Video: Agni and The Mountain

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In this previously unreleased footage from the 2009 TTXGP, a helicopter tracks Rob Barber as he rides the Agni X01 to victory across The Mountain section of the TT course. Consider it a zen-like meditation on the silent performance.

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  • Phil

    awesome camera/pilot coordination!
    looks very pretty but sounds horrible.
    do all electric bikes have to sound like that?

  • rubber_side_up

    One of the best uses of The Prodigy that I’ve heard. I’m watching it again.

  • Sam

    A nice silent meditation…with the mute button.

  • Brammofan

    I really enjoyed this. I’m trying to figure out where Sulby Straight is (time wise) on this video. Is it the straight that ends with Creg-Ny-Baa? I’ve seen it many times from the photographer’s perspective on the ground, but can’t figure it out on this video.

    Wonder why it took 2 years for TTXGP to release this.

    • Xenophya

      Hello Brammofan,

      No the Sulby Straight is between Ballaugh Bridge and the Ginger Hall pub before Ramsey and the start of the mountian section. Look for Sulby Bridge on a map of the course.

      Creg-ny-bar is near the end of the mountain section.

      • Brammofan

        Thanks, xeno. Can you tell whether it is featured on the video… and when?

        • Xenophya

          Hello Brammofan,

          This is not a full lap, a full lap is around 17 mins long (maybe a little longer for the zero race). This video starts about two thirds of the way around the course on the mountain section. The Sulby Straight is before the video starts. You can see it marked here between Kirk Michael and Ramsey.

          I think this video starts at the Gooseneck.

          • Brammofan

            Thanks! That’s a great map, too.

  • Peter88

    That was very nice. I’m about to leave work on my sportbike. I think I’ll fuel the chopper and have the videographers film my ride home. :)

  • Jeff

    Very Cool. Wonder why it did take so long to release.

  • dux

    Good stuff. Maybe we can get full TTXGP coverage on Youtube next time?

  • Liquidogged

    Rad. Thank you for this.

  • damien

    wow. awesome stuff. reminds me of the winding road, car videos.

    the mountain section looks like the best section of road, anywhere. insane.

  • dirtridingBil

    I’m loving this. Pure zen-like meditation like Wes said.

  • Azhar


    Saying we have alot on sounds lame, so I won’t say that.

    We do however have contractual issues with media partners that need to be met before we can release.

    Better to say that we will be getting faster in the future. We have a growing archive of HD footage (now 30+hours) that has to be cleared, edited and presented. It just takes time.

    Thanks for all your support. Hope to see you at the races.