Nikola Nikolov’s Glass Rider

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One part self-portrait and one-part comment on, “the fragility of the current speed of life and its consumptions,” Dutch artist Nikola Nikolov made “Glass Rider” using broken bottles, 550 meters of wire and salvaged washing machine drums and steel serving trays. The bike itself is modeled after Nikola’s own 2007 GSX-R1000.

“My wish for us is to become more aware of all the objects that surround us, and all the energy and materials needed to create them,” Nikola told us. “By becoming more aware we create a sense of respect and responsibility about how we treat our environment, and ourselves.”

This is Nikola on-track on his own GSX-R at Assen.

Plans to exhibit the just-completed, life-size work haven’t been finalized yet, but it may make an appearance at London Design Week in September.

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  • Thom

    Kind of cool , yet somehow unnerving , especially in light of the artists intent .

  • Archer

    Creepy crap art is creepy and crap.

    • slowtire

      Yeah. I much prefer wild animals and Elvis painted on black velvet:)

    • holdingfast

      hear hear.

  • Corey

    Very provocative reflection on the nature of the motorcycle as a consumer product. A worthwhile and aesthetically significant reflection on a beloved but also wasteful and environmentally detrimental industry and pastime. The decision to make the rider of glass – the more fragile but perhaps easiest to recycle – is particularly appealing.

    • Scott-jay

      +1, yin-yang in moto.
      Dig wire fabric-skin of rider.

  • rohorn

    When the artist needs to explain the intent of the art, it isn’t art.

    • Deryl

      People who observe art will tend to put their on intent on the artist. Sometimes it takes a 180 from the artist original conception, by stating his intent he has establish a starting point. Now if it takes on a life of its own it truly is art.

  • Guest

    Nikola Nikolov, a Bulgarian, not Dutch! He lives in the Netherlands!