Video: Isle of Man TT Zero practice

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This trackside video captures seven of the nine teams that participated in yesterday’s TT Zero practice. What’s impressive is how fast all these bikes look as they fly down the straight at Ago’s Leap in Douglas. Unsurprisingly, its the two MotoCzyszs that appear the fastest. There were some timing errors during the practice, but Michael Rutter appears to have edged close to the 100mph average lap barrier.

Video: Amadeus Photography

In order of appearance, these bikes are:
2010.5 MotoCzysz E1pc
Brunel X-Team
Team Prozza
2011 MotoCzysz E1pc

The race is tomorrow at 3pm Island time/7am PST. We’ll be covering it here on HFL.

  • Devin

    “Gas tank make good chin rest” says man with very sore back.

  • skadamo

    Sounded like Rutter was the only one who had to roll off the “gas”. Great clip!!

    • mugget

      Heck yes – 2011 E1pc was flying!

  • Brammofan

    I heard that Mark Miller was worried about the amount of juice left, as his gauges were telling him he was using it up at a faster rate than he thought. He pulled into the paddock to recharge and he had only used 66% of his pack. Look for some fast times on the mountain track tomorrow.

  • damien

    wow, they sound fucking cool.

    i’m going to avoid any and all coverage of the TT starting tomorrow so I can watch it “live” on Discovery Channel 4 months from now. what bullshit the T.V. coverage of this event has here!!!

    • 85gripen

      I’m surprised SPEED channel doesn’t have the rights to broadcast the TT in the U.S. It’s not like they have so much content they can’t fit it in. Then again, SPEED’s coverage of WSBK leaves a lot to be desired. They must compress the hell out of their HD feed. Then again, their coverage of MotoGP is crystal-clear so maybe it’s not their fault.

      • damien

        yeah, not sure why they don’t carry it.

        i was just asking myself last WSBK race before Miller, why the hell does it look so bad? it’s like an old VHS feed. The Miller round looked just like the AMA quality.

  • John

    Jesus, the 2011 E1PC sounds unreal and just look at the speed its carrying. The winner of this race is a foregone conclusion, surely.

  • 85gripen

    Who says electric motorcycles are silent? What is that sound, anyway? The electric motors? The tires? The chain? The wind? All of the above?

    • Wes Siler

      Mostly the motor.

    • Joe

      I too was shocked by the sound. I hope as these motors make more, the sound becomes more pronounced.

  • Michael

    They sound like TIE Fighters from Star Wars. Love that sound.

  • Patrick

    I could get used to that sound!!

  • jp182

    I agree with everyone. If they can ever get the batteries to hold a reasonable amount of charge, this would make a perfect commercial “who says electric bikes don’t make enough noise”