Video: bike ballet

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Captured at Magny Cours over the weekend, two bikes in what appears to be a supersport race collide. As their handlebars lock together, at least one of the bikes is still running and in gear, resulting in a surprisingly beautiful synchronization. Motorcycle crashes, aren’t they cute?

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Thanks for the tips, everyone.

  • Pete

    Sacre Bleu!!!

  • Michael

    yellow helmet guy seems upset for some reason? cant seem to put my finger on it. . .

  • Deryl

    Yellow helmet guy seems to have a death wish.

  • Uncle Fluffy

    And now there’s a benny hill version –

    • Grant Ray


    • HammSammich


    • dux


    • adeysworld

      That made my day!! hahaha

    • oldnick

      I laughed before I saw the video, at the mention of Benny Hill, because I knew what was coming. Even though I hate old Benny Hill gags.

    • Dain

      Hhhhaaaaaaa excellent.

    • Axel

      Shame youtube took it down, I was shure parody was not considered infringment on copyright?

  • Ola

    It confirms a long held belief of mine. Motorcycle racers have the same central nervous system and cognitive pattern as kittens.

  • the_doctor

    I am surprised no one else crashed from looky-looing.

    • Roman

      How in the world did the first guy crash in the first place? Talk about tripping over an imaginary line…

      • matt

        watched the first few seconds many times and I can’t see what happened to the first guy to cause the fall. Looks like his front wheel turns to the right a bit before everyone else’s. Maybe he’s already lost his balance at this point?

        Did he just “turn the bars” at 0:03? can’t figure out what happened here.

      • Kevlar

        I’m betting he locked up his front wheel, which immediately washed out due to the damp conditions.

  • T Diver

    Holy crap I have to close the window. (I am at work.) That is very funny. Thanks HFL for making my laugh on Wednesday. French people are funny.

  • Trev

    Straight stuntin’, yo!

  • Turf

    And that son, is how pit bikes are made