Video: 2011 Isle of Man TT Zero

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This is likely the best footage we’ll ever get of this week’s TT Zero, at least until “Charge 2: The Revenge of McGuinness’s Foreskin” comes out. And that’s a damn shame. At 56 seconds long, this anonymously uploaded torrent of a foreign television show is not exactly the kind of coverage that’s going to be able to attract big name sponsors or even participation from new teams. Why fly halfway around the world to enter a race that only gets covered on a website with a funny name? Why bother when the presenter can’t even get the name of the race right? If electric motorcycles race on an island and no one’s able to watch it, does anyone care?

  • ktaisa


  • paul

    If an electric motorcycle races around an island and no one gets to see it does it still make no sound ?

    • Patrick


  • 85gripen

    I think Ben Burtt should go to a TT Zero or TTxGP race and record that sound for use in a future film. Thanks HFL for providing even this little bit of video. I wonder how long the 2010.5 Motoczysz was able to take advantage of the draft behind the 2011 bike. :-)

  • Samuel

    I was really excited for this “race” until I saw the grid. “Race” implies competition but in this case there was everything but. Motoczysz was so dominant that there was no point even debating what the outcome might be.

    Detractors of electric motorcycle racing are often quoted saying that it’s not fast enough, or loud enough, but the real reason no one cares is because there are no stakes in play.

    Is there some agreement among teams that the MissionR, Motoczysz, and Brammo Empulse will only race if they can take turns beating the pants off experiments built by 20 year olds? Mavizen, where are you? The races are happening but what happened to the COMPETITION that was promised following the original TTZero.

    Such a let down.

  • Von Scotch

    Watched the coverage last night. ITV4, who must have the UK rights gave us about 45 seconds. After all the buzz about Cztsyzchsz on HFL, I kinda thought maybe the rest of the world would have been interested too….

  • BrammoBrian

    Ah… The age old racing question of whether it is better to have the highest level of performance or the highest level of competition represented. If there is competition but the bikes are slow, there are detractors and visa versa. I think the lack of grid size is due to a number of issues including the relative lack of recovery in the global economy and also the recent “crackdown” on shipping large format lithium batteries by air (especially prototypes). Witness the challenge Lightning had just getting their batteries in time to compete. I’m hoping that you’ll see Brammo, Motoczysz (2 bikes?), Mission, Lightning, Mavizen, CRP, Munch Racing, Amarok, and others all together on the starting grid at Laguna for what could be the most competitive electric motorcycle racing we’ve had yet and probably a better indicator of the future possibilities of the sport. Growing pains are a bitch… but every successful racing sport has gone through this and soon the detractors will move on to bitching about some other series that is underperforming its potential.

    • michael uhlarik

      Well spoken.

      See you in California

    • Samuel

      Ditto on the well spoken. Looking forward eagerly to Laguna!

  • dux

    That was it? Fucking weak coverage.