Star Wars x Akira x Honda

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For fear that they’ll detract or devalue the actual two-wheeled innovation you find here every day, we typically try and avoid publishing stories on bullshit concept renders. But, something about the combination of a Star Wars-influenced aesthetic, an Akira riding position and the Honda logos just resonated with a childhood spent watching the former and lusting after the latter.

Peter Norris penned this concept bike as an exploration into the design freedom in-wheel electric motors bring. No clue why they necessitate glowing blue rocket engines on the back or incredibly raked out front suspension, but it is a welcome reminder that electricity holds more potential than bikes that look conventional, but go unconventionally slowly.

via InHabitat

  • Mark D

    Looks like an 8-bit Nintendo controller on wheels. Awesome.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Perfect description.

    • 85gripen

      It totally does look like 80s Nintendo design. Good call. It kind of resembles a futuristic blaster as well.

    • aristurtle

      It looks like something out of No More Heroes.

    • Denzel

      Joe Camel’s sweet ride…

  • Chuck

    I don’t care how slow it is. Even if I could walk faster then the bike, it hits all of my nerd check marks. All I need is a red leather jacket with a pill on the back…

    • Felix

      And a giant laser gun.

  • 85gripen

    Check it out, it’s got hand guards for when you’re lane-splitting on the congested highways of Neo-Tokyo.

  • Thom

    As non viable as this design is , this is what’s needed if E/V M/C’s are to succeed . same goes for 4 wheels as well

    Not a rehash of ICE with electric motors and batteries , but a complete from the bottom up re-think of what will make an E/V M/C work . Taking advantage of what E/V’s have to offer rather than SSDD Electrics .

    • Wes Siler

      +1, but it’s understandable why current EVs, which are still in the earliest stages of development, look like traditional bikes and cars. They’re already re-inventing powertrains, no need to re-invent the wheel at the same time.

  • wwalkersd

    Looks like a 21st (22nd?) century chopper to me. I’m guessing the “rocket engines” are actually speakers that put out a loud potato-potato-potato sound. :)

    Or maybe I’m just too old.

    • bluegrass

      If this is the future, I would hope they add speakers for sound. Could you imagine having to make noises with your mouth.

  • Jefferson

    What if those blue rockets left a light trail, even while cornering?! Someone retrofit a skywriter for the street please.

  • stempere

    It’s not blue rocket engines, it’s high power LED reversing lights.

  • Brammofan

    “an exploration into the design freedom in-wheel electric motors bring.” This article has been up about an hour. Could I possibly be the first one to bring up the oft-discussed issue of . . . unsprung weight?

    Aside from that, this is definitely cool looking. If it stops moving, do you pull the cartridge out, blow into it, and then plug it back in again? #imissmynintendo

    • JT Nesbitt

      I wish that we could MOVE ON. I simply don’t understand why Akira still resonates… It’s bad Japanese anime from 1988! I think that the Akira bikes SUCKED then, and SUCK even more now. How about these 3-D illustrators pick up a book about motorcycle design once in awhile, and render something that actually reconciles the laws of physics that govern motorcycles. This motorcycle is equally as bad as the worst Orange County Chopper. If it is supposed to be a look into the future, then it should, objectively, be better that the motorcycles of today. I can assure you that a current Honda cbr600 would run rings around this silly rendering that supposedly represents the future. Forward floorboards?? Car tires?? Booster rockets? What do you suppose the trail values for this thing are?? It is obvious that the person responsible for this rendering has never ridden a motorcycle, just like the people responsible for the Tron bikes, and the Batman bike, and all the other silly “sci-fi” motorcycles. What a waste of time! These Pasadena Art School kids are designing 2 wheeled cars, it just doesn’t work that way. Give me a Toecutter KZ1000 with a dolphin faring, now there’s a vision of the future that I can get into. — JT

      • gkanai

        “It’s bad Japanese anime from 1988!”

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but few would agree. Akira was a groundbreaking anime both in Japan, but moreso outside of Japan, where it was one of the first full-length anime movies to be seen world-wide.

        This might not be your taste, and you might not like the bikes from Akira, but the movie was not considered “bad” by the majority of people who saw it. That Akira still has the legacy that it does today, 20+ years along, speaks to it’s popularity.

        • HammSammich

          “That Akira still has the legacy that it does today, 20+ years along, speaks to it’s popularity.”

          Well of course a lasting legacy speaks to popularity. But popularity does not equate to quality. Old Spice is a very popular cologne, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

          But specifically with respect to Akira, the last time I saw it was when I was in High School. At the time I liked it, but I’m not sure I would enjoy it as much now…after all, I also liked John Hughes’ films back then, and I can’t stomach most of them now…

      • markbvt

        I’ll throw a big +1 out there to everything Mr Nesbitt said.

      • Mark D

        JT, your ability to rant surely is surpassed by nobody!

      • MotoRandom

        Gotta agree with JT on this one. I really wish that all of these “concept designers” would bother to learn about how motorcycles actually function instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Poorly. With square tires that simply would not function on a bike. How exactly are you supposed to turn?

      • Dumptruckfoxtrot

        JT, why don’t you draw up some concept designs for Honda?

      • 85gripen

        Can’t agree with you in regards to Akira, but wanted to point-out another sci-fi film that takes place in the future but with more realistic motorcycles: THX 1138

        Around 6:04 of this video:

        Some claim those are (possibly Rickman) modified Triumph motorcycles with Avon fairings, while Wikipedia claims they’re Yamaha TA125/250cc 2-stroke race replicas.

    • Scott-jay

      Brammo, was with you regarding unsprung weight until stretching my imagination a little.
      I realized this concept-bike employs a digitally controlled ‘active suspension’; instead of suspension controlled by Newtonian physics.

  • Myles
  • rohorn

    Aren’t there any 40+ year old designs (in fact or fashion) with clip-ons/clubman bars, flat black paint, and plywood bump seats to feature? The youth of today demand fresh thinking like, uh, that, which is why they resort to recycling the style dump.

    No, I don’t get that either – which is why I always liked this one:

  • Mule

    Looks like a poor copy of Daniel Simon’s work. At least his bikes almost looked ridable.

  • Alex

    Also those pseudo exhaust thingies and the long front remind me of the Fenrir from Final Fantasy:

  • ike6116

    Im surprisingly down with this.

    Also I want it on the record that Akira is an overrated piece of shit and I’ve seen my fair share of anime.

  • casey

    Id rather have a rukus with a SUPER long swing and 12inches of rubber. If we’re talking unridable scooters.

  • dux

    Looks cool to me. Beam me up, Mario Bros.!

  • mugget


    That is the stuff! I’d have one!

  • Dean

    At age 13, Akira was mind bending stuff. I still give it a nod when anyone asks me why I own a bike.

  • Keith

    It’s a concept…not a drawing for a real bike.
    It’s an idea on paper.
    It’s for “fun”
    It’s something that has been done for all kinds of technology and these concepts can lead to ideas that can be implemented in “reality”
    Da Vinci had some wild ideas and he is considered a genius.
    Lighten up already :)