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The Frenchie Frenches at Blitz Motorcycles love them some road trips. Here’s another, this time shot by Edwin and, like Riding September, again featuring good music and a range of Blitz’s simple customs. Good, clean, two-wheeled fun.

Blitz Motorcycles

  • tony starr

    diggin that beemer.

    • Mr.Paynter


    • dan

      Commuted on my 75 airhead from NJ Shore to Midtown and back. Love those old airheads.

  • Myles


    I’d wear some kevlar jeans from Barneys to get a cup of coffee with her. Yowza.

    • Myles

      Wow, just checked the Barneys website. Black Dethkiller jeans on sale for $89. Only size 34.

      • JonB

        dude what.

      • Wes Siler

        Yeah, some great deals right now. They’re true to size, fyi.

      • Roman

        Sexy french lady on vintage iron inspires least expensive HFL related purchase yet. Internet’s full potential has finally been realized.

        • Wes Siler

          Good for you.

          • Roman

            Just got these. Have to admit, I’m a little bummed. Definitely a high quality product, look great, feel pretty sturdy, but I’m not sure I can keep them. The fit around my calves is just too damn tight. They fit great in the thigh area, but I must have big calves or something, because I could barely bend my knees due to the tightness. I’m now wondering if I should try to go to a tailor and see if there is any room to let them out a little around the calf area, or if I should return these/sell them to a fello HFLer. Thoughts?

      • Emmet

        not anymore, out of stock…

        • Christian

          I’m about to return a size 32 in dark blue, so hop on that about the middle of next week if the size fits.

        • Christian

          And they are true to size – at the waist – a 30 fit me great up top but my thighs looked like sausages – and the 32 I can pull down past my ass but the upper leg is still too tight to allow me to naturally swing my leg over the pillion. You skinny jean wearing fellas are a strange shape. I’m laughing because I’m by no means overly muscular, or overweight – fairly athletic, I suppose describes it best – but always thought I’d fit in skinny jeans if I cared to.

          Otherwise, love the pants – just wish the cut was slim, not skinny.

          • Wes Siler

            Let them break in and they’ll work a bit better. I yank them up high before I throw my leg over.

  • Phil


    I’ll vouch for Edwin’s denim. I lowsided going about 25mph in a pair of nashvilles and they held up great. No road rash on me, and the jeans got some surface abrasion but didn’t rip, I’m still wearing them. Nothing adds patina to denim like crashing a bike.

    Fair warning to anyone considering a pair, the nashville at least is a really roomy cut. I consider myself a pretty bulky guy and they’re way looser on me than 514s, need a belt to hold them up. Will definitely order another pair of Edwins in the future based on how they slid, but want something more fitted next time.

  • AJ

    nice girl and bikes, but those guys look like they belong on fixies not motorcycles

  • solidaridad


  • Noah

    Nice vid.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Ah man!
    This video made me so happy!

    I ain’t no hipster but I like the idea of just riding with some friends, not taking life too seriously!

    Off to Bali next weekend and I can’t wait to cruise with some of the guys on scooters and have a blast, hopefully, my R6-riding speed-is-the-only-thing-that-matters friend will realise there’s more to be had on bikes! Like fun!

    Also, I am slowly bringing myself around to buying a TW200 to turn in to a custom/fun commuter and that bike has me longing!

    • Wes Siler

      You need to go by Deus Bali on that trip. And report back on it for us.

      • Mr.Paynter

        Will do! Was planning a trip over from the second I bought my ticket!

  • Thom

    Damn French ( he says green with envy ) How dare they ? Building Custom all purpose motorcycles , putting all testosterone aside to riding with beautiful ladies , while using an American icons music for the back ground ! And worst of all having FUN while doing it !

    Bastards !!! ( as this post turns greener [ color that is ] by the word )

    And yes all , these are the ” Hipsters ” of 2011 . Some of which just aint half bad folks at all . Like every other demographic trend …. you just got to wade thru the BS to get to the good people involved .

    • Wes Siler

      Well said.

      • david folch

        Wes, Grant, we’ll take you responsible for importing the dirty hipster fashion in France.
        bastards !

  • Jefferson

    Cool song. Arlo Guthrie, squid.