Video: MV Agusta F3 on track

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French magazine Moto-Station has captured video of the prototype MV Agusta F3 testing at Circuit des Ecuyers in France. The 675cc, three-cylinder proprietary engine in the F3 makes 140bhp and uses a counter-rotating crank to reduce the influence of reciprocating mass on handling. And handling should be the €11,500 MV’s forte when it goes on sale this fall, as you can see in this video it’s radically small, even for a supersport.

  • Tucker

    So you’re posting this because you’re partnering with MV and offering an F3 for Lagniappe right? That motor sounds amazing. Like my Daytona drank whiskey and smoked marlboro reds all night.

  • zipp4

    This video makes me nauseous.

    Having said that, I’l take one in black.

  • desmoworks

    Interesting that the silver/red model has adjustable rear sets, higher end calipers and Ohlins suspension. I wonder if that is a glimpse of the “R” model or whatever designation they will give it. Not sure why they would test the bike with that equipment if they weren’t going to at least offer it in the aftermarket program…

  • Alex

    I’m still curious as to how exactly the counter rotating crankshaft works. Any word on whether Triumph will introduce improvements for the Daytona / Street Triple in light of the introduction of this?

  • motomoto

    Whoa, settle down on the zoom transitions and just let us enjoy the bike. That hurt my damn eyes!

    • Philip


  • Coreyvwc

    Don’t know, at idle it sounds amazingly evil but when being ridden it sounds just like my triumph, slightly less gear wine though. I’ll have to save my opinions until I actually see one.

  • Kyle

    Wow, having seen the white the other colors pale in comparison. I love this bike though

  • ktaisa

    Worst song I’ve ever heard

  • DoctorNine

    Every taste I get of this thing, makes me want another middleweight in my garage. This is probably a good indication that love has moved on, and I will soon need to change steeds. Hmmm… I really should know better than to fall so easily for another Italian.

  • Terry

    I don’t know why people feel compelled to add music to motorcycle videos. Let the engine be the soundtrack, for fuck’s sake.

    What was the little box on the tail of the bike?

    Obligatory “I want one”, but I say that about almost everything… Well, except the “new” V-Strom.

    • stempere

      The “little box” contained a gps and some other sensors, they’re apparently still refining some stuff on the bike.

  • tropical ice cube

    A short summary of the feature anyone? Here it is:
    We expect the F3 here in October 2011, at a price point of 12.5 to 13K EUR, with the Oro at 25k.
    France is the second-best buyer of MV bikes, after Italy, so it was only normal to have the F3 first international stint to happen there. They used a Track Day organized by the local Parisian MV shop for their customers to join with the F3, and show the bike to those privileged few. The engines are currently in ‘roadster’ trim (read: future ‘B3′ Brutale settings) with a lower rev limit @ 13.500rpm that the F3 should have, for a power output of 120HP instead of 137/144. The bikes are indeed the ‘normal’ and the ‘oro’ ones, and fitted with electronic measurement equipment everywhere, even a GPS linked to the factory in Italy. he journo said the engine sounds like a Triumph triple down the rev range, to a screaming Japanese four higher up.
    Differences between Oro and ,err, ‘basic’(?) involve details as Brembo Radials vs non-radials and such.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, we’ve reported all that months back. Follow the f3 tag page link in the article for wayyyyy more info.

      • tropical ice cube

        Sure. You’re welcome. Yet chances are I’ll see her in the flesh before you do :)

  • Paul

    Someone needs to have their ‘Transition – Rapid Zoom’ button taken away…

  • Liquidogged

    Captain obvious reports:

    gorgeous bike
    lovely sounding engine
    horrible soundtrack
    we all want an F3