On board as Chip Yates sets Pikes Peak record

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On Sunday, Chip Yates rode his 240bhp electric superbike up Pikes Peak in 12:50.094, over four minutes faster than any other electric motorcycle and just 1:39 behind race winner Carlin Dunne’s Ducati Multistrada. Here’s video from that record-breaking climb.

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  • NickP

    I’m glad he labeled the “DIRT SECTION”, I couldn’t tell for sure ;)

  • T Diver

    I’m at work now but I hope it has an awesome sound track like the last one. Hot!!

  • JonB

    All the readers here and not one designer willing to volunteer a new livery?

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    Awesome stuff. Congrats to Chip & his team.

    • JonB


  • pplassm

    I liked it better when it was mostly dirt. I’m guessing that’s where he lost the most time to the Multistradas.

    • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

      thats what i wondered as well.. it’d be interessting tp know wat his time was as he got to the dirt as opposed to the multistrada..

  • wwalkersd

    It sure looked like he had to crawl through the dirt section, relatively speaking. Not the ideal bike setup for that kind of terrain.

  • Steve

    A pizza box is apparently a great place to mount a camera.

  • jwinter

    Not sure how Chip rates as a racer but it’d be interesting to see what that bike can do piloted by a GP or Superbike rider.
    With the drop offs on that course, it’s up into Isle of Man levels of nuts to race a bike there.
    Good stuff.

  • Tony

    Those dirt sections are pucker inducing. Geesh…