks like the driver’s side door of the police car was ahead of the bike, well in view of the biker.

    Looks to me like the guy did it on purpose to get out of a ticket.

    • Sean Smith

      It’s hard to tell. To me it looks as though the drivers door is about even with the bike. There’s not a whole lot of intelligence from either party in that video.

  • dan

    “maybe I can bring him off the bike with me.” Fucking idiot! So bike slides off into someone else. Take the shithead’s badge.

  • Aienan

    Florida is well known for overzealous traffic cops. Not to give a certain movie group too much free credit (Though granted, their stuff IS amusing), but they did highlight this quite extensively.

  • Corey

    The perspective in the video is tricky, but I see the cop car pull ahead of or alongside the bike. I always ride with my head on swivel, especially when speeding. That cop would never have surprised me – I hate to say it but this guy looks like he knew he was being pulled over. The cop didn’t need to play superhero and should have let go sooner. Stupidity all around.

    • Johndo

      The cop had his license plate number, should have just let him go and sent the ticket in the mail or call for backup ahead…not the brightest idea to risk your life for a speeding ticket. The biker on the other hand, certainly isnt working for NASA either.

  • HammSammich

    From the video, I can’t really tell if the officer’s methods were an issue or not, but it’s a good question to ask. What I can say, without a doubt, is that this video shows the kind of lazy, incurious reporting that I’d expect of a local news crew covering a story about cuddly puppies, not a national news outlet such as CNN.

    Edited for clarity.

    • Joe

      Sounds kind of backward to me. I NEVER expect good reporting from CNN.

      By the way, Cathleen is not really an O’Toole. She’s really just a tool.(pun intended)

      • HammSammich

        I don’t personally have much experience with CNN specifically, but generally national news outlets at least provide an actual discussion about the issues involved. By contrast, this “story” was clearly intended to be spectacle without any substance, which is what I’ve come to expect from most local news sources.

  • OBronin

    I smell another epic hfl comment battle incoming. IMO there’s fault on both sides here. Lights and siren should have been used to clearly identify the unmarked unit. It looks like he went around the back of the bike to the left side rather than right where he could have put a hand on the brake lever if he was concerned a out a runner. The rider obviously over reacted to the contact, unless it’s 3am in the projects or you’ve got a few warrants there’s no need to react like that.

    All that said the officers last line reveals a lot of their tactics in the “aggressive driving unit”. They observe the behavior, follow the rider w/o tipping their hand, at an opportunity where there’s minimal chance of evasion they light em up.

    If you want to go fast on the street do it like the guys from NY’s fastest, not at 2pm on a weekday afternoon.

    • Plotts

      Sheesh, here in Chicago they will Bike Jack you in daylight no question about it. If he saw the Cop he’s a douche. Either way it was stupid of a cop to grab on to him for simply speeding.

      Also here in Chicago as a side note, every time I get pulled over the Cops ask me why I didn’t run, as if that is what I should be doing? What a world.

    • Sean Smith

      112 really isn’t that fast though. Blip the throttle in third and you’re there. If traffic is moving at 85, a 28 mph closing speed really isn’t all that high.

      • Kevlar

        Bingo. Plus, this is I-95 in FLORIDA. Depending on the time of day, people go 85+ in the -slow lane-. I regularly follow packs of cars going 20 over in the fast lane, so 112 really isn’t that crazy. Now, if he was sustaining that speed, cutting through traffic, that’s another matter, but this kind of gung-ho behavior from the cop is totally unwarranted for a speeding ticket regardless.

    • Dumptruckfoxtrot

      I don’t think the comment battle is coming. The cop was a dick. Maybe the rider was too, but the cop obviously fucked up here and the reporting on the incident frames motorcyclists as douche hats.

  • Coreyvwc

    There are few things that irk me more than a traffic cop “keeping people safe” but wow, what a royal fucktard!

  • Kirill

    Florida. Enough said.

  • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D


    Going for your gun in a traffic stop? Totally reasonable.

    • Sean Smith

      I’ve had a gun pointed at my head by the San Gabriel PD, Alhambra PD, San Marino PD, Pasadena PD and of course, the CHP.

      All for the heinous offenses of driving slightly faster than traffic, driving a modified RX7 or riding a strange looking motorcycle.

      • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

        I’d like to think I’m not spooked easily, but I’m pretty sure I would soil myself if some twitchy cop with inadequacy issues and delusions of grandeur put a gun to my head.

        Do they just put all the immature unprofessional cops out on highway patrol?

        • Sean Smith

          CHP pay is ridiculous for what that job is. It operates as it’s own department and isn’t connected to other PDs or the sheriffs.

          • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D



            • Sean Smith

              Yep. For a traffic cop.

      • T Diver

        Damn!! Don’t you know cops hate RX7s!! (it the round engine or something.)

      • robotribe

        Har. SGV Squid.

        • Sean Smith

          It’s ok. I was already hooked on canyons when I got into bikes.

    • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

      It’s totally cool to shoot somebody if they don’t respond meekly to your aggressive use of force. Why do they think he laid hands on him in the first place? Because he wanted to intimidate and “maintain control of the situation”.

      The officer bungled the stop. He’s a moron. The department should ask “what the hell are you doing getting dragged by a motorcyclist?? How did that happen?”

      So weak that filtering at stop lights is illegal.

  • insomnia

    I ride the stretch of road where this was filmed every day. Just noodling along with the flow of traffic (somewhere north of 80-85mph) I am frequently passed by women in minivans–children in the back seat watching Spongebob on the monitors–who blow by me like I have the kickstand down. The jackbooted thugs of the so-called aggressive driving task-force would be better served pursuing Suzy Homemaker, but somehow that just lacks the cache (and TV exposure) garnered by taking down hooligans on sportbikes. But even that isn’t the real story here…

    The last time I was stopped (and I ALWAYS stop), I was threatened with a taser, and an evening in jail–all because of a “questionable” tag bracket on a GSXR. Pity the less articulate (or younger and more easily angered)rider who does the right thing and allows themselves to be subjected to the abuse of a “routine” traffic stop. If you weren’t foaming at the mouth BEFORE they stop you, you most certainly will be after. Make no mistake: we are the enemy down here. Unless of course you happen to ride a FatBoy (with no helmet, no shirt & flip flops).

  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    We basically have a contest of who’s the dumbest here. Cop wins, face down.

    • dux

      Lol. Good one!

  • http://themotolady.com MotoLady

    “Rider freaks out when he’s grabbed, takes off as fast as he can and the officer is contemplating how best to make him crash or shoot him. All for riding 112 mph and not hurting anybody…..” Yeeeahhhh THAT says it all right there.

    • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

      Then immediately goes out and pulls over more motorcycles because, hey, all those fuckers are criminals, right?

  • Gene

    Apparently we have total dumbass redneck cops here in Florida that make Barney Fife look like Einstein. For example, I watched a cop walk out in front of a truck doing 60 with his hand out, with complete faith that the driver of the truck was paying attention and would stop in time.

    My roommate had a sheriff in his dark green uniform step off the curb of a 4 lane road at 7pm when he was just about invisible.

    And yes, both cops got hit and knocked down.

    Near UCF, they put officers in clown suits with radar units waving people over, and they wondered why no one stopped. All the speeding tickets and failure to stop tickets got tossed by the judge, who noted “there is no expectation to stop for an officer not in uniform”

    Not only are the cops around here dickheads, they’re just plain idiots.

    • http://www.kenta.ro Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

      I had been wondering for months if those people actually had to pay the tickets. That was some crap shit those officers pulled.. glad the judge had some sense.

  • Ben

    Man, I bet they beat the hell out of that other guy they mention at the end of the video…

    • http://www.kenta.ro Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA


    • ErikT

      Yea…kind of funny (extreme sarcasm) how he mentions that the NEXT biker he purused he followed to a parking lot and waited until he got off his bike before he “went to business.”

      That kind of attitude doesn’t really encourage people to pull over, accept the ticket and contest it in court.

  • Richard

    Fuck. The. Police.

    • dux

      Word. 911 is a joke.

    • CalamariKid


  • aristurtle

    Pull over and accept your damn speeding ticket.

    We had another one today in the Baltimore Sun. This one didn’t make national news, probably because it’s too typical: Guy and girl are on a motorcycle. Motorcycle gets pulled over for “three or four traffic violations”. Motorcycle stops, waits for the cops to stop, and then takes off. Cops drive after the motorcycle, not at speed, just driving. Motorcyclists are on the ground, both dead, a few miles ahead after fucking up a corner, because they were thinking they just started a high-speed pursuit.

    Take your speeding ticket like an adult, and pick a route without cops next time for your hooning. It’s not hard to do if you plan ahead; I’ve got a nice one for when I need to blow off steam after work.

    • aristurtle

      Oh, and by the way, the motorcyclist knew damn well that he was getting pulled over, he just thought that he was fast enough to get away from it. Grow up a little. This sort of shit doesn’t help us.

    • Joe

      Two words, “Natural Selection”. I’m a strong believer in it. I wish there was more of it.

      • Tony

        Though it would be nice if it didn’t rely on motorcycles so much, yes?

  • casey

    Motorcyclist was in the right in my opinion, where is the video of him doing 112mph? where were the sirens? how on earth could the guy on the bike know some one wasn’t just trying to jack his bike?

  • dux

    He’s a disgrace to police everywhere. Yet another reason to leave the USA.

  • ike6116

    Pigs like this should not be tolerated, yet “the brother officers” will never speak out.

    I hope this idiot gets seriously injured on the job, sounds like he’s earned it

  • Myles

    Cops, talk to your brethren about this. I know there are ton of good guys out there – stop tolerating shitty cops in your units (squadrons? departments? Not familiar with the nomenclature).

  • matt

    this cop needs a timeout. risking his own life, the life of the (allegedly speeding) moto rider, and any/all of the innocent people all around the intersection. He said he was having trouble going for his “gun hand”? fuck me buddy, going to shoot somebody for speeding?
    like I said. timeout.

  • CG

    Sometimes it pays to be old. Last time I was stopped, the cop had a half a dozen cars/bikes to stop for speeding, ooh, pick the guy with the Alpinestars on the sport bike. You could watch his face fall when I pulled off my helmet and a geezer stared back at him. He was hoping for that 20 year old kid getting his third speeding ticket… I’m local and haven’t had a ticket since 1970, damned right we’re going to court if you hand me that citation. Looks at me, tells me to take it easy. I had made him follow me far enough to get to the point that it would make it really inconvenient to just pull the laser out again. Nothing but fucking tax collectors.

  • Core

    If someone grabbed me while riding, I’d think someone was trying to mug me and take off as well.

    Also as far as as the law goes, here’s another link to check out..


    • jason

      That guy sounds like a douche. How about one of the 2 adults wait in the car? Or do his brat kids require 2 people to keep them under control? Sounds like a lot of blame shifting. Much like on a bike, if you get pulled over or addressed by a cop just shut up and do what he says. If you are polite then they may be too. If you immediately challenge them than you are “forcing” them to assert their authority by escalating the situation. It makes no sense but there is now way you are going to change 100000′s of police officers reactions.
      Sorry man, I agree that this cop is stupid, but the page you linked only proves that people can be as big of an asshole as the cops can.

      • dux

        Hardly. Have you forgotten what the purpose of the police is? These types of abuses happen every day. Have some self respect and stand up to police harassment.

  • Rick

    Does this police department have a for-cause drug testing policy?

    Since American workers are increasingly subject to such testing for on-the-job / industrial accidents resulting in injury, or where an element of questionable judgement is demonstrated (both happened here), why should Public Servants be above this testing?

    There needs to be a policy for egregious behavior like this.

    • Sean Smith

      I doubt this was the product of drugs. Well, maybe meth… A basic intelligence test would probably work better. Just lay-off all the retarded people.

  • alang

    Matt has it spot on. The cop needs to chill.
    There has to be a safer, more rational response from the officer. He endangered himself, the rider, and any bystandard. They could have both crashed into an innocent car, injuring more than the officer and rider. I guess they don’t have any common sense in the Florida police dept. And it really pisses me off when I see these stupid reporters commenting like this.
    What a bunch of dumfuck reporters.
    End of rant…

  • Steven


  • duncan


  • Dan

    What an effin A-hole that cop is. He’s actually talking about trying to get his gun out. I’d freak out too if somebody grabbed me by surprise at an intersection.
    I agree with alang – bunch of dumfuck reporters not even questioning the officer’s sanity. He should not be carrying a badge.

  • Dan

    Regardless of how the cyclist reacted, or how fast he was going, the fucking cop is supposed to be a professional. The onus is ALWAYS on the cop to act smartly, keep his cool and keep people safe. His actions were not standard procedure for a speeding offense (even at 110mph). This is not to say the rider was doing the right thing even a little bit, but the friggin hero didn’t appear to even attempt to pull him over before assaulting the rider. He probably should have lied and made up a better story for the cameras, but whatever.

    WTF was he gonna do with his free gun hand, shoot the guy while being “drug”?

    Where is hard-nosed reporting here? Jeebus CNN.

  • Matthew

    … I guess that’s how they do it on the East Coast.

    Winner if the Bonehead-poor tactics award definitely goes to this dood.

  • bpjester

    A law enforcement officer is justified in using deadly force if a part of his body was trapped by some action of the motorist as he was being dragged. That’s why officers do not reach into your vehicle when they ask for your documents. The problem for this officer in the video, if he had shot the rider, would be to explain why he grabbed onto the rider’s shoulder and held on as long as he did. Even with using “sympathetic reflex” to explain why he gripped the rider, he should have released much sooner. The bottom line in a use of force investigation is “what would a reasonable officer with similar experience do in this situation”. I don’t know any officers that would have tried to grab the rider.

  • raymond

    I unfortunately live in Florida at the moment, not far from this incident. Terrible place for motorcycles. So many bad riders here gives us all a bad name half the time. As an earlier post said, Florida, enough said. I would have done the same thing. Taken off.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Praise be to Jeebus for living in South Africa! Cops here are basically absolutely clueless about bikes!

    For routine checks, if I have a licence and it’s licenced then we’re all set and off I go, no checking lights etc are working or whther anything on the bike is road-legal.

    I got stopped speeding at 191km/h and they were friendly and professional, let me ride the bike after them to the station (That’s an arrst speed here) and let me park it in the lock-up officers’ parking so no one would tamper with it in the dodgy neighbourhood and once I’d paid my bail is was handshakes and smiles and off I went!

  • Matt Wisch

    This is the East Coast, it’s just I-95, no need for ‘the’ ;)

  • Von Scotch

    So when can we expect to see HFL’s nicely worded letter to the PD and CNN?

    • runrun

      letters? barney fife’s co-worker (and probably the rest of the pd) think he’s a hero, and cnn could care less about whether their infotainment is real journalism or not. what fucking good would letters do? publicizing this sort of stupidity and starting a debate about it is what i count on hfl to do.

    • Sean Smith

      This is one of the few cases where ‘raising awareness’ actually makes a difference. That’s what I’m trying to do here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

    This video was posted up on another motorcycle forum that I visit. The poster, obviously a rider himself, cited the video as another example of squids making “the rest of us” look bad. He failed to question the cop’s actions in any way.

    That’s scary.

    • Sean Smith

      People are scarred to call out police officers for some reason. Since I already possess the worst driving record you legally can (while still maintaining a license), I’ve become necessarily familiar with traffic cops, the court system and the DMV.

      Turns out, our government and the people that comprise it, are not perfect and in fact, need to be kept in check by the rest of us who aren’t retarded. People forget that and guys like this officer not only get away with this kind of thing, but get called a hero.

      • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

        I even got back as a reply, “Well, you can’t see what happened beforehand. Believe me, if a cop grabs someone, there’s good reason.”

        For the life of me, I can’t figure out a good reason for grabbing the rider from behind. Or trying to pull someone over without the use of lights. Little things like that.

        • Sean Smith

          Yep. The guy is a professional and should act as such.

  • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

    Youtube video (and account that posted it) seems down, it’s here also: http://www.wpbf.com/video/28262377/detail.html