It’s better in El Mirage

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A couple of weekends back, the guys making It’s Better In the Wind visited El Mirage to shoot some more footage for the film. Here’s B-roll. We’re kicking ourselves for not making it.

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Thanks for the tip, Sean.

  • Coreyvwc

    When I think of motorcycling, this is what comes to mind. Just fun.

  • dux

    Levi’s commercial?

  • Mark D

    This. This is why I’m heading California!

    Also: what do these guys do for day jobs, and how do I get into that?

    • Wes Siler

      They work in advertising. You don’t get into that.

      • Mark D

        Ahhhh, even with my Carroll School of Management credentials, I think that ship sailed years ago.

        More power to them, looks like they know how to have fun.

  • Thom

    Cool Bikes

    Classic venue

    Cute Philly

    Other than the quickie stunt on the public road , what’s not to like ?

  • brutus

    yea i bet that public road was just teeming with innocent school children playing hopscotch.
    oh man you safety people are ridiculous.

    • sean (the roommate)


  • damien


  • desmoworks

    Reminds me of the Riding September video/crew, but American. I’d like to jump my bike too.

  • sean (the roommate)

    so bummed we didnt go…..though i probably would have crashed.

  • jeffcon0

    These videos are fantastic. Can’t wait to see the final product of all the filming these guys have been doing. Just good ol’ fun. I watch these vids whenever I just want to daydream about leaving the corporate world behind and run around the desert with some friends on two wheels.

  • Albert

    anybody who’s having a hard time selling bikes should hire you and your buddies for a weekend..every time I see one of your videos I have to drop everything and go ride.

  • mugget

    Only just got to watch this now… awesome!

    A bunch of people going out to ride bikes in the desert, get some air and cause shenanigans – that should like an all-round good time to me!