Racing mopeds in the Alps

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Traveling over 80 miles through some of the steepest passes in the Alps, the 600 moped riders entering the Red Bull Alpenbrevet this last weekend had just 10 hours to complete the course. That might sound like an awfully long time and an awfully short distance, but the race was for vintage mopeds, which often struggle to make it around The Thunderdrome’s 1/10th mile oval, much less up and down 20 percent grades.

Photos: Lukas Maeder/Nico Shaerer/Red Bull

  • Thom

    How can you not Smile after watching something like this ?

    Seriously .. have we had a video on HFL with this many laughing and smiling folks on it ? ( being relatively new here )

    The little lady on the pink thing sure seemed to be flying .

    Proof positive of the Leno Axiom .

    ” Its more fun to drive/ride a slow ( bike/car ) fast than it is to drive/ride a fast ( bike/car ) slow ”

    Thanks Wes . You just put a smile on what’d started out to be a lousy day ! :o)

  • Emmet

    picture 2, the masked rider on a Puch trailering Redbull, made my day.

  • Denzel

    fukingruven fahrvergnügen

  • NickP

    If they bring this stateside, you can count me in for sure. Looks like great fun!

    • RT Moto

      Hell yeah!!! I’d start shopping for an eligible moped in a heartbeat!

  • wwalkersd

    Mopeds. Over the Alps. In the rain. What could possibly go wrong? :)

    Looks like a great time. It seems to me I’ve read about similar event being held on the Dragon in NC.

  • holdingfast

    I just did those passes 2 weeks ago, alas not on a moped, but feckin ay, they sure looked like they had fun even tho it was raingin and must have been cold as a mofkr up there.

  • casey

    mopeds, are awesome.

  • kinsler

    this race takes forever because there is a 30mph average speed requirement. one of the sacramento dudes went last year! he had an eagle carrying a kfc bucket airbrushed on the side of his moped. didnt finish the race, but sounded awesome regardless.
    steves adventure blog

    steves comedy bike
    all american puch pinto

    • Steven


      I also put my camera in the same bag as my tools, so it was smashed before I could get any pictures.

      See you at the Landsquid Rally!

  • JasonP

    Sad when mopeds are more fun than motorcycles. Somehow the manufacturers haven’t figured out how to bring this kind of smile inducing riding to larger two wheelers. No wonder the hipsters are buying up all the CB77′s. They cant fix them but at least they can stand by them and look cool. ;)

  • Tony

    600 two-stroke mopeds? The stink as they made their way up the grades must have been insane.

    • mugget

      I love some two stroke in the morning!

  • Steven

    you can do this in America at least a dozen times a year. Your local moped gang holds an annual or semiannual rally with nationwide attendance.
    Look for a location near you at

    I’ll just get this out of the way now:
    motorcycle jock: “derp! Get a real motorcycle! fart!”
    mopeder: “How many cc’s is yours?”
    mj: “600!”
    mopeder: “oh, so it goes 600mph?”
    mj: [sheds tears into his monster energy drink]