Knee dragging is for pussies

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Getting his helmet down through the bowl, this GSX-R 600 rider at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway shows us that knee dragging is for pussies and elbow dragging is so 2010. I want to call him out for riding like a dangerous idiot, but he obviously knows what he’s doing and I have to admit, this is pretty awesome. Here’s to you Mr. Helmet Dragger, you’re a real American hero!

  • Charlie

    I will be impressed if Skank and One Arm can do that. Where it should be done, on a track

    • Sean Smith

      I’m fairly certain that they would have no problem pulling this off on either the track or the street.

      • Skank NYCF

        My shoulders, traps and neck are too big to pull that off. That guy is amazing. But glad you thought about us when view this video. I guess when you see amazing things our names pop up in your mind. Thanks. :)

        • Sean Smith

          Gotcha. I’m all of 155 lbs and I know I could easily pull that off so I just assumed it’d be no biggie for you. It’s a pretty neat trick regardless.

        • zipp4

          You were sooo close to not sounding like a total D-bag.

          • T Diver

            Didn’t we come to the understanding that Skank and One Arm are fat but a fit fat. (kidding)
            That dude is the real deal. You bitches need to chill with the “OGM DEBBIE HE IS SO UNSAFE!!” He’s on a track. (I didn’t mean to offed anyone by calling you bitches either.)
            It would have been more impressive if he was doing it with that carbon fiber Arai.

          • Michael

            HA!!! nice work Zipp.

  • 85gripen

    What the damn…!?!? That guy’s wearing a ghillie suit?

    Now I’m expecting to see Icon come out with a line of helmets with pucks on them.

    And to save everyone else who hasn’t seen this yet about 4 minutes, the guy does only does his trick once – at 1:11 in the video. Don’t expect an encore.

    • Sean Smith

      They’d probably make something like pants with pucks or a one-piece first.

    • T Diver

      I surprised you saw him!!

  • alang

    Nice riding. These 600s or liter bikes?

    • muckluck

      It says its a GSX-R600 in the paragraph

    • SodaO

      my guess is the guy filming from behind is on a liter bike.

  • iconmotosports

    They would get in the way of the fins 85gripen

    • Nik

      Make em stronger, duh!

    • 85gripen

      LOL! I forgot you guys read HFL! In my defense I’m soon to buy an Airframe Construct. HFL’s glowing review sealed the deal. And the fact that summer is approaching in the San Fernando Valley…

  • Tony

    The helmet dragging is cool. Once you what it four of five times, also check out (and listening) to extremely good riding techniques in the video. Fast lines are not necessary always curb hugging carves around sweepers. Throttle control – listen to the motor revs – no chopping, never really fully closed smooth intial opening followed by hammering on it.

    Check the other ghillie suit (non motorcycle related) videos on youtube. totally freaky.

  • dux


  • mugget


    Oh damn – that is some crazy stuff. And here I thought that dragging your left hand on the ground mid-corner was the best way to show supreme riding skill.

    I’ll second the extremely good riding techniques… you can hear their front brakes way wayyy deep into the corners, and they pick up the throttle straight away – very smoothe. I’ll ride like that, one day.

  • damien

    I read somewhere that he was trying to get sponsorship from an outdoor clothing company.

  • rohorn

    Because buttpucks and dragging your ass just doesn’t sound cool.

    Or at least not to my sorts.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Cool? Nope. Funny? Hell yes.