John McGuinness, human being

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We’re really enjoying Alpinestars’ series of interviews with racers. They manage to put a personal face on personalities too often managed to within an inch of their humanity. Not that TT champ John McGuinness has a problem with being down to earth normally, but it’s still nice to hear about him in his own words.

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  • damien

    Nice. Seems like a cool guy.

  • motoguru

    Very cool. Cheers!

  • Brendan

    I want a pint of something engraved on my leathers.

  • duncan

    had a drink with him on a number of occasions

  • eric

    an isle of man racer you can understand?

  • Mr.Paynter

    I live in Africa…
    Our snails-pace connections and expensive data costs prohibit me seeing this and other larger youtube videos.

    Ughghggh motrcycle freedom has it’s costs.

  • Joe

    The music is annoying though, when you’re trying to listen to the interview. Oh well, whataya gonna do!

  • gregorbean

    good stuff, thanks!

  • mugget

    He’s just like the rest of us – just wants to ride motorbikes fast!

  • Von Scotch

    9 comments, whereas yeasterday 4,000,000 fuds complained about NYCF. Wow.

  • Von Scotch

    Just some brit guy, I think he like invented that black beer with the white foam or some shit.