Light weight, simple and strong: designing triple clamps

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Over 150 people entered the contest to design Amarok-Agni racing a new triple clamp. So many good entries, in fact, that Michael Uhlarik and the Amarok crew had a hard time picking a winner. As such, they’ve prepared a list of favorite also-rans, which you’ll find in this gallery.

Initially equipped with a pretty ugly item off a late-model Kawasaki, the team needed a triple clamp that could do the rest of the Amarok P1’s design justice. It needed to be light, of course — the P1 weighs just 325lbs — but also fit with the rest of the bike’s innovative, few-parts-serving-many-purposes philosophy.

The winning design, weighs just 569 grams, while its exposed webbing and arcs, according to designer Danny Tas, “personify the Amarok fuselage philosophy.” As a bonus, it’ll be easy to machine and its shape makes it exceptionally strong.

Amarok will be realizing Danny’s design, rewarding him with an iPad 2 and team swag. Danny also penned something Michael’s calling “Ye Olde Amarokian Triple Clamp” and might incorporate it if he ever decides to enter victorian steam engine racing.


  • Ola

    Right. I’ll have the Victorian one please. I’ll build a bike Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be proud to scratch with on Saturday mornings. (on Sundays they only scraped knee in church)

    • michael uhlarik

      We even have the rivets on the fuselage to go with it…


  • Scott Pargett

    Design a model’s triple clamp and hand over the rights for the cost of an iPad? Talk about cheap labor.

    But hey, if you’re still into it everyone wins and you get bragging rights. The P1 looks like another great contender for the pack of electric superbikes coming up. I give em props for retaining one of the key elements of motorcycles; sex appeal.

  • Brammofan

    How could you not award #10 and #11 first place? You would zoom past and people would be saying “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

    • michael uhlarik

      Thanks, Joker. We all loved the silly ones. Humour is important in these difficult times.

  • CafeDucati

    Love those Triple Clamps.

    What art. The last time I drooled over Triple Clamps must have been Speedy Moto’s Ducati Monster set.

    Thank you for sharing,.. simply gorgeous.

  • Scott-jay

    Wow, what a race!
    Now, reflect clamp @ swing-arm.

    • michael uhlarik

      swing arm eh…?

      Nice idea, but it is too sensitive a part to do this way. But maybe we should design an open source HFL motorcycle?