Thunderdrome at the Gilmore Car Museum’s vintage motorcycle show

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The Thunderdrome took the show on the road for the first time, in what was also the first race ever held on the Gilmore’s Car Museum’s track. Usually used for parade laps by only the finest show cars, this weekend it was host to something much more exciting. The bikes racing included scooters, pit bikes and mopeds. Some of the mopeds managed to stay running long enough to finish, too! There was also a mini-bike running with the others, dragging pegs in every corner. Classes were well balanced, save for the race between a lawn mower, a Honda ATC and a SV650 race bike, rider instructed to keep it in first gear. No problem, he still won. Thunderdrome benefited from a wider audience from all corners of motorcycling, the Gilmore Car Museum likely benefited from a larger showing of younger people and there’s already talk of next year.

Above: Here we are running across the track for the start, in reverse order to make things interesting.

Winner of the “Grudge Match”, where the fastest of each class did battle for ultimate glory and a gold painted skull.

Pro motorcycle racer Geoff Maloney of GP Tech and the Museum. He helped us setup the track and gave me a free racing lesson in the process.

This guy was pulling wheelies on his naked Spree all day.

Clubman bars on a pit bike? Only at Thunderdrome.

  • bpjester

    This kind of madness needs to spread to other parts of the country.

    • mugget

      This kind of madness needs to spread to other countries.

  • Spencer

    It was like heaven, the museum was amazing there were motorcycles as far as you could see and Thunderdrome racing!!!

    Next race is in September back in Detroit, are you ready?

    @Nick P; Thanks for the honorable mention, I was the lone minibike rider.

    • NickP

      No problem! Too bad there weren’t more minibikes! See you in September, I’ll be ready.

  • Tony M.

    Holy hell that looks like such an awesome time.

  • motoguru

    How’d the scooter class end up w/o me? Any new guys? Did the electric guy win again? I didn’t make it over to watch any of it until the grudge match.

    • Spencer

      The handling was to tight for the heavy electrics, the guy with the yellow scooter and purple and yellow leathers won the amateur class. There was only one pro scooter so the 1st place amateur, a random electric and myself on the minibike raced.

  • wwalkersd

    Careful! In some of the photos, it appears that some of the competitors are taking this pretty seriously. That kind of thing could ruin the whole event!

    • Spencer

      As long as people consider the prize participation and not winning the event will continue to prosper.

  • John

    We need one of these in Golden Gate Park in SF for sure. Why can’t we have this sort of thing in California?

    • muckluck

      EPA? LOL

    • Steven

      we did. polini cup, atwater, ca.

      mopeds with double dual variation. broken femurs. flashing tits at 15-year-old go-cart racers. falling off concession stand roofs. brawling with toothless townies. slower lap times than a nine-year-old girl on a pocketbike.

      sorry you were too busy crying about CARB to show up, muckluck!

  • David

    The SV rider should have been instructed to keep the bike in fifth gear, instead of first. That would have handicapped him properly.