Spy Photos: Husqvarna’s new street bike

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These are the first images of Husqvarna’s new street bike, captured while it’s undergoing pre-production testing in Germany. Why is an Italian street bike testing in Germany with a BMW-badged engine? BMW owns Husky and is donating its 800cc parallel-twin to the new bike, Husqvarna is then increasing its capacity to 900cc and installing it in a streetfighter-style package. These images provide a glimpse at its final production form.

Update: these are fake “spy” shots issued by Husqvarna itself. Looks like 2011′s going to be as lousy with teasers as 2010 was.

So what can we see? Well, a steel trellis frame holds USD forks and a double-sided swingarm. The fuel tank appears to be located under the seat and that slash cut exhaust can is new, meaning it’s likely destined for production.

Actually most of the bodywork on this bike appears to be bespoke, Husqvarna likely didn’t go through the effort of developing all-new bodywork just as a disguise, so items like the fork slider guards-cum-fender will probably carry over to production. That means Husky’s using the parallel-twin to make a supermoto-style naked performance bike equipped with reasonably high-end running gear like those radial brakes. Think KTM Duke, but with a some distance ability thanks to its choice of a parallel-twin over a big single.

When it debuts in production form at EICMA in November, that black BMW motor will be replaced with the red and silver Husky-badge they’ve been showing off all spring.

Husqvarna has stated, “Husqvarna has reached a significant milestone in its long history by developing a street bike that will create an innovative new riding concept. This will focus on a unique combination of performance and versatility, with the pleasure and fun of riding the machine. The joint decision taken with BMW’s engine development team in Munich was to go for the highly reliable and technologically advanced BMW F 800 R’s 800cc twin-cylinder engine. The engine capacity has been upgraded to 900cc and many of the main components have been reworked to meet specific needs. This allows a reasonable increase in power and torque, which translates into an outstanding and fun riding experience. This will be the first Husqvarna street bike to combine BMW Motorrad technology with Husqvarna genes in terms of design and riding experience. This is one of the first steps that demonstrates the synergy between BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna for the development of street bikes.”

We hope to see significant gains over the 85bhp, 62lb/ft BMW motor, at least in terms of character and low-down drive if not in outright horsepower.

  • HammSammich

    Not sure if this was already addressed, but is the added capacity coming from increased stroke? It would be nice to increase that torque a bit in relation to HP, for a super-moto style bike…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      They haven’t stated, so I’m avoiding saying anything definitive, but that would seem to make sense.

  • Devin

    Does that exhaust mean no center-stand like a Versys? I hate not having a center-stand, it’s so hard to park a bike in loose gravel, grass, etc. without one.

    • Rob

      MotorWerk Sidestand foot.

  • Miles Prower

    The radiator… er… tank… er… airbox shrouds don’t look very useful. Moreover, they look uncomfortable for the inside of the knee.

  • Myles

    Better be a whole lot cheaper than a SuperDuke to sell even one of them.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yeah, that’s going to be an interesting comparison.

  • casey

    If she comes in under 12 I’ll sell my fz6r and upgrade.

    • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub sean (the roommate)

      go buy a ktm

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yeah, just get a SuperDuke if you want power or a Duke if you want light weight. This thing’s going to be an awkward middle ground with no dealers.

      • Miles Prower

        KTMs are supercheap right now. If you do an eBay search for KTM 690 Duke, you might find some good deals. As I type this, there are brand new 690 Dukes at CA and PA dealers for less than $8K.

        I have a 690 Duke myself. And before that, I owned a 950 SM and a 625 SMC.

    • Myles

      If you want an upgrade buy a zx6r, dirtbike bars, and lower the pegs. Maybe a new seat.

      It will be cheaper, have better dealer support, just as comfortable, and about seven million times faster. MSRP is 9999 and deals are all over the place. 11′s for under 9k, 9′s and 10′s for under 8k. Don’t lust after a slow bike like this husky just because it has words like “streetfighter” and “sumo” associated – they are dumb buzz words that have been watered down. It’s not worth it just so you can wear a dirtbike helmet on the street and take a cool photo for your facebook.

      • dux

        Hear, hear! I don’t want to spend $13K on an ugly slow bike either.
        Hmm…by that logic, it should be a BMW!

        Oh, right – it is.

  • daniel

    I would imagine with all the “Unstoppable” GS sales at the BMW dealerships, that BMW NA is pressuring all of its dealers to take on Husky. It is the easiest way for an introduction to the brand for those unfamiliar and the same customer wanting to buy exclusivity and ‘mystique’, this would be a good fit.

  • Cheese302

    i do love how husky builds this probably great looking bike that will work pretty well, be just as fun to ride, use a great engine. but because of pricing and the competition, it will just never be worth it.

  • Johndo

    Im sure it will be loads of fun, but why does it need to be so ugly?

  • JonB

    brand new and totally boring.